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Just talking about a game so I can just talk about a game.

Author: Azurei

Atlantica Online

Posted by Azurei Tuesday October 7 2008 at 3:00PM
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With many MMORPGs that come for free are usually crap. Even if they promose epic sea battles and intense dungeon raiding, more fun could come out of  throwing yourself down your roof. Many people try the new games with promises of great fun but instead get great generic bull.

All the new MMORPGs that come out have similar graphics or they got for the cute anime style which for some reason is the only good thing about their games because every other title is a bunch of realstic unrealistic avatars who all look the same.

One thing Atlantica promises is great fun and a unique game play style, and oh no, I fell for this trap far too many times but what dared me to go and try it was the turn based system. I'ma  big fan of the Fire Emblem series, FFTA, Ogre tactics, and so on but I couldn't help but believe I was going to play it for an hour and find out its nothing more but a cheap knockoff of a hundred other MMORPGs.

I was wrong.

Atlantica online provides in its promises unlike many other games. The gameplay is simple but deriving enough to keep you occupied; the graphics aren't close to art but they do the job with pleasant scenes and environental changes; avatars at least look different based on their equipment; and a whole lot of PvE and PvP fun!

In Atlantica you control four mercenaries at the start until you reach a high enough level to control a maximum of nine with many different possibilities as there is over a dozen different classes to choose from and with more certainly being created for further gameplay later on. Instead of all hacking and slashing mindlessly at innoncent sheep and bears you controlone unit at a time and tell them what to do until you use up all your turns and it's the evil sheeps turn to suffocate you in its wool.

But the fighting isn't the only original and idea that they actually bothered to think for more then ten seconds, no sir. They even thought "Hey, let's make the environment pleasant so people don't minimize on while auto walking!" and then all the gamers thanked God. The world of Atlantica is actually our world and is concentrated in Asia, India, Europe and Africa for now with the expectation of America to be released. Each area has dozen of cities with an environment that matches reality and carefully detailed enough to make you drool at the mouth at how wonderful everything looks.

And the graphics aren't everything they thought of. After, they dared to think further, much past the danger line most developpers have, and thought "Hey, let's not make generic music with high notes to hypnotize players but rather pleasant and themed!" and once again gamers prayed once more as they heard the environment control the music and melt into the world, creating a wonderful ambiance.

Unlike most MMORPGs who force grinding into you, Atlantica holds your hand and tells you "There, there, it's okay. You can grind for hours on end but with quests!" and then once again you prayed. Instead of mindlessly grinding the same mobs for days on end they give you quests so you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment as you watch everyone else struggle for the rewards you so enjoy. Yes, you might call it an easy MMORPG but I call it Not-Wasting-Five-Hours-To-Level-So-I-Can-Advance-To-The-Next-Quest hard. It's still takes time but they took out the stupid and boring and beat it furiously with a stick until something good came out of it.

Those being the great high lights of the game, we're rather glad to finally have another MMORPG that doesn't suck the life out of us in its mundanity and repetiveness.

Still think it sucks because it's free?

After you beat the story line and get to the highest point you can in the game theres still many things to do. The guild system allows alliances, formation of nations, and, our dearly favorite, wars to sabotage another teams months of work and reduce them to rubble.

The PvP is quite intense as you can either PvP for fun or go to the arenas and compete in championships and leagues for fame, rank, and prizes. And once you notice some ass-shat with six cannon classes stunning the hell out of you, off you go to create a counter force to show him whose boss all over again. Atlantica never forces you to make a new character just because your out of things to do.

Atlantica Online is the first MMORPG besides Maple Story, Astonia, or, I admit, WoW, where I bothered to level up because I was having sheer amounts of fun injected straight into my thighs. For once, my character Demanicus finally gets to get past level 20 before deciding he's better off become one of those peasants that say "press B to jump!".

I've rambled long enough, praise the makers of Atlantica and praise them for not bending us over and taking it the easy way like --.