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Just an Old(er) Guy Playing Games

Reviews and experiences from an older gamers perspective. Theres more of us than you think, we are the pioneers of your gaming world!

Author: Asmir

Trying Out Vindictus

Posted by Asmir Tuesday July 5 2011 at 5:58AM
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Well I am giving Vindictus a shot. Oddly, in spite of a myriad of problems I kind of enjoy it. The action is pretty cool anyway. Beyond that it is kind of... umm... clunky(?) I guess. If you decide to give it a try be  ready for some frustration. Their servers seem to disconnect players a great deal which means if your at the end of an instance you lose all of your progress though not any experience or loot you gain which make this nearly bearable.

As I just mentioned, the quests are all instances. You can set up parties and wait for your friends or random players to join. Thankfully there is some control over who can join and playing solo is an option if yoiu enjoy that like I do. There usually seems to be parties open to join which is nice to see. I have to admit I am surprised a lot of folks play considering there are so many well polished games out there that offer more.

Crafting is there but requires going through instances repeatedly to gather resources. Some resources have to come from Boss drops which might not drop for several trips if at all. Fishing is probably the dumbest fishing in any game I've played. It is done using a raid style instance where you either join or create a 10 player party and get dumped on a boat on the sea. Then you purchase a batch of harpoons and use them to fish as schools arrive. A school of fish will pop every 3-5 minutes which seems like 20 after the first 1 or 2 times.

Overall I thought the combat itself was kind of fun. A lot of flashy action and mayhem but it is very repetative and you are required to repeat instances too many times before you can advance in my opinion. Will I play again? Sure, why not, it is a good way to burn off some steam for a few minutes, maybe pop in and run an instance or two and then play something more substantial. As for serious play they will have to solve those connection issues and improve server response where large groups of players is concerned. If you give it a try you will see they have thought up an odd way of dealing with it by either not showing equipment at all, putting everyone in ugly brown monk robes or allowing all equipment to be shown. You have partial control over what you see but it will be overridden if response time is slow, which is most of the time sadly.

Be well my friends and remember,

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