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MMO's & The Modern Man (err...Woman)

An honest, irreverant look at various MMO's from a typical player's point of view. OK, maybe not a typical player. Maybe a hardcore emo PVE but PVP lovin' chataholic with alt tendencies. What's that? A new beta!? BRB...

Author: Oridi

Forum Foibles or How To Spot A Classic Posting Type

Posted by Oridi Monday August 24 2015 at 5:41PM
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So I've been playing a lot of ESO lately as well as meandering around the Repopulation beta trying to figure out even just a percentage of how to play the game.  Not a lot of enthusiasm for forums at the moment after getting such a bad taste in my mouth from the Crowfall community so I'm using my writing skills for fiction and content writing. 

It's always a bit sad to lose interest in a forum, especially when it's one for a game as exciting and promising as Crowfall.  Having a great community to hang around with online ingame is fantastic but when the game is not even in beta yet the forums are a natural substitution for that cultural connection.

After over a decade playing MMO's and enjoying forums I thought I'd sit down and write out Some of the Typical Forum Posters We've all Grown to Know and Love/Loathe.  Let me know which ones I've missed!


--The Idiot/Wit - writes short, pithy posts that are either completely meaningless or feebly witty attacks on the OP.  Posts a lot of comments designed to either not move the conversation forward or actually derail it completely with a skill that is almost enviable. Almost always has an ironic avatar that references an iconic loner that beat the system and Won The Day.

--The Elitist - bashes the combat as too weak, the graphics as too shoddy, the dev team as too inexperienced and the overall game structure as doomed.  Has the last say in everything related to quality by consistently using the "you're a poor player with no clue what a real gaming experience actually is" card. Violently loves or hates manga and if you actually converse with them over voice chat they sound like a 12 year old imitating the actors in a Merchant Ivory film.

--The Moaner - flits from thread to thread splashing doom and gloom about the future of the game.  The combat is going to fail because there is/is not tab targeting, the PvP will bottom out because the class skills are too/not balanced, the UI won't work because there's not enough/too many action bars.  If the devs adjust the game structure in any way it's the death of the game completely.  Moaners are known to rage quit then quietly pop up again with intricate real life scenarios to justify their disappearance.

--Leapers - (ok so yeah, I usually fall into this category but I'm getting better!).  These are the folks that read one sentence of a dev post and leap to extraordinary conclusions that they either just adore to pieces or loathe to the far reaches of reality.  They blithely go down entire superhighways of slightly off info until they're so far from the reality of the game that they spend the entire launch with furrowed brow exclaiming that they just don't understand what happened.

--The Representatives - staunchly defend the devs from every real or imagined slight. They're insanely loyal and will attack the credibility and character of any naysayer as well as anyone slightly criticizing the structure of the game.  They often can be spotted in extra extra long threads in full battle with the Elitists. 

--The SuperSweet - wanders around dispensing sugary advice to everyone about getting along and pulling together to support the game. Always has a moment of rage every 3 to 4 months where they freak out and curse everyone to sudden death and accidental character deletion.

--The Short Attention Spanner - can't handle any post more than 2 sentences in length.  Finds each  paragraph length post in every thread on the boards and posts "tl:dr" or "way too long, make shorter posts" responses.  Either has poor reading skills or simply can't hold a thought long enough to understand it let alone respond.  Tends to merge with the Elitists in a frenzy of superiority based on the concept that their time is simply too valuable for them to take more than 10 seconds to read a post let alone comprehend it. 

--The Passenger - really one of the most creatively destructive posting styles.  The Passenger waits until some controversy starts on a thread then picks the side that is the most vitriolic & hate filled and hops on board the hate train.  They'll pull quotes from sources outside the forum, accuse the target of any manner of hidden agendas, and then harass them if they dare speak up to defend themselves.   Entire threads get dedicated to the destruction of a single poster and then, flush with victory, they move on to the next attack thread.  Passengers tend to move in packs like some EuroRail pass carrying forum biker gangs.

--The Ambassador - can make or break a forum.  They're rare and if you've got one of them on the boards then things tend to work out in the long run.  They manage to maintain their credibility regardless of the topic at hand and everyone may not agree with them but the Ambassador has their respect.  They're not always super nice - Crowfall forums had one called Doc Gonzo that was a rabid PvP'er who got made a mod and earned everyone's respect for his fair evaluations and restrained mod decisions. I argued with him constantly but he was a true Ambassador. 

That's all that come to mind in the moment.  Give a holler below and let me know what I've missed!