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The West getting the short end of the stick in 09? (updated with more detailed info

Posted by Axum Thursday January 22 2009 at 9:44PM
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After reviewing a list of upcoming games, I find myself reading "Korea, Korea, Korea, Japan, Korea, Japan..." and so on until finally, ten titles later, I stumble upon a game releasing in the west.

Although some people may just throw these games out on the assumption that they are "Just another grinder." There are actually a LOT of high quality games that we will not see for another 2-3 years.


Here are a few:

Continent of the Ninth

(in game video),2.shtml

TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea

Tera In game rendered video,3.shtml,3.shtml

 Tera highlights its non-targeting battle mode. In non-targeting battle mode, the player can directly attack monsters without having to select monsters, which is totally different from other MMORPGs out there on the market. This awesome feature will greatly improve the sense of reality and excitement of the game.


Blade and Soul



 The trailer video revealed that players will be able to combo skills, and that players will be able to jump and dash while in mid-air, through a system called QingGong. According to an interview with the Development Director, players will also be able to make wine and pottery.

Dragon Ball Online

Kingdom Under Fire II 

Here's a Q & A with IGN :

(in game play)

Monster Hunter Frontier

(in game)

Set to be more like a guild-wars type game from what i was able to get on the little information there is about this game.

Basically a dungeon crawler on steroids.

looks like a grim year of watching the great come out in the east....


Edit: Added videos (that should help)

Kordesh writes:

 The east always gets the best treatment. Ever see the standard editions for games in the east? Not just MMOs. They put our $90 collectors editions to shame. A ton of great games don't get ported over simply due to "lack of interest" and general fear that the western mentality that made WoW a giant will simply not accept anything different. Fortunately for the East, they aren't content with stagnating with cookie cutter titles just to make a tried and true buck, and they get awesome games because of it. 

Thu Jan 22 2009 10:25PM Report
Quizzical writes:

It used to be that most of the really good games would come out in Japan first, and then if we were lucky, a year later in America with a mediocre translation.  Europe would get the games later still.

The delay on Metroid was more than a year.  For Zelda 1, it was about a year and a half.  For Zelda 2, it was just shy of two years, and apparently they didn't catch that "I AM ERROR" wouldn't be taken by English-speakers as a guy telling you his name.  The game that in Japan was Mario 2 wouldn't be released in the United States until seven years later.

With the rise of the computer industry in the United States, and a lot of games made here, now a lot of games are released in the US first, and elsewhere later if at all.  Enough players are used to this that having to wait for a game to be released here can be jarring.

Thu Jan 22 2009 11:27PM Report
Quizzical writes:

Actually, it occurs to me to point out that if you can't play a game yet, you don't know that it's a high quality game.  The history of gaming is littered with awful games with graphics that were quite good in their time.

If a game is released in Korea trying to appeal to Koreans, turns out to be pathetic, flops there, and never gets released elsewhere, then we're not missing much.  If the game does really well, then it will be released elsewhere, because they'll expect to make money off of doing so.

Thu Jan 22 2009 11:30PM Report
Sovrath writes:

I think Quizzical has it. Besides, Blade and Sould is new in it's development. It's possible that the others are as well. So even the east will see them a bit father down the road. Besides, a game like Blade and Soul is NC Soft and they have been bringing their games to the west so no big deal there.

Fri Jan 23 2009 12:02AM Report
axlezero writes:

Yea the screenshots don't mean anything.  The screenshots look good but not great compared to games like Lotro, conan, and Vanguard.  Those games have some really beautiful graphics that look better then those screenies.

Fri Jan 23 2009 2:36AM Report
Aramath writes:

At least Blade and Soul is NCPlay so we may see that one here in the west.  The others, well, I have never really cared for DBZ nor do I play MOARTS and I grew bored of EQ style games long ago. 

Fri Jan 23 2009 6:40AM Report
khartman2005 writes:

Who cares, crappy Asian grind games.. They always are short on content and long on the grind which equates to BORING to me.

Fri Jan 23 2009 1:30PM Report
Axum writes:


Are you so ignorant as to not even read the simple 3-4 lines that i wrote at the top?

If you were to look into the titles, Tera, KuF2, and MHF all are unique and will bring something new to the MMO world. MHF = no levels, so that destroys your whole argument right there.

Fri Jan 23 2009 1:59PM Report
Axum writes:

Let me post a few links to videos...

Fri Jan 23 2009 2:00PM Report
Quizzical writes:

Videos tell you very little about a game.  An few paragraphs of explanation of the basic game mechanics, especially anything unusual that the game does, tells you a lot more.

Fri Jan 23 2009 6:04PM Report
findarato writes:

I have always thought that DBZ could be a fun MMO in the rhelm of CoH/CoV.  Hell the CoX engin could run a DBZ game great.  I just hope it doesn't have a target system, and that it eventually comes out over here.  It look very well done.

Fri Jan 23 2009 7:32PM Report
sanders01 writes:

 If only MHF was coming to america... and yes, MHF does have levels, sort of, Hunter Ranks.

Fri Jan 23 2009 7:43PM Report
Cursedsei writes:

Honestly it saddens me as well how great some of the Asian-only games look.

TERA sounds interesting, though I'd jump for Monster Hunter before that any day. I love that Monster Hunter makes you work for your epics, not just kill something. That and the armor is unique and easily identifiable to the species it came from. God... the Kirin man-thong still haunts me to this day...

Blade and Soul seems good, nice graphics, and the gameplay of it seems fun. Its one of the few MMOs that seem to actually have something no other "Martial Arts" MMO has, the wall running, air-dashing, and brutal combat abilities, watch the trailer, in the first few bits of it you see someone pinned to the ground and pummeled further into it.

Dragonball Online might be good... MIGHT! BE! GOOD! Honestly though I don't expect much. Can you imagine the balances between races? Everyone would play only saiyan because of the "Super Saiyan" aspect. Its been proven so many times in the show, that as long as you are a saiyan, you'll win. And I'm quite certain people will bitch if they can't be super saiyans if the saiyan race is selectable. It would be a nice game if done right, but I highly doubt it. Though if the asian market is the only one who can make good game/anime-to-movie films, maybe they can do the same with an MMO?

And finally, Monster hunter.... monster hunter... monster hunter... love it, and online is the best part of the game. And an MMO, with an active market, a more in-depth crafting system where monster parts have varying qualities and affect how great the weapon and armor are, along with a way to more personalize them, would make me well... if that game was a chick, I'd bang her til she couldn't walk, get a wheelchair for her, take her back to her place, and care for her.

Sat Jan 24 2009 9:16PM Report writes:
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