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Crafting, sad state of affairs.

I don't understand why game developers ignore the shouts for quality and valuable crafting.

Author: Astrina

Sick of PvP...or rather, PK (in relation to crafting)

Posted by Astrina Monday April 19 2010 at 2:33PM
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I have been gaming for many years, have tried about every type or style of MMO that is out there.

Over the years, PvP has always been an issue for me. Not because it's not fun, or interesting....but rather because I am a crafter and in almost ALL games that have good crafting, they destroy it with imbalanced PK.  

As a crafter, I am generally a loner. I like to go dig up ore, or craft items...and these processes don't take people to do, they take one...just me. So, I run out to collect my ore and I am wiped out by some PK'r that get's nothing but a little red flag for his action.  While I on the other hand, lose 2 hours worth of work.

Yes, I have heard the "well gee, just take buddies with you for protection". Um, oh yeah...sure. Those that PvP (or PK in this instance) don't want to come out and watch me dig for hours...with maybe one small chance of something happening.  Thats a serious yawnfest for them.

And yes, I have brought on alts to kick some butts of those that PK'd my crafter. But that still dosnt resolve the issue.

Crafters stick with games, they have a real desire to accomplish a particular goal. When they are constantly struggling to accomplish a simple task, they eventually get tired of the game and quit.

Crafting should have conflict, I agree. But not this type...and certainly not with the loss balance being so out of whack.

If I lose 2 hours worth of supplies, and the PK'r just gets a flag he can log off from or hide in some corner till it goes away...what's the fairness in that?

Personally, I prefer PvP. That way, when I am in the mood to fight players, I can do just that. It's a choice. I really dislike being forced to do it. It's like saying, I need groceries, but need to take the troops along to protect me from being mugged. That's unrealistic...and honestly, down right rediculous.

The PK'rs will all say it's fine, that I am a carebear. But you know what, I am not. I play PvP with the best of them and I enjoy that side of a game. But I also like crafting and doing my own thing without harassment. After all, we do have real lives...and some days, the stress of life is enough. I just want to craft a lousy tunic and sell it for a profit. How about more games allow me that choice?

And while I am at about more games get a grip on making a good crafting system! Would like more interesting things to do and would like the value of the item created to be worth the time invested.

Best crafting games so far are probably ATITD, WURM...and even UO had some good ideas. While other games offer crafting, the depth and value is simply not there OR there is simply too much PK to make it worth playing.

There is a market of crafters out here...just waiting for some game developer to understand what we want and need. I realize we are not as large of a group as PvP'ers...but you know what, we have money burning a hole in our pockets. Make a game for us.