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The Youth of America and MMOGs

Posted by Axum Thursday August 7 2008 at 1:28AM
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This is going to be a subtle, yet agressive post about my OPINION on youth gamers and how they affect the MMO community.


Ok, where to begin. Let us start with the state of youth in general.


Recently in the past few years 5-8 i have started to notice the downward spiral the youth of America is currently on. Skimpier cloths, more cussing, more racism, and less restraint. All witnessed on a daily basis. Three year olds with mini skirts? Five year olds playing halo and cussing out people? Yep. That is the state of America at the moment. I feel as if we have come to the point in which we no longer think that the ideals of "Respect" and "Restraint" are important enough to teach to your kids.  

This, in the long term, is going to hurt the country as a whole. Even in the public school system, the teachers are getting lazy. No longer teaching us, but letting us teach ourselves. And there are some who have the ability, and the will to do so. But although some can handle that freedom, there are others that need direction.



This is something i find hard to come by now a days. People in the real world are acting as if life is a solo game, and all they care about is getting the phattest loot. But what alot of people don't realize is that if you play the game by yourself and only for yourself, that when you reach game over it was all a waste. If you work together with other people, build relationships, build respect, you will be able to attain much more in life than if not.

Part of this trouble falls onto the parents, for not enforcing the need for respect, and letting their children experience the feeling of being respected. The other part of it falls on to the kids who have not grasped the ideal behind the meaning of community and restraint.


I remember back when i was young, if i ever cursed i would get smacked upside the head. "Abuse! Abuse!" funny enough though it worked. I learned to never cuss in front of my parents, and also scarcely used curse words when they weren't around. Now, thats not saying that "no one should cuss" or "cussing is horrible" its just that when i see some eight year old going around screaming curse words to try and be "Cool", that is when it adgitates me.

By not knowing restraint they are not able to realize when enough is enough. Like i mentioned before part of this falls on the parents, and part on them.


How this affects MMO's

Well if you are a developer, and a well known one at that, you have two options: A. Release it as MA and hope that parents aren't stupid enough to buy it for their kids, but restrict the youth who actually can control themselves from playing. Or B. Release it as T, and hope that the youth who play your game are the ones who can control themselves.


So usually either way, immature kids seem to find their way into the game. Then that leads to guilds becoming age restricted. I myself find this to be unfair, but if you look at the number of immature kids compared to the number of other trolls, i guess that is a reasonable decision on their half.

By not knowing Respect and Restraint they actually end up limiting my gaming experience. Just by being tagged into that age group, my options are cut down. It sickens me both when it happens in games and in RL.

If you have a child and they are not like the ones i mention above please do not take this as bashing your parenting.


I will admit, i  fit into the teen category, and above all this issue has been irritating me the most. I don't know why but i feel from here on out the generations to be worry me. I have found a few who follow the ways of Respect and Restraint in my generation, but i haven't seen any from the younger ones so far.

grimfall writes:

Well, most age restricted guilds will make exceptions, because what they're wanting is really 'maturity' restriction, not age restriction, but it's hard to quantify maturity.  If you make friends with some older gamers who are in a guild, and act mature, odds are they will invite you regardless of your age.

I'm playing Conan on one of the RP-PVP servers, and it's quite funny how often people try to 'gank' my character, and then when I ask them why they did that they often stop attacking me, and occasionally apologize.  Sometimes you just have to let people know what is expected of them to get them to change their behavior, and that applies to more than just kids.

Thu Aug 07 2008 2:50AM Report
VirgoThree writes:

I understand what you are talking about and I can symphathize. Although it does not bother me as much, because there is one thing that I have certainly learned, and that is life has a funny way of knocking reality into. For some this is a rather painful process getting this rude awakening on how the world really works, and they would hopefully become humbled by this experience. While others do not suffer as much because they have a general idea how the world works and respects it for what it is.

I have seen many of my old school friends become humbled by life's many hardships, and these guys were real immature disrespectful spoiled children. But now some of them have become respectable adults, and I know for a fact that life gave them many ass kickings to get them there.

So I guess what I'm getting at is do not waste to much energy on this. Things will work out in the end, because the world will not stop and wait for these spoiled children. All I can really say is if you have children, just raise them how you believe a respectable person should be. It will be a gift to the child by preparing them on how to function properly in the real world, and it would be a gift to the world by having one less spoiled brat and/or asshole.

Thu Aug 07 2008 3:00AM Report
VirgoThree writes:

damn I wish I could edit, but I always wanted to mention that the latest generation isn't totally messed up as you claim. I just baby sat for a friend of mine today, and his children are well mannered, respectful, and act like children their age should act. So all hope isn't lost!

Thu Aug 07 2008 3:02AM Report
Xandramas writes:

If you're going to make a post like this please dont use the non-word cuss. It isnt a word and does not exist.

Thu Aug 07 2008 5:17AM Report
Tsukano writes:

Five to eight years? I’ve noticed a downward spiral of respect, trust, and restraint since at least the mid 90’s. There are many things that affect how and why people act the way they do, but I can guarantee you that it’s not all once source. As for cussing and skimpier clothes from children I think you don’t have to look much further then TV. I’ve gone over to my uncle’s house and on multiple occasions I’ve seen his children just staring dead on at the TV and don’t even say hello. I can’t say this is all there fault, my uncle wouldn’t dare punish his children or make them do anything they didn’t want to; so it’s bad parenting that is the real villain.

As for teachers being lazy... I don’t know about other states but in mine teachers are paid just about the same as someone working at McDonalds and you don’t need a collage degree to serve hamburgers all day. So government funding is the issue there.

I feel ur pain on the respect issue. Growing up my parents taught me proper respect and I was punished when I was out of line; yet many of my friends weren’t taught these same lessons and I see where they are today… lets just say they aren’t scholars.

Again, as you said, this is a parental control and people that plan on becoming parents need to learn how to be one first. If a child is never taught, how can he ever learn? This also ties into your argument on restraint, so no need to repeat myself.

In a virtual world or not you will always run into rude, obnoxious, self-centered people. I admit it seems to be on the rise, but in other cases I find people all with similar feelings as mine, like yours are, so I feel there is some balance. Even the others that commented above me have similar feelings so all is not lost :P

All these issues don’t just affect MMOs but really all aspects of life, so the only real way for it to change would be to fix the structure of society, and thus far I haven’t found a realistic way of doing that : (


Cheers M8

Thu Aug 07 2008 5:49AM Report
Tsukano writes:

... xandramas please use a dictionary, atleast

Cuss [khuss]

–verb (used without object)
1. to use profanity; curse; swear.
–verb (used with object)
2. to swear at; curse: He cussed the pedestrian for getting in his way.
3. to criticize or reprimand in harsh terms (often fol. by out): The coach cussed out the team for losing.
4. curse word; oath.

a person or animal: a strange but likable cuss.

wasn't he just talking about the downfall of society?


Thu Aug 07 2008 5:53AM Report
cmagoun writes:

Keep in mind that it is adults that set the tone for the children in society. The adults run the schools; adults run the households; adults create the media, the music and the clothes that kids consume. If there is a "decline" in the attitudes and behavior of children, it is just us reaping what we've sown.

Thu Aug 07 2008 7:52AM Report
Briarwood writes:

Alot of parents also have no idea that their youg ones are going into an on-line society when they enter these games that get their kids "out of their hair". I myself have an eight year-old son who is dying to get into mmo's. I told him when the time was right and he could read better he would be allowed to. I plan on taking him into WAR with me on Sept. 18 (he is going to freak ;) ) being allowed to play only when i am online at first then progressing to no more than 2hrs. a day gameplay (maybe a little extra on the weekends).So as you see all is not lost, we just need more player parents.

My advice to you is to use your /ignore features , join guilds with your same views and do anything you can to enjoy the game which alot of times means saying "darn kids" and letting it roll off yer back ,don't let it take away from your enjoyment of the game. It only hurts you ,this will get easier with age and life experience,have fun.

Thu Aug 07 2008 9:14AM Report
Axum writes:

A reply ot all,

Thanks for reading my post, and i will keep all your opinions in mind.

Yes i would say that this post was addressing more the downfall of society that anything else.

Like i said 

If you have a child and they are not like the ones i mention above please do not take this as bashing your parenting.

so, please don't look to deep into this.

Most teachers make an average of 40 thousand dollars per year

Its just for every one respectful person, you see 5 non respectful people.

its just something which makes me worry about the country itself.


as briarwood said : Alot of adults think that TV and Online games will raise their kids for them. The human interaction in society is at an all time low. Children need 1 on 1 attention from their parents, and i feel as if that is going to fade with the rise of the information age.

TY all and glad you read the article.

Thu Aug 07 2008 11:06AM Report
Axum writes:


god no edit button

Thu Aug 07 2008 11:06AM Report writes:
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