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MMO's & The Modern Man (err...Woman)

An honest, irreverant look at various MMO's from a typical player's point of view. OK, maybe not a typical player. Maybe a hardcore emo PVE but PVP lovin' chataholic with alt tendencies. What's that? A new beta!? BRB...

Author: Oridi

The Waiting Room or Frikken Let Me Play SWTOR!

Posted by Oridi Thursday December 22 2011 at 1:55PM
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So here we go! After saving a part of my gaming budget for what, the last year and a half? I finally have SWTOR in my hawt lil hands and am ready to play! 

I got into the very end of the Beta-ness and into Pre-Launch but now i'm locked out of the game.  That's right - locked out.  Can't play, can't post on the forums.  And NO I didn't get banned again for trying to tie holiday themed bows on the NPC's errrr.. ears.  This time I got banned for Not Reading Properly.

Now those of you who know me IRL know that's kinda funny given my propensity for reading.  But yes, when I saw all those "Make sure You put In your dang Tootin game Code or Come December 23rd You're gonna be in a World of Hurt" notices on the login screen I said to myself, "Hey - I did that already.  Put it in way back when I got my Pre-Launch invite - no biggie.".

Biggie. The notices meant SECOND game code.  One came for pre-launch, another apparently came for the actual launch.  World of Hurt. Went to login this morning, rubbing my hands with glee at visiting yet again my lovely Consular of Goodness and Healz and got "there is no active subscription on this account".

Seriously. Seriously? Went to the SWTOR site and got an image of the domed entry hall to some huge building and the words "WAITING ROOM.  With a lil blurb saying that there's so much traffic to the SWTOR site that they're controlling the traffic and having people wait to enter.

Have you ever stood around in a "get into your gaming site" waiting room before?  First of all there are no chairs anywhere.  Second of all even though you can't see them you can feel the presence of 154 thousand other intent on playing SWTOR nuts right there as they stare at their screen, willing it to change to the main page of the SWTOR site... 

Now truthfully I'm so Uber Free that this was actually the first time I ever had to que to get into a game site before as opposed to the actual game.  But I was patient (snerk) and after about 10 minutes voila - I was at the SWTOR main page.  Woot!  Logged into my account - tracked down my second code via the Origin site, went to enter my game code on the SWTOR site and could not enter it.  It kept flipping me to the main SWTOR page every time I hit enter after putting in my code - a trip back to my account showed that the code was still unentered.  Now I know there's this thing called Shedding Load where if servers get too overloaded they just reroute users back to a safe page but this was a bit much.  45 minutes later I finally got the code in.  Made sure my contact info was up to date.  Made sure my security questions were in place. 

And then I tried to play but was told that in order to play I needed a valid sub again.  Hmmm.  Went back to SWTOR, stood in the waiting room and met a kewl Ithorian named Binkles, got into the site, went to my account - and even though there's 30 days free game time with the purchase of SWTOR,  I signed up for a sub cause they won't let you play without doing so.  Selected my sub length, hit enter, and got routed back to the main SWTOR page.  Shedded. 

It's been 3 hours now.  The one time I got past the actual select your duration screen and to the select your payment screen I wound up with a screen saying "you have already purchased this product.  Please select another product."


Can't play SWTOR.  Can't get my sub info in and apparently I'm one of thousands. Poor Ellanen, my lovely Consular at Large.  She's all alone on some swampy planet, with only her lizard companion to aide her and he's just got one eye.  *Wipes tear*.  I'm on my way Ellanen!  Don't worry!  Qyzen will take care of you till I get there... err... Qyzen?  Hey leave those bugs alone.. you don't know where they've been...