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MMO's & The Modern Man (err...Woman)

An honest, irreverant look at various MMO's from a typical player's point of view. OK, maybe not a typical player. Maybe a hardcore emo PVE but PVP lovin' chataholic with alt tendencies. What's that? A new beta!? BRB...

Author: Oridi

OMG Another SWG Post or You Can't Go Home Again

Posted by Oridi Sunday December 4 2011 at 7:35PM
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Brace yourself.  It's another SWG is ending what will I do the sky is falling blog post.  Except this one is not about the game ending - it's about the people that played the game. The crazy, lovable, laughfilled, smexy, kind, infuriating people that made my first MMO so astounding that I'm still looking for another game that will give me the same experience.   And I'm not cursing SEO, or the game itself - rather I'm pissed as hades at the people that I played with. 

You know they (yeah.. they.. those folks over there lounging around and laughing at me) say that you can never recreate your first heroin high.  Or your first drug of choice high - you pick.  I think it's the same with MMO's - you truly can't go home again and the first MMO you play impacts every game after.   I started SWG and spent the first 3 months playing solo.  I had no idea what chat was let alone how to use it and I actually hid when I saw other players near a quest area I was working in.  Stop laughing.   When I did finally make it to Kashyyk and teamed up with a charming Jedi to rob some ruins, I was amazed at how much more fun it was. 

So I started grouping with people.  And joined a guild (RIP Ghost) and then created a guild and then joined alliances and then of all things got into massive RP scenarious where we were literally creating  week long Jedi trials for folks.  Crazy amounts of fun and endless escapades of groups and parties and player built festivals. I made friends, I made enemies, there was drama and reconciliation and through it all there were people that I considered great friends.

They're all gone now.   They shut down the server (RIP Tempest) but they were mostly gone long before that.  And in all this time since I've not found them in any other games. Nor have I found folks like them - it's as if they disappeared from this galaxy when that galaxy ended. 

Where did you go?  Out of the core 10 people that used to meet to mess with HK or save the Tat civilians from the Tuskens - I've kept in touch with one and though we both play LOTRO we've yet to meet ingame.  And why is it that I've yet to find their equal in any other game?  Surely there are other kind, nutty, people out there playing MMO's - why am I not finding them?

I'm forced to come to the conclusion that it's me.  I'm not the same traveler that left the station and whatever kind of player I am now is not a type that draws the good, charming, creative people that I loved playing with in SWG.  So I guess I should be pissed at myself rather than them.  I just wish I could /hug some of them again, /slap others fondly - erase the memories of some and spend time making new memories with others.  I miss them and as SWG ends there goes any chance I have of ever experiencing the joy and connection I had with them ever again.

I'm raising a glass to the Tempest server.  I'm screenshotting my houses, and bringing my toons to the Jedi Shrine that I used to visit with K.  On December 15th I'll log them out there and fondly wish everyone well that was such a part of my SWG experience.

And then I'll try and be a better person ingame.  I'll try and be kinder, laugh more, be more creative, be more courageous.  I'll do my best to be half the person that my friends on Tempest were.

bakagami writes:

Yeah, its you...naw,   j/k.   no, I know what you mean, but you gotta just put it behind you.  I've never had friends that survive to group in more than one game.  I've even gone over to other games to play with people, only to have them vanish right after I got there.  for some reason, online groups, guilds, & friends can't seem to survive outside the environment in which they are formed, don't know why.  I've just settled on finding new ones in the games that I'm playing.  I've had good luck mostly, I usually find my place in any game I play. but they are always different.  anyway, good luck in your next game

Mon Dec 05 2011 10:59AM Report
ammie writes:

Good post Astralla,

SWG was not my first game but has always remained my most memorable one, mainly due to the fantastic people I met along the way.

I remember  getting completely lost on Tatooine having spent ages running around exploring, I stopped and asked a stranger sitting at a campfire the way , not only did he point me in the right direction but also to my delight presented me with a Bantha mount.

Shortly after I was in Bestine (which was extremely crowded in those days) a guy sitting in the queue for  Doc' buffs beckoned me over and handed me 20,000, When I asked "why" he just said "you'll need it"

So many players were so generous with their time, money and experience in a way you rarely see in later games.

I think those players are still all out there, a little lost in a somewhat larger crowd ....Also  lacking in "tools" that would  help a great community to stand out .

They really are still there, the trick is finding them!


Fri Dec 09 2011 10:06AM Report
Torque2484 writes:

I really could not get into SWG I tried over and over and over again but could not do it.

Just like you said your first game is your most memorable and mine was DAoC, so I know what you are talking about.  Trust me thought the people you are looking for are still out there I am one of those Nutty loving people :D.

Even though I am playing SWTOR and my whole clan or guild or whatever you want to call them is coming with me and I have known all of these people for almost 2 years and we have been playing the same games for awhile now.

What I am saying you can find those people or those type of people again just don't give up hope and you will find them.

Fri Dec 09 2011 12:30PM Report
Cuathon writes:

Its just like real friendships really. How many of your highschool friends do you still hang with in college and what not? What about college friends once you get out into the adult world? Its the same old same old just like in real life and has nothing to do with SWG or any other game.

Sun Dec 11 2011 8:34PM Report writes:
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