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Serenity Now!

Have mental issues? Chances are yes if you have clicked a hyperlink with my name in it willingly. This blog has a simple mission and that mission is to make you lose even more faith in humanity. Good luck.

Author: Astropuyo

Of Good Friends and What They Bring

Posted by Astropuyo Tuesday November 6 2007 at 3:52AM
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Unlike how I react on the forums, I am a very friendly guy in games. I make alot of friends in the various mmo's I play, friends that I hold very dear (a good friend is rare indeed).

Many stand out and many walk away into the sunset.
Often leaving me sad as though a real life friend has passed whatever and must go.

Today I take a look at those dear lost friends and those we carry with us in our mmo's.

I've lost so many online friends over the years, not a biggy to most, but to me an online gaming buddy is the same as a real life one.
That is if they make it to my "list" of those I trust.

My system has never failed me, I've had great friends and never a snake in the grass, at all.

My friends in games I will always do whatever I can to help (much like real life) until it comes to the point where I am no longer helping them but enabling them or weakening them (power levelling extensively, giving too many nice items, etc)

Of course I never expect my buddies to do the same, but there is always something nice when the guy you helped from new player status to vet comes back to you and thanks you for all you've done.

It just makes me warm.

So lets here how you guys make friends!
Tell me (us, them...those guys) how you manage your social in game life.

Do your friends become important to your gaming experience?
Can you play without them?

I really do want to know!

State of the Genre One

Posted by Astropuyo Sunday November 4 2007 at 1:27AM
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                                                          State of the Genre One.

Ah ha! Finally a worthy thought for me to post in order to prove my existence is valid (No more cutting for me!)


Our genre, yes our.

Obviously of course it is the players choice to play these games and many as of late have such a lack of imagination that they only capture audiences for short term. (I know there are variables to that but I'm sticking with it)

Lets use my Time Jacked (TM) Time machine (C) to head over to the wild wild west days of 199-something..who cares.

UO.. Yes I know "But the realm.." I didn't play the realm. Never even considered such a game worth playing until I got sick of hiking in crazy ass places and getting stranded due to lack of ability to understand N isn't always N if your compass is broken (true story).

I played UO. I liked the game, hell I loved the bloody thing. It pretty much took over my desire to hike...and gave me a disturbing desire to huddle in front of my desk hours on end with little chance of sleep the next night because god damnit I was going to find the guy who kept taking my barrels...damn thieves.

(Great class in it's hay day for pure insanity..Thief, how I miss thee).

Thats what UO did for me, to be honest I think a lot of it is "my first" syndrome, followed by the fact it was a new concept.

But alot of the game it self held me in sway for many years. I mean many now I am lucky to last but a month or 5 in any mmo before they grow dull. Could be my age, doubtful. Probably  the lack of FUN in mmo's these days that bothers me.



Where is the fun? I often feel as though I working a second job which for an odd reason I am paying them for me to do....well you get it.

While alot of these games can be fun ("can be" the choice there.) alot fail simply due to the feel of Second Job Syndrome (R)

Sure you have some chores that have to be done, but must they be click this and that...why can't say...Mining feel like mining? Breaking away the ore as a form of puzzle game or whatever.

How about using mini games for all crafting, but make it feel relevant to the craft.

Same goes for combat. It really is time for a change, a few up and comming mmo's seem to be doing a different combat set up than the norm. I just won't hold my breath until I play them myself.


                                                                                       That's all folks.

Ya know...

Posted by Astropuyo Thursday October 25 2007 at 6:36PM
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To be honest I've not a single rant to even start with sucky is that?

Not a single one.

I was really hoping to kick off with a bang such as a lack luster view on how I think mmo's were designed to be. At the very least a kick in the groin to WoW or something...Sad day.

What the proverbial hades though I'll try. Just for you one random reader who meant to click the upcomming games list.

Music in mmo's.

Yes I am going to rant about what seems like a small thing to many. Only one game will be attacked savagely (by savagely I mean with bopper sticks or whatever in a non leathal legal form).

LOTRO. This ones for you.

Battle music. Industry guys...Yeah you. What the hell guys?

Why is battle music always either non existant or in lotro's case horrible...drum beats and...drum rolls...and a horn here and there...Wow...

Lets look at howard shores battle music for lotro (I know this is unfair but hey..yeah) the Urakai had some of the baddest ass music ever heard and their fighting tune was even better . I've long forgotten the tracks, gotta lose some info for the newwest patch notes generic_rpg_online_worlds.

Lets go on back to LOTRO's battle hyms...things....whatever.

Sparse and dull and it really does seem to make combat more blah for me personally.. I understand everyones music tastes are different but guys...

Lets give battle music a place amongst mmo scores sometime, as of right now there have been few mmo's I've played with battle music let alone good.

Of course I usually swap it all out anyhow.