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South Korea Getting a Revamped WAR online?

Posted by Axum Friday January 9 2009 at 10:07PM
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Warhammer Online will be serviced in South Korea in a completely new appearance. NHN has a strong will to avoid duplicating the same failure in publishing Lord of the Rings online and Monster Hunter Frontier Online. So they decided not only localize Warhammer Online, but to make the game in Korean way. (Via)

First, as the typical system of Warhammer Online, large-scale war (RvR) system will be changed for full-scale war in future.

NHN estimated that Warhammer Online on current state are losing popularity. They are work with EA on the major modifications about the game in order to enable the RvR system in an open field.

Characters change according to user preferences

The characters of Warhammer Online will be modified. Current Orc and Elf in the game have strong personality but not so beautiful in the opinions of Korean.


NHN is going to fix the characters in two camps to match the sentiment of Korean, of course in the range of the original atmosphere.

"For a more systematic localization", NHN publishing business manager Shin said "The cases are working through professional translation companies, and we also separated force to support them."


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Ascension08 writes:

Lol yeah I'd have trouble imagining the Koreans could get used to "Cleave their flesh from their bones and eat their young!" (Dark Elves) and "Oi you git, get ova 'ere! Youse gonna be my practice Gobbo for da puntin' games comin' up!" (Greenskins)

Fri Jan 09 2009 10:51PM Report
oddjobs74 writes:

Love the english translation....


What you say?!

Fri Jan 09 2009 11:41PM Report
shalldoom writes:

they want beautiful Orks??????

Sat Jan 10 2009 2:23AM Report
tawess writes:

sounds bull to me... Not even likley that GW(the owners of Warhammer) would let them do that. After all they sell their miniatures over there to. Not to speak of the amount of work that would have to be done.

Sat Jan 10 2009 4:59AM Report
roodolfo157 writes:

como faço donw?

Sat Jan 10 2009 6:09AM Report
Gravarg writes:

Dem pipels nut no wut dey du.  Me cal fur da WAAAAAAGH! un dem!

Sat Jan 10 2009 9:21AM Report
keolien writes:

lol they gonna make the orcs into shrek and elves into ninjas/samurais

Sat Jan 10 2009 12:41PM Report
slask777 writes:

Seems like their is mixed opinions about this amongst the korean gamers. Some want to keep the style, some want to change it but they all agree the races lack character, or as westerners look at it, cuteness. Atleast that's what I pick up after stumbling through this one on various korean game sites and media.

Koreans, and most asians do got a completely different way of looking at things than we in the west do though. It's two different cultures, each with their own values, moralcode and taboos.

Sat Jan 10 2009 1:05PM Report
sanders01 writes:

 If I had to do that to my game to have players in Korea play it, I wouldnt even bring it over there. :/

Sat Jan 10 2009 8:13PM Report
Sidereus writes: me u would...korea is a big must do everything to conquer it....

about the too I want the cute elves if the koreans have them

Sat Jan 10 2009 11:25PM Report
Senadina writes:

I can't even get into playing an elf, the models look so bad. I want cute elves too, OR more masculine male elves, you can't even tell the sexes


Sun Jan 11 2009 12:01PM Report
axlezero writes:

Its all just a marketing ploy, if they sold a good product, the models themselves wouldn't matter.  Problem is, WAR is tanking and the korean market could keep them afloat, so they basically are bending over and taking it in the rear to get as many subs out of them as they can.

Personally if I was a non-korean playing this game, this would probably make me quit.  Deliver me a sub par product and then polish it up to sell to another market, basically using me for a paid beta.  However after beta I never subscribed because quite honestly it wasn't that great of a game IMO. 

Sun Jan 11 2009 12:30PM Report
Annwyn writes:

I must say it's quite funny. While we ''westerners'' focuses more on the gameplay and fun, koreans focuses more on the character design....(or so it would seem, at least if you take for exemple most Korean Games, all characters are all so ''cute'' yet the gameplay lacks big time.)

Warhammer is a great game and I've never really had problems with the character design, they were meant to be this way for a reason. Beside, if Koreans didn't focus on cute anime looking elf (overeacting here) they probably wouldn't ask for a revamp.

Sun Jan 11 2009 4:01PM Report
Gameloading writes:

I'm not really sure how you came to that conclussion MadnessRealm. Korean MMORPG's often have very basic character creation schemes with only a few models to chose from, where here in the west, if a game doesn't have at least 237 different hair colours, we'll complain about a lack of character customization.

Mon Jan 12 2009 5:42AM Report
Annwyn writes:

I'd have to say: Countless betas reading communities suggestions and many korean games to try.

Though some Korean games do focus on gameplay (Atlantica for exemple) more than a cute look, I've seen the opposite way too often (Name them all, Maple, Fiesta, S4 League, etc) (Beside, most games gets really repetitive gameplay-wise, which is why I mentioned Atlantica but I could've mentionned a few other games)

When I check the communities feedback and suggestions on a new game (usually during beta), I will rarely see people ask for more character customization but a lot of suggestion concerning the gameplay.  Which is why I came to this conclusion.

Mon Jan 12 2009 3:13PM Report writes:
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