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MMO's & The Modern Man (err...Woman)

An honest, irreverant look at various MMO's from a typical player's point of view. OK, maybe not a typical player. Maybe a hardcore emo PVE but PVP lovin' chataholic with alt tendencies. What's that? A new beta!? BRB...

Author: Oridi

In Search of Wide Range Random or How To Play 6 Games At Once

Posted by Oridi Thursday February 21 2013 at 7:02PM
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It's a brand new year!  And I've been terrible about keeping this blog up to date.  Mea Culpa and whatnot.

So my current mmo game list that I'm actually playing is as follows:  LOTRO, SWTOR, Everquest II, WarHammer, Istaria, Fallen Earth and a few beta's cause hey - I've not found my game of games even at this late date.

You may be judging me right now. Fine, but what is a gal to do?  I am still looking for the experience I had my first year of SWG and I'll be fershnabbled if I give up looking just cause my requests are apparently unreasonable.  And what, you may ask, am I looking for?  Well, since you asked...

Here's my List of Things a Great Game Should Have If You Want to Keep My Heart & Sub.  It's not complete as I'm never satisfied (perogative due to my gender) and it may be slightly slanted towards the squshycore.  But it's my dream list and when I find the game that will cover all of this I'll stick with it for life and ne're stray!

Great Lore:  Something that I can sink my virtual teeth into.  LOTRO has this, as does SWTOR and Fallen Earth.  Some history, some storytelling, some amazing twists and turns that allow me to not only immerse myself in the world but stick with me when I'm not playing.  Along the lines of "Hmm... that fellow looks just like the Captain on SWTOR that was skimming profits from his platoon and decorating his tent" - and yes, yes I did glare at the guy IRL and mutter about his taste in wall hangings.

Solid Game Functionality:  Everything from cut scene transition time to how to get mail.  The nuts and bolts of the game as well as how easy it is to get help and info when stuck or confuzzled.  This is more about the level of respect given to the player and less about the actual specific solutions to logistical issues.  LOTRO falls down here as they lean heavily on a diabolical random number generator that makes sure you're getting suckky drops rather than what you're actually after.  Add in the huge delays in help, quests that stay bugged for years (yep - years) and LOTRO goes kersplat.  So far SWTOR wins here as does Istaria as both of them have some clunky options for how to get things done but they're clear and help comes quickly either through the community or via the help function.   Nothing like getting a quick response when you've become stuck in a compromising position with a rakgul.
Sane yet Nuts Community:  I've ranted about this before.  I love mmo's because of the people that I get to play with.  Anything with more than 20% barrens chat and I'm turning of general chat.  Anything with a global/server chat with active, awake people and I'm thrilled.  Tons of boss/loot/mob/bot ninjas and I'm meh.  Tons of players looking for groups, offering help, discussing builds, arguing lore and I'm a happy li'l carebear.  LOTRO has a great community, as does Istaria.  SWTOR is halfway there and Fallen Earth is the worst.  EQII is a bit clique-ish and what can I say about the Warhammer community.  I use Warhammer when I'm seriously pissed off/full of road rage. It's a fantastic way to vent steam AND level a character at the same time. 
Housing:  Hah! Yes! Housing!  I want frikken housing!  Not that cheap ol here's your limited number of hooks in odd places LOTRO junk - I want old fashioned SWG (RIP Tempest) type housing that lets me mess around and spend way too much time jostling things into just the right spot.  EQII shines here as it's got 75% of the housing capabilities of SWG and I can collect way too much stuff and plop it all over the place.  SWTOR has a ship that I get but I can't decorate it and their taste is feeble at best.  Housing and player based cities are amazing ways to involve and fascinate players.  Why more new games don't have them (or at least plan for them down the pipeline) is a mystery to me.  Perhaps they've received word that if they do add housing then a crazy blogger lady will come and fill their server space with 1400 versions of the same flower in her front yard, crashing the entire system and rendering both pvp and ingame store transactions invalid until she manages to either weed the flowerbeds or add in some shrubbery...
Notice I did not specify that my Dream Game has to be free to play, or a particular style, or allow me to fly/own a jetpack/swim underwater/have a flamethrower.  I don't care if I have a super uber armor set or even if it's easy/hard/fast/ to level.  I just want a game with great lore, solid tech and structure, decent community and housing.  
I'll give you fair warning - if I don't find it in the next few years then I'mma gonna make it.  Holler if you want to be on the dev team.