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Aika - The next contender for true mass PvP

Posted by Axum Tuesday December 9 2008 at 11:47PM
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Summary: The fantasy MMORPG AIKA Online featuring massive nation vs. nation wars and adorable daughter raising now unveilled its Open Beta Promo video for players. It is emphasizing PVP and nation wars. The game is schedule to launch Open Beta on December 18th.

About AIKA Online

AIKA Online sets the background in the Continent Alkan, where lives the God AIKA, Devil ZELKA what is made by God by error and humans. The story tells the humans' struggle against ZELKA for living.

In AIKA Online, You could experience combats between countries and deal with alignment problems.

A special feature of AIKA Online is the Plan System. It seems a little like pet system that your character could grow up while you playing the game. At the beginning, your character will be a child and according to different ways of foster, it will hold different attributes and finally become a adult.


Daughter System

The Player is able to nurture sprites, we named them "Daughters". The nurture system is similar with pet system in other MMOs. As time goes on, her spirit and semblance will grow. It is noteworthy that, your words and deeds will affect the daughter's individuality as Love Developing Games. As a result, your own daughter should certainly be different approach from others. That's none other than our real life!



All of the Information above was taken from

here is a link to the full article,1.shtml


I will be adding more info hand-translated info in a bit.


It seems that there are 1000vs1000 battles according to the Creators


There are a total of six classes

(not sure if these are 100% correct names but you get the idea)





Gunslinger (2 handguns)

Dark Magician




Kordesh writes:

 And it looks like a cheeser before it even begins. Lemme guess, F2P with cash shop is planned right?

Wed Dec 10 2008 2:59AM Report
TheDor writes:

Yep, from Hanbitsoft, all their games are f2p with microtransactions.

Wed Dec 10 2008 4:54AM Report
Dynamo112 writes:


Wed Dec 10 2008 5:16AM Report
siftified writes:


Wed Dec 10 2008 8:41AM Report
SXRchosen1 writes:

ewww, gross.

Wed Dec 10 2008 11:54AM Report
beaverz writes:


Wed Dec 10 2008 4:03PM Report
LoboMau writes:

I Pass,Thx U.

Wed Dec 10 2008 7:06PM Report
levsix writes:

Kordesh you must be psychic! another cash shop atrocity!

Wed Dec 10 2008 9:22PM Report
emergence999 writes:

emmm guys? im in closed beta right now last night i tried mass PVP and i can tell u it has totally smooth gameplay with 300 ppl on screen at one time so decide for yourself if its worth it.  Aika will definately be the best MMO to date for mass PvP

Fri Feb 05 2010 4:58AM Report writes:
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