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MMO's & The Modern Man (err...Woman)

An honest, irreverant look at various MMO's from a typical player's point of view. OK, maybe not a typical player. Maybe a hardcore emo PVE but PVP lovin' chataholic with alt tendencies. What's that? A new beta!? BRB...

Author: Oridi

Settling into Coruscant or Oh Gawd Another Alt??

Posted by Oridi Thursday January 26 2012 at 8:16PM
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Oh it's a bitter day, a bitter day indeed. 

I'm back on Coruscant.  Again. 

For those of you not Playing SWTOR Cause You're A Not A Sheep I salute you.  I, my friend, I am a sheep. I am hooked and immersed and heedlessly spending my gaming time leveling alt after alt to the magical point where they get a starship and then abandoning them to the whims of fate.

I'd like to point out that the first alt was not my fault.  I joined a guild (I nao rite!) and the guild leader turned out to be the smarmiest, slickest thing since petroleum jelly and within a week I was trading snerky tells with him and rebuffing invites up to see his ship.    But then the guild got juvenile guy heavy and a bit meh.  Hey, I'm all for some flirt now and again but when guild chat turned a corner into locker room territory (did you see the **** on that toon? Dude!? Gotta get me sommadat! etc), I realized that alas, snerkfest or not, the guild was a little too bros before hos for me and gracefully bowed out by inventing a sudden need for an RP guild that would fulfill all my gaming dreams.

But - and you know there's a but - guild leader extraordinnaire did not drop off.   Tells galore, and escalating and oh dear.  Time to log out for a bit before he feels the need to explain what exactly he means by lowering his shields and hey.. still want to play so woot! Make an alt! Yeah!

I blame him.  I made an alt, she wandered all over a new and special planet and woot! Leveled her up to go to ... Coruscant.  Well now I'd already run Coruscant on my first toon but this was a bit different.  Different main quest line, ship was just as hard to get, and I got to wondering hmmmmm what else do different classes experience on Coruscant. 

And thus the Great Alt Coruscant Experience was born.  Stop judging me.  OK so I've made more alts in the last 2 weeks than I have in my whole gaming career (snerk.. career...) and none of them have gotten over level 20.  OK so most requests for additional group members are for healers and I have every healer class in every variation but I can't join groups cause I don't want to play them cause hey... they're not the unleveled alt.

It's a sickness.  It's a curse.  It's never going to end because I've only been doing lightside toons and I've not even dealt with darkside and what on earth do they go through? 

On top of it all, apparently I have a rather telling conversational style in general planet chat as this morning I got a ... "darling! Is that you!? I'd know that turn of phrase anywhere.. let me fire up my ship engines and let's explore unseen space!" tell from out of the blue.

Gah.  Time to make another alt. writes:
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