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MMO's & The Modern Man (err...Woman)

An honest, irreverant look at various MMO's from a typical player's point of view. OK, maybe not a typical player. Maybe a hardcore emo PVE but PVP lovin' chataholic with alt tendencies. What's that? A new beta!? BRB...

Author: Oridi

Extra Credit Blog: Istaria Notes, Curses & Mutterings Levels 1-10 Biped

Posted by Oridi Monday November 30 2009 at 3:35PM
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Once more into the world of Istaria. Here there be dragons and yes! I'm one of them!  But this collection of mental mutterings is for the biped class, as I'm a bit further there and truthfully it's much more of a learning curve for me than dragondom.  Here comes the disclaimer :-) - this stuff is just the tip of the iceburg.  Seriously.  Little of what I say here is the whole picture but right now it's more of an overview than I can find so I'm tossing it out there.  A discussion ingame with the UberIstarians will get you much more info - sometimes too much more info lol - but hang in there cause I have not given up so you don't get to either.  As always - if I'm wrong about anything below, experts of Istaria please correct me lol.  This stuff is intricate.

----Levels 1-10 Skills/Abilities/Spells

It's about time to consider the general info around how you get stuff done in the game as far as Adventuring goes.  We'll poke at Crafting later :-).  One thing that is probably occupying your mind right now is what you have on your hotbar to either kill stuff, effect stuff, heal players, or buff players.   It's pretty intricate, knowing how to get more buttons to use and a simple question in the new player chat like "How do I get more skills?" can result in absolute chaos and confusion.  Because Istaria is so durn intricate (have I used the word intricate enough?), it's also quite specific.  Say "skills" instead of "spells" in chat and ...well.  Yeah, I did, and it was chaotic lol.

So here's a breakdown of how stuff that you can use to kill, effect, heal or buff becomes available to you. 

There are 3 ways new stuff gets added that you can do:  Skills, Abilities, and Spells.

-----------------------------------------Skills:  Skills can be located by hitting C for the Character window and looking at the Skills tab.  When you decide on what Adventuring school or class to go into  you're assigned a set of skills.  The skills on the Skills tab are the ones you can use right away if you're playing that school.  Skills relate to your character as a whole and so they're not specific actions that you can drag onto your toolbar and use, but they do impact what actions you get to use so it's kinda good to know about them.

When you pick let's say Cleric, you'll start out with a list of skills that includes One Hand Crush.  That means you can use one hand crushing weapons (maces, clubs etc.)  and that skill is ready to go from moment one.  Sounds simple right?

Except when you go to the General tab of your Character window, there's a label called Training Points and a lil link with a number in it up at the top.  If you click on that lil blue number it takes you to the Character Training window... which is a much bigger list and for example has things like Flame on it.  Hmmm... you're  a cleric but Flame might be really fun!  Sooo you level up a bit and soon the starting 0 in training points moves up and when you open the Character Training window there are points to spend!  But you can't spend them everywhere.  You can only spend them on the skills that your character actually has already on the Skill tab.

So as a cleric, you can't spend points in flame.  But... and here's the fun part... you CAN change schools and go level up a Mage that has that Flame skill on the Skill tab window.  You can then put points into Flame and when you go back to Cleric the Flame skill is still there!   Wohooh! Fire throwing Cleric.

BIG NOTE FOR YOU TO NOTICE GOES HERE.... which is that NOT all Skills can be learned this way.  If you have  a 10 Cleric and level up a Scout to 10 and then go back to Cleric, you can't use a bow as a Cleric.  Some skills are simply excluded from certain classes so ask in New Player Help if you're unsure whether your hard work in point assigning will result in what you want.  

---------------------------Abilities:  Abilities can be located by hitting C for the Character window and looking at the Abilities tab.  Abilities come in 2 types - Active and Passive.  When you pick an Adventuring School you'll get a few basic Abilities.  You get more Abilities as you level and from what I can see they just show up on the Abilities tab.  So each time you level- check that tab and see if you've won a prize lol.

Any active Ability can be dragged onto your toolbar and used.  Passive ones can't be dragged onto the toolbar but go ahead and try if you're like me and just HAVE to check lol :-) 

Here's the fun part.  If you change schools and you've still got Training Points in an old skill from your old school, as long as it's not on the "Skills that your current class can't use or the sky will fall" list, you'll still have the old school's ability as active.  That's right.  Start as cleric, move to mage and you still have some heals.  Start as mage and move to scout and you're still gonna have some flame capabilities as long as you've got enough points in there.

Confused yet!? No? Let's add Spells then!

---------------------------Spells: Spells can be located by hitting K for the Knowledge window and looking at the Spells tab.  Spells are something that you buy or loot or earn as a quest reward.  The Adventuring Spells you can use are limited by your Adventuring school, your level, and where your Training Points are placed. 


Some Spells are generic, and give things like strength or dexterity, while others are Skill specific and focus on variations of different types of action. There are spells for different flame casting techniques for Mages, or spells for different kinds of healing for Clerics.  Right click the spell and look at the details to figure out if you can use it or not.

Spells can be bought from the connie ( consignment vendor/auction house/player sales system ) or looted or from NPC vendors.  The NPC vendors are pretty pricey so you might want to just use the connie.   Lots of mobs drop spells and on NT a good place is the sand trolls down by the beach.  They're cute anyway (in an eat your face kinda way) and they gave me some armor dye as well :-) .
In the village in NT the connie is under the awning with the pawnbroker and the dragon Resliak is the NPC spell vendor.

So there ya have it. 

Spells can be earned, bought or looted and they are limited to your class, level, and type of skills. 

Abilities show up as you level and can be retained sometimes even if you switch classes if they're not specifically excluded from the new class and you've put enough points into them. 

Skills are part of your character and they influence what spells and abilities you're able to use.

FINAL big note! (ROFL).  In regards to Skills - once you've assigned your Training Points once, you have the chance to buy some back after a bit.  Once you buy them back and respend them, I don't think you get to buy those particular points back again.  Or at least the 30 points that I had by level 10 that I used, bought back, then reused, are not available for buyback.

A few notes:

---If you do decide to go Adventure School hopping bear in mind that leveling is harder on the second and third and fourth schools etc.  If you get to level 10 and let's say your health is 250, you'll keep that same 250 health when you change schools.  Which means that you'll need to kill things closer to your 250 health in order to get any real XP even thought you'll only be level 1.   Go with quests for leveling if you're on your second or third school and try to keep mob grinding to a minimum.

---If you don't have New Player Chat enabled then please do so.  Very nice people and they're pretty excitied if you're new to the game.  

---Backpack bags drop a lot from the glass beetles. Use them to organize your stuff into classes if you're school hopping.

That's it for now - hope you're all enjoying this lovely world and keep an eye out for dragons :-).

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New/lost -tx for info.

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Was this game called Horizons once?

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