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Back to what MMOs are all about

I think people have forgotten about what MMOs are all about, and cant distinguish between a game for instant gratification, and a game who's goal is competition between massive amounts of people, online, hence the type of game, Massively Multiplayer

Author: Auspice

Back to what MMOs are all about

Posted by Auspice Wednesday December 19 2007 at 7:00AM
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  • I have been having a huge problem with people cheapening MMOs.  In my opinion the majority of the MMO players are people who really are geared for things like Halo, and CS.  You get the majority of your PvPers there.  All of the arguments that they make, can be fulfilled by just moving over to a FPS or a hack and slash.  A lot of the so called "casual players"  dont want to play an MMO at all, they want a game that gives instant gratification.

    What you really need to do is go back to the whole idea of an MMO.  Im not just talking about MMORPG's or anything im talking about anything that is massively multiplayer.  Wherever you have lots of people anywhere there will be a lot of competition, and you will have people who rise above because they put in the time, and effort, and people that are the losers, and the losers will always bitch and moan till they get what they want, and what the devs are doing is listening to the people who arent on top, and making games that losers can excel at.

    In my opinion this is one of the worst things you can do.  You are making the game so that the people who arent good at it, can be just as good as the people who are good at it.  You will have your PvP and your PvE people, but in either case the people who put in the time and effort should ALWAYS come out on top because they know what they are doing, and they took the time to learn it.

    I've been a casual gamer, and a hardcore gamer.  Ive focused PvP, and focused PvE on more then 1 game in the 5 years ive been doing MMO's and ive seen a shift where the dev's have been listening to the losers too much, and thats not a good thing.  Its really cheapening the MMOs

    MMOs arent about instant gratification, 1 player games are.  If you want your instant gratification go play assasins creed, its a really great game, but i play MMOs because you have thousands of other people that are better then you are, and always will, and you can play against them or play with them.  By listening to the losers of the game, and doing what they want you cut out the competition of the game, and really lose what MMO's are all about, which is competition.  MMOs never ever should be about instant gratification, because competition never is.

    What i think is a perfect Massively Multiplayer Online game is one that has classes that are balanced in PvP against eachother, and complement eachother in PvE.  Its not as hard as it sounds, it just takes some concept thinking of devs before you start production.  WoW has done about as good a job at seperating the PvPers and the PvEers as ive seen with the way they made the gear.  PvP gear is almost useless in PvE and PvE gear is almost useless in PvP.  You can still have massive amounts of people in one area PvPing eachother, and you can have massive amounts of people doing PvE together, and that fulfills the MMO idea

    If you make a game like this, the PvP option will be open for those who truly want to be casual, and PvP once in a while, and the PvE people who spend much more time on the game, wont dominate in PvP.  We just need to get some devs to look at this logically, stop catering to the losers, and make a game that everyone can be happy about.

    The one thing that they need to make sure they realize however is that there will always be losers when you are talking about massive amounts of people, and the losers will ALWAYS complain, so you can not afford to listen to them.  Just make the game that has an option for casual players, while not completely nerfing the PvE aspect that your most devoted costumers like so much.

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