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MMO's & The Modern Man (err...Woman)

An honest, irreverant look at various MMO's from a typical player's point of view. OK, maybe not a typical player. Maybe a hardcore emo PVE but PVP lovin' chataholic with alt tendencies. What's that? A new beta!? BRB...

Author: Oridi

Being The Other Woman or Catfight In The PVP Zone...

Posted by Oridi Tuesday November 17 2009 at 5:30PM
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I admit I usually think of MMORPG as short for Many Men Online Role Playing Girls.  However, at times there are actually other real life women in the mix and I do my best to not step on anybody's toes, especially when it comes to men ingame.  There are certainly enough guys playing to fulfill all the roles from friend who happens to be male to l33t raiding partner with benefits and it's pretty much a fun place to be most of the time regardless of gender.  But... and yes, there is one... I finally managed last night to piss off the wrong woman.  I'd like to say for the record it's not my fault.


After years of playing and making sure to never /hug without knowing the rl gender, emotional affiliations, partner status and current drama level of the target at hand, I blew it.  I /flirted a guild leader's ingame hubby.  I MEANT TO TARGET THE BOSS!  I do that all the time to end bosses along with /hug and /pat.  I figure the instance NPC's get a lot of grief and anger directed at them all day and might appreciate a bit of positive attention.

Did I mention this was a guild run (I'll call it Guild A) that I had been invited to simply because they were desperate for a healer with enough gear to get in the door and not collapse?  There was that wonderful moment of silence when I logged into their Vent  for the run and said my usually cheery, "Hi!" and everyone paused so that I could hear them thinking outloud, "Hmmm.... a girl.. a girl?...why yes! A girl!" followed by a few dozen gruff and grumbly hey theres.  The conversation picked up again and was centered mainly around the lack of a particular person in Vent - namely the guild leader Phyllomena.  Yes, I changed the name but the original has the same... same.. um that name is along the same lines.

She is legend in her guild.  She is kind, courageous, always has time to talk or help out, and apparently has a drop dead gorgeous rl pic on the guild website.  When she finally arrived in the Land of Vent, she noticed I was there immediately and the grilling began.  While I wondered where the kind and helpful Phyllo was she peppered me with questions, asking what characters did I play, how was I specc'd, why was I not guilded, did I know so and so or so and so.  Things eased up after she inspected me and found that, like always, I play as silly looking character as possible with the highest gear and spec I can get.  Basically I passed as someone that was no threat to her or her guild RP wise but handy to have around.

We did the run, got to the last boss, and I made my fatal error.  After I inadvertently /flirted her ingame hubby I was kicked from the group.  Instantly.  I spent a few minutes fuming and trying to send messages to group members who didn't respond and then I chalked it up to bad karma and decided to head out to the PVP zone.  Most PVP zones have non combat quests in them and a lot of them have pretty spiffy resources to gather.  I thought I'd do a grabcarrydrop quest where you run to one place, grab an item and then carry it carrrrreeeefffffullly over to another place to drop it off for cash/prizes/tokens.  I got the item, avoided the other faction quite nimbly, and was nearly to the drop off point when a tumble of glowing eyes and fur came out of nowhere and attacked.  I fended it off, stayed alive, but dropped the item when I went into combat, so back I went to pick it up again.

You guessed it.  I got within sight of the drop off spot and was attacked by the same toon again.   This time I sent a tell and asked a buddy to come protect me while I finished the quest but when we ran it once more there were a dozen of them waiting to attack us.  Now I've done a lot of running in PVP zones and I couldn't figure out why I was worth all the trouble but I just tossed a note onto server chat saying that I was getting ganked in the zone and could anyone lend a hand.  There were a few responses and then suddenly an announcement that anyone that helped me would be considered dead to Guild A.  That's right. I was blacklisted.

Curse my /flirt typing self!

Clearly the mystery toon was Phyllo in her other faction form. After a lot of people logging back and forth between factions to relay messages, I finally got the mighty Phyllo to just fight me one on one.  Did I mention I play a healer?  A little bundle of healing joy and solid gear?   My biggest issue was power depletion but I have to say that if she was mad at me for /flirting her hubby it was nothing next to how mad she was when I just stood there and healed whatever damage she put on me.   By this time there were so many folks gathered around yelling CATFIGHT that lag became an issue as well and the fight ended by her lagging into a disconnect and the server chat calling it a draw.  Hrrrrmmph. 

Well I win anyway!  I might be still blacklisted, and I might never get invited to any endgame raids again, but I can honestly say that I provided more entertainment to my server than it's had since the last expansion.  That's gotta be worth a drink or two next time I hit the pub ingame.