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MMO's & The Modern Man (err...Woman)

An honest, irreverant look at various MMO's from a typical player's point of view. OK, maybe not a typical player. Maybe a hardcore emo PVE but PVP lovin' chataholic with alt tendencies. What's that? A new beta!? BRB...

Author: Oridi

Tunneling & Pit Traps! or Crowfall Goes Underground

Posted by Oridi Saturday April 4 2015 at 1:55PM
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As you may know, Crowfall is using voxel tech in their spiffy new intheworksohgawdwehavetowait2yearsforlaunch! game.  Voxel tech is a bit like Minecraft, where game items and landscapes are built using blocks, except with voxels the blocks are much smaller.

Before you start rioting about player created insanely amazing voxel landscapes and buildings, ya don't get to free form build with voxels in Crowfall.  The buildings are in chunks and you can place different chunks or entire buildings but you don't get to freeform build.

You do, however, get to destroy.  There's some physics going on in Crowfall.  You get to whackaloon strongholds and use weapons and spells to blast holes in walls.  Bring down towers by undermining their foundations, that sort of stuff, because in Crowfall there's gravity, your character has mass, and yes, you can tunnel.

You can dig.  Underground tunnels that come up into the midst of your enemy's castle courtyard if they've been foolish enough to leave it as dirt.   Long supply tunnels that go from a mine where you're grabbing all the ore you can all the way over to your stronghold where the resources can be protected.  Spy tunnels that can honeycomb high visibility areas into a network of easy, unseen transport. 

You'll have to be smart about the tunneling though (gravity!) - and no one really knows if Crowfall is plopping down areas that are safe from burrowing players.  Given that each planet in the game is finite and will be destroyed in a matter of months or at maximum (it's guessed) a year, there's not a lot of tunneling time there and we're not sure how long it will take to create a tunnel. Still.  Tunnels!

And traps.  I can see creating a huge underground hole and leaving just enough dirt up top to cover it.  Next step, lure the enemy onto the shaky surface and kapow!  Down they go into a pit too deep to climb out of where they can run around like goofballs while your archers get busy.  I can't help but dream of spikes at the pit bottom and pit traps laid like unseen sharks along an enemy's usual harvesting trail.

Now some of you may be wondering about this rather bloodthirsty side of me.  I know that you don't get to see it often and I'm sorry in advance for how much it may show up between now and the launch of Crowfall. But being a snowflake squishycore snackcake does not mean I don't like a good fight.  It means that I don't like rudeness and arrogance and puffed up speeches about how rez camping is just part of PvP.   I like a good fight, with challenging opponents and folks that fight with their brains rather than their trash talk.

So, pit traps.  With spikes.  And tunneling under someone's storeroom, blasting a hole in their floor and stealing all their resources while they're out sieging someone else's castle.  Then tumbling down the walls so no one sees the tunnel in the floor amongst the rubble.

I might have to work on an evil laugh soon.








Comparing Crowfall or Why The Journey Matters

Posted by Oridi Wednesday April 1 2015 at 12:23AM
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So the kickstarter for Crowfall is over.  They wound up raising double what they asked for.

I backed it (no longer an innocent to the Realm of Risk!) and I'm still hanging out on the boards and harassing everyone with my charming but relentless squishycoreness.

And yes, I'm still practicing my PvP in Tera and SWTOR.  My fight to win ratio is at 34 to 6.  My main handicap is my tendency to wince when I get in a good shot and want to fire off a heal to help my opponent.  Some habits die hard.  I'm halfway hoping some ex-Shadowbaner from the Crowfall boards gets so tired of my "why CAN'T we have hot tubs for our castles?" posts and steals my name ingame.  At least that will give me some great PvP rep as they slaughter everyone wearing the Oridi moniker.

Some of you more dedicated readers may notice a change in my user name and image on this blog.  I'm attempting to roll out the same name and image for all my various gaming worlds.  I'll clue you in as they get updated but for now you can find me here, on Twitter @OridiOhe and I'll be popping in to frolic on the Crush the Throne Crowfall fan site.

And for now my focus is still Crowfall.  Did I mention that it's going to be a good 2 years before the game launches?  Sure I beta'd LOTRO and even did a bit of Alpha testing on Age of Conan but I've never stuck my toe in the water so early with a game.  Perhaps it's the Koster crafting or my 20 posts in the fiction section about Oridi's backstory in Crowfall (I'm serious - I've posted 18 of them so far and the last 2 are written but not posted yet cause I don't want to overwhelm the boards with my endlessly angsty tale.)

Whatever the reason I'm stuck on Crowfall and wading through the boards there with  a whip in one hand and blueprints for a castle in the other. The forums are like nothing I've experienced out of game before, with hardcore mixed with snowflakes and factions forming and dissolving like rolling stormclouds. There are some similarities with the old Age of Conan boards in that there are endless ruminations about what the game will wind up being like but Crowfall has a lot less discussions about what "mature audience" in a game actually means. 

There is a solid community of RP'ers and a seriously good bunch of artists drawing all sorts of things Crowfall.  However, one of the things different about the Crowfall community is the high level of fanboi-ism, with folks creating all sorts of not so subtle threads designed to push players towards one game approach over another.  These are balanced out by the steady stream of new players asking about game balance and concerned about how a PvP centric game could actually be fun.  The Crowfall boards are like a minefield except you don't know if the explosion will be shrapnel or confetti.

I'm hooked.  The game is a while away so I promise not every post on this blog will be about Crowfall for the next few years, but I should warn you that some will be.  Give a holler if you've got a game for me to play in the meantime that can lure me away.