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The Haiku Challenge!

Posted by Axum Sunday May 10 2009 at 12:12AM
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Alright, so...I have been bored lately, so I decided to challenge myself a bit.

The goal? 

Write a haiku for most of the mainstream MMOs that accurately represents the game's storyline/lore.

The Burning Crusade

A portal broken;

the betrayer still alive;

we are not prepared.


Wrath of the Lich King

On a frozen throne;

the king of darkness awaits;

a soul lost in hate.


EvE online

Tensions now rising;

corporations will set forth;

money rules the world.


Warhammer Online

Words of chaos sound;

friends and foes now meet in arms;

the lord of change laughs.


Darkfall Online

Children of the gods;

set free upon Chaldea;

fight for what you know.


Age of Conan

A slave found freedom;

taking charge of his own fate;

Conan, here he comes.


Lord of the Rings

Sauron is watching;

the fellowship seeks our aid;

protect the hobbits.



Please correct me if I get any of the syllables wrong on a line, I am using a syllable counter to double check, but it may not be totally accurate.

More to come

First Role-Playing, Then Humility, Now What?

Posted by Axum Saturday February 28 2009 at 6:25PM
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Hmph, i am not sure where to begin and I am likely to get off track, but this change is one that applies not only to the virtual worlds, but also to the real world in many aspects. As the times change and we continue to expand the overall reach of our knowledge at the cost of depth, society begins to lag behind the times.

Picture it as a party where each member has a general idea of what to do, instead of having two experts and three novices (or something of that sort). Since there is a general idea, or common knowledge within the group pertaining to the "pattern" needed to complete the task at hand, one would expect the group to move faster through the steps,  to create a greater challenge, rather than stay at the pace of the group where the members need to be constantly updated with the next step in the pattern.

Now picture this, a full group where everyone has a general idea of what to do, while the party leader is an "expert" at the task at hand. Regardless of what you are capable of possibly doing, he constantly stops and limits the speed at which the group progresses just because they do not know the exact steps by memorization.

From greatest to least the rate at which the groups complete the dungeon are as follows:

General Idea

Expert + General Idea

Experts + Novices


Now wait a second, that doesn't seem right does it? That the party with the "General Idea" was able to complete the objective faster than the group with the "Expert + General Idea"?

That is what happens when limits are placed upon others for lack of knowledge pertaining to a certain area.

It is not about how MUCH you know, it is about how quickly you can learn it.

Society is no longer a competition of who can create the most masterful object or idea, but who can create the most masterful object the fastest.


I've visited my Grandfather on a few occasions, and the seriously slow rate at which a lot of old people can adapt astounds me. I got him a DVD player to watch his favorite TV series on, because they stopped producing VHS long ago. After three months of owning it, he still could not understand it.

I had to write step-by-step instructions with pictures for him to even be able to use it!

Compare that to a kid who just got an itouch, unlike any other electronic he has had before, and within a little under fifteen minutes he knows it inside out!


Here is where Role-Playing comes into play. Back in the early 90's and 80's the average knowledge base of a person was still rather narrow in comparison to a person today( By this I mean the diversity of knowledge the average person was able to communicate on a daily basis ). Sure you had books, which were, and still are GREAT sources of information. The only issue with them is, to obtain the whole picture or solidify the foundation of your knowledge in that subject area, you had to read the whole book.

Most of the hardcore gamers back then (correct me if I am wrong) were those who actually took  the time to do serious fantasy reading/ pen and paper games like dungeons and dragons. Both very, VERY time consuming, but also highly rewarding in the end. I personally have not had the chance to experience a D&D game myself, I have the rule books, i've always wanted to, but no one seems to have the attention span anymore. Great things can be said from what it is I have heard about D&D. Some may say it is weird, some geeky, but they just say so due to the complexities behind it.

The Transition Begins

As more people began to pour into the "gaming" world thanks to the evolution of console games, they did not take the time to go into the complex worlds, but instead wished to just play for short-periods of time for convenience. As the gaming market began to grow and grow, the percentage of "hardcore gamers" began to shrink, the majority of the gaming industry began to see profitability in areas branched off from the roots.

Albeit a select few remained creating for those "hardcore" gamers, after not being able to keep up with the current rising costs of game creation, these companies began to dwindle down.

After a console game was beaten once, there really wasn't much of a reason to replay it, unless you really liked it. Thus, more games were purchased.

Games began to become faster and faster paced, and shorter story-line wise and total game play wise, but little did the majority of the gamers know the underlying irony in their actions.

With little effort comes little gain

As this "Craze" began to spread through the MMORPG industry and society alike, the true joy of commiting to something was lost, while many minute joys were gained.

It's like instead of picking the option to have a delicious home made dinner, society picked a medicore faster way of obtaining food. A.K.A Fast Food

This mindset can be spread across all the boards of humanity also:

How to Program in 24 hours

How to Lose Weight in 24 hours

How  to Play Guitar in 24 hours

How to Get to the Max Level in 24 hours

...24 hours?....

What ever happened to the joy in playing a game just to play one? Now the masses have the mindset when they see a game, "I can't wait to beat this game!1!11!"

Now, wait a second, if you beat the game, what is next? Beat another game? And then another? 

It's a neverending loop that will continue to repeat itself so the companies in America will just get money. Forget the true spirit behind gaming, forget that we are even talking about gaming.

Was the thirty minutes you saved by eating fast food worth lowering the standards of the food you could eat?

Or differently worded; Would you settle for a life of mediocrity just to "Save time" that you will end up wasting somewhere else?


By the new massive influx of gamers choosing instant gratification over gratification gained through effort, they dug a neverending hole for themselves, by means of constantly having to search for more "instant gratification". The game companies had nothing to complain about since everyone wanted it and continued to buy game after game. So in essence Role-playing was lost because of a misconception that "instant gratification" was true gratification.



Leetsauce93: LOLZORS What are you doing?

Newplayer1: Killing turtles?

Leetsauce93: Y dont U have a weapon on?

Newplayer1: Where do I find a weapon?

Leetsauce93: LOL NOOB!!!

(Leetsauce93 walks away)

Newplayer1: .....Well, this is pointless if people are going to be like that...

(Newplayer1 logs off)

Another tragic side effect caused by the loss of a depth based society is the increased tendency to steer away from meaningful relationships with other humans (true friends, whatever you call em). People have subconsciously forgotten the benefits that will come after establishing a strong friendship with someone, so instead they just troll around to get instant gratification via acknowledgement by the people they are trolling.

These people may be laughing at their house, but they will never truely understand the depth at which joy permeates the mind and soul because they have the mindset "It's funny to see their reactions".

Once again an example of "A little now" vs. "A Lot Later".

More to come....

The West getting the short end of the stick in 09? (updated with more detailed info

Posted by Axum Thursday January 22 2009 at 8:44PM
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After reviewing a list of upcoming games, I find myself reading "Korea, Korea, Korea, Japan, Korea, Japan..." and so on until finally, ten titles later, I stumble upon a game releasing in the west.

Although some people may just throw these games out on the assumption that they are "Just another grinder." There are actually a LOT of high quality games that we will not see for another 2-3 years.


Here are a few:

Continent of the Ninth

(in game video),2.shtml

TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea

Tera In game rendered video,3.shtml,3.shtml

 Tera highlights its non-targeting battle mode. In non-targeting battle mode, the player can directly attack monsters without having to select monsters, which is totally different from other MMORPGs out there on the market. This awesome feature will greatly improve the sense of reality and excitement of the game.


Blade and Soul



 The trailer video revealed that players will be able to combo skills, and that players will be able to jump and dash while in mid-air, through a system called QingGong. According to an interview with the Development Director, players will also be able to make wine and pottery.

Dragon Ball Online

Kingdom Under Fire II 

Here's a Q & A with IGN :

(in game play)

Monster Hunter Frontier

(in game)

Set to be more like a guild-wars type game from what i was able to get on the little information there is about this game.

Basically a dungeon crawler on steroids.

looks like a grim year of watching the great come out in the east....


Edit: Added videos (that should help)

South Korea Getting a Revamped WAR online?

Posted by Axum Friday January 9 2009 at 9:07PM
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Warhammer Online will be serviced in South Korea in a completely new appearance. NHN has a strong will to avoid duplicating the same failure in publishing Lord of the Rings online and Monster Hunter Frontier Online. So they decided not only localize Warhammer Online, but to make the game in Korean way. (Via)

First, as the typical system of Warhammer Online, large-scale war (RvR) system will be changed for full-scale war in future.

NHN estimated that Warhammer Online on current state are losing popularity. They are work with EA on the major modifications about the game in order to enable the RvR system in an open field.

Characters change according to user preferences

The characters of Warhammer Online will be modified. Current Orc and Elf in the game have strong personality but not so beautiful in the opinions of Korean.


NHN is going to fix the characters in two camps to match the sentiment of Korean, of course in the range of the original atmosphere.

"For a more systematic localization", NHN publishing business manager Shin said "The cases are working through professional translation companies, and we also separated force to support them."


Read the rest on,1.shtml

For the love of.....warcraft?

Posted by Axum Friday December 19 2008 at 12:13AM
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Someone says game is just a game. That makes a sense. But should we must hold the spirit and the faith of the role we are playing in the game? Last week on the server Lothar in World of Warcraft China while facing the overwhelming attack of the Horde corps, a human paladin named Plapla set herself an good example, telling all her enemies attendant the very final answer: YES.



Magni Bronzebeard, the King of Ironforge was the target in the attack, Horde didn't meet any effectual defense of the Alliance because of the imbalance in Realms, just within a few minutes, Ironforge became a complete ghost town, then the last NPC guard was down very soon.

Plapla didn't simplely "quit" as "it is just a game", obviously a "She can't win" game, instead she chose to stay beside Magni Bronzebeard just in the name of her profession, Paladin. A bit far from the point, but you know, seriously this situation reminds me of a classical dialogue in Black Hawk Down: "We are all afraid, but what you do now can make a difference"

Then Plapla shouted out in the world channel: YOU SHALL NOT BE PASSED!

Actually there was an obvious nonstandard grammatical construction, but hey it completely matters nothing! When reading here I was touched so much that I almost felt I was weeping, She was role-playing her character and she knew the meaning of the King to her Kingdom, her realm. It was no longer the matter of alive or dead, it was just the call of duty, it was about honor and faith.

In the end, Horde failed to kill Magni Bronzebeard, a thread in a fansite forum reported the whole raid including Plapla's story, almost everyone was touched by her, even some players in the opposite realm. She is named "King's Defender" now because of the weapon she held to fight against the raid is just exact the level 115 epic one-handed sword King's Defender.

On Plapla there is something pure and something valueable which has been lost in game for such a long time, so when we discovey it someday, it is just so fantastic and makes us feel a way of which we have to recall to become original, because that's who we are, that's why we call it RPG, and that's why we are gaming for.


- MMOsite



Aika - The next contender for true mass PvP

Posted by Axum Tuesday December 9 2008 at 10:47PM
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Summary: The fantasy MMORPG AIKA Online featuring massive nation vs. nation wars and adorable daughter raising now unveilled its Open Beta Promo video for players. It is emphasizing PVP and nation wars. The game is schedule to launch Open Beta on December 18th.

About AIKA Online

AIKA Online sets the background in the Continent Alkan, where lives the God AIKA, Devil ZELKA what is made by God by error and humans. The story tells the humans' struggle against ZELKA for living.

In AIKA Online, You could experience combats between countries and deal with alignment problems.

A special feature of AIKA Online is the Plan System. It seems a little like pet system that your character could grow up while you playing the game. At the beginning, your character will be a child and according to different ways of foster, it will hold different attributes and finally become a adult.


Daughter System

The Player is able to nurture sprites, we named them "Daughters". The nurture system is similar with pet system in other MMOs. As time goes on, her spirit and semblance will grow. It is noteworthy that, your words and deeds will affect the daughter's individuality as Love Developing Games. As a result, your own daughter should certainly be different approach from others. That's none other than our real life!



All of the Information above was taken from

here is a link to the full article,1.shtml


I will be adding more info hand-translated info in a bit.


It seems that there are 1000vs1000 battles according to the Creators


There are a total of six classes

(not sure if these are 100% correct names but you get the idea)





Gunslinger (2 handguns)

Dark Magician




Korea infusing $200+ Million into computer game industry

Posted by Axum Sunday December 7 2008 at 12:34PM
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The Korean government is planning to make significant investment into their computer game industry, expanding exports up to W5 trillion (US$ 3.4 billion) by infusing the industry with millions of dollars.

Korea's Culture, Sports and Tourism Minster Yu In-chon revealed the government's plans to invest W350 billion (US$ 240 million) during a meeting this week, and saying that the gaming industry has so far seen great growth, reaching its export goal of a billion dollars in 2008 instead of 2010.

Yu In-chon promised to create 60 new projects, including a "US$200 billion game fund". The latter is likely translated wrong as it would be 300 trillion Won, a sum 600 times the planned export, but rather $ 200 million, a significant portion of the $ 240 million invested in the industry.

This investment is planned to make Korea a global competitior in the game industry, competing with USA and Japan.

More information is available at our StarCraft network site and at Digital Chosunilbo.



This may be a tad old, but I just wanted to repost it to bring up the following questions, to see if I could get your opinion on them.

Do you think the majority of this will go into online gaming?

If it does, do you expect us to ever see the games?

Maybe we will finally get some amazing korean games in the following decade , I can't wait.

Pokemon MMO

Posted by Axum Monday October 6 2008 at 6:51AM
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Here are a few little ideas I had for a Pokemon MMO


Short Storyline Summary– Ash, the trainer from Pallet town, has just finished in the top sixteen of the Kanto Pokémon League. This display of heroism has inspired many would-be trainers to take up, and pursue their dreams of being Pokémon masters. With thousands of new trainers entering the world of Pokémon, a new day has arrived. The competition now is ever-so-fierce, and will take a trainer like none-other to rise to the top.

Only the first 150 Pokémon should be included at release.

Gameplay – Each trainer starts with one basic Pokémon, and can hold a maximum of six, unless in a duel, trainers can’t use more than one Pokémon at a time. The player controls the trainer, and the Pokémon that is currently out at the moment follows him, and listens to his commands.
In duels against other players, it is possible to request a 2vs2 duel, in which 4 Pokémon battle at once, making for a more strategic fight.

Pokemon can’t wear many types of armor or weapons due to their awkward shapes and sizes, but a few aesthetic things like hats can be given to them. All a Pokémon’s power and attributes come from Pok-e-Blocks. These can enhance their Endurance, Speed, Energy, Strength, and Charm, if fed to them. The Pok-e-Blocks can also cause physical changes to your Pokémon which will change their appearance.

In the world of Pokémon there are eight basic energy types, Fighting, Fire, Grass, Lightning, Psychic, and Water. Each energy type has a weakness which they will only deal 85% damage upon, and a strength in which they will deal 115% damage against.

Making the right selection for a duel is very important, but it is possible to win if you don’t.

When one of your Pokémon battles, the resting Pokémon you have with you will also gain a little bit of battle experience from watching the battle. Let’s say that the battling Pokémon gets 100 exp. In that case all your other Pokémon get 20 exp for watching. It’s almost like being involved in a battle, and having gained battle-experience. This system is in place to cut down on some of the repetitive grind.

You can capture any wild Pokémon you see, and all Pokémon have a total of six abilities they can gain. You never die, nor does your Pokémon, they only faint, which forces you to go back to the nearest hospital to revive them. Your other Pokémon have a lower moral and can’t fight to their full potential knowing that one of their comrades is wounded. *EDIT: Sorry about that i was 1/2 asleep*

Team Rocket is within the game, and some trainers may be persuaded into joining them, and assisting them in their devious plots. This creates a sort of PvP system at higher levels.

You can go adventuring in groups of up to 5, in order to explore some of the more dangerous parts of the world. Gym-Bosses are a 5 man challenge. You all receive a badge for beating a Gym Boss.

ALL Battle is REAL TIME.

Your pokemon will have 2-3 special skills + 2 general skills + 3 Element skills (depends on if they are Fire, Water, etc...) Each pokemon will be able to perform combo attacks with the pokemon placed in the pokeball slot before them, making for some tactical play with the different elements.


Legendary Pokémon can be trained, and require 10 people to defeat them.

You can go to an arena at any time to fight against AI trainers. At certain times during the week there will be a real competition there, against other trainers.


Daycare- Place 2-3 pokemon in daycare and they will gain "rest" exp.


This is an extremely rough UI Idea

That would be the Trainers Skill bar with the six pokemon.


Things Games can Teach...

Posted by Axum Sunday October 5 2008 at 7:44PM
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I posted a thread about the book "Everything Bad is Good for You" by Steven Johnson,

but i thought i'd just touch on a few of the things stated within the book...


Hand-eye Coordination - obvious...

Being in a social enviorment - An interesting thing which is brought to my attention within the book is how he mentions that books actually cut people off from society, putting them into solitude, whereas the majority of today's games are becoming very social.

Economics - In all sincerity this is actually a neccessary skill in life. And by playing a game that requires you to handle money, use a free-market trade system, and spend your money accordingly, many children can get a head-start when it comes to actually having to do it in the real world.


Decision Making skills - In all games, no matter how simple, you have to make decisions. You are the one in control, and if you die, or lose the game, it is no-ones fault but your own. By analyzing the situation, and predicting the possible outcomes of your decision, then the child in fact, is learning scientific theory without even knowing it.

First they must Analyze the world or situation

Then they form a hypothesis about something

Third they re-analyze the world with their hypothesis in mind

Fourth they reflect their hypothesis to see if their prediction was right (or worked).


Prioritizing - Games often have a final goal, or something which may look like a final goal for the moment. You often have to figure out what needs to be done before you can achieve that final goal, and the thought laid out may look something like this (this is extremely simplified).

Get Tier 6 Armor

         To get that I need Tier 4 or 5 armor

                 To get Tier 4 or 5 armor  i need Kara armor

                           To get Kara armor i need a guild

                                   To get a good guild i need to be level 70

                                         To level to 70 i need to quest

                                                 To quest i need to kill monsters

                                                        To kill monsters i need to click the mouse


And the last topic i will cover is...


Pushing the limits- Humans always want to know how far they can go, how great they can be. How far they can surpass everyone else. And in games, the path to doing so is pretty straigt forward. But in all its essence it is teaching people to seek their goal, and put effort twords attaining it.

I bet you didn't want to have to repeat the same quests over and over again to get one piece of armor. By the third time it was almost like a chore. But still, you did it, you pushed through the unpleasentness to attain your goal.

That is something in which every person should be taught, or teach themselves.

Sci-Fi/Modern Day MMO's should all be F2P

Posted by Axum Saturday September 20 2008 at 9:14AM
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So, before i start discussing why they should be F2P i would first like to talk about P2P games.

I played WoW for a good 3-4 years, so i am going to use this as an example.

A play to play game, by my standards, is an acceptable way to run a game, but you have to stop it there.

Paid character transfers? Full priced expansions?

That is utterly rediculous in my opinion.

Especially when they are allowing some countries to play for much less than America.


Although it would be out of place in Fantasy MMO's,

in Modern/Sci-Fi MMO's companies could easily integrate in-game advertising,

that could pay for the upkeep of the game. I'm talking non-intrusive real life ad's on the billboards, signs posted throughout the game, posters on walls. Everything.

Maybe a Box-cost, but that should be about it.


MMO developers at the moment, all see us as sheep, or consumers. Gullible people who are just waiting to throw our money at them.  But we are not sheep.

The game they make should be made for us. Because in the end, it is just a product. And the only thing that matters is the customers experience. Why not once, make a game, that not only the developers enjoy, but one in which the audience which they are trying to appeal to will absolutely love also.


Although some companies have been successful just seeing us as ship, think of how much money you could make with 2 million people viewing hundreds of in-game adds each day.  People who love the experience they had in your game so much, they keep coming back, again and again.

So a one time box fee, + the thousands they make each day from advertising.

Sounds like a win-win situation to me.