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Eudemons Online Developer Blog

New Shadow Knight class is going to hit Eudemons Online in 2014.

Author: Ashyy

Eudemons Online: The Awakening of the Shadow Knights

Posted by Ashyy Wednesday February 12 2014 at 1:49AM
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Knights of the realm have always been the representatives of justice and chivalry. Over time, they have been surrounded by constant death and darkness in defense of the populace, gradually turning to evil and creating a desire for the blood of others. Even with their slow descent into darkness, there is still a chance that they could remember their sacred duty to the kingdom, and once again fulfill their oath to wipe evil from the land. Are they waiting to destroy the darkness from within? Or have they fallen too far from the hope of redemption?

The Shadow Knight is a brand new class for Eudemons Online, which will be released in the year of 2014. Eudemons Online has already come far in the world, sharing excitement with their fans for 7 years. With the focus on providing new content through updates, there is always nonstop adventure for fans of EO.What other incredible things are we waiting for in the year of 2014?

First, the new Shadow Knight class will come to Eudemons Online. Along with the brand new class, there will be more online quests to expand on the mysteries of this fallen order. Meanwhile, to improve your Eudemons Divine Phase level and bring EO fans more fun, Eudemons Online is going to release a P-6 - P-10 Phase Stone quest and 10-Star Instance. Definitely, these quests will help players improve their Eudemon’s Star Level. The 10-Star quest may be the hardest quest to complete, but will have the best drop rewards ever.

The terrible visage of the corrupted Shadow Knight.

Second, new flying mounts are going to be released in 2014, which include the Glory Citra, Gloom Diego, Crystal Pegasus, Golden Pegasus and Pumpkin Coach. 

                                                                    (Gloom Diego)

                                                                  (Crystal Pegasus)

                                                                          (Golden Pegasus)

                                                                          (Pumpkin Coach)

Third, since the latest Dawn Of Romance expansion, players could have their very own children in Eudemons Online. How do they look, now? Are they growing up? Of course they are! The babies grow up and acquire their own customized outfits and weapons. Which kind of weapon will they take? Sword, Blade, Talon or Magic Wand? Let's wait and see!

                                                               (Baby Eudemon Outfit)

Fourth, two new holiday garments will be brought to market in 2014, celebrating Valentine's Day and Christmas. These freshly designed outfits are sure to satisfy the players whose hobby is collecting garments. You can have one of them, or even both! In such a cold winter, you will never have to worry about not having enough to wear!

                                                                    (Valentine Garment)

Fifth, there are new functions coming to Eudemons Online, which include the new Eudemon interface and Online Wheel. It seems that it will be easier for the players to check their Eudemons information when the new Eudemon screen comes. The Online Wheel will allow you to spin the wheel a few times each day, giving players the chance at winning valuable prizes to make use of.

It is sure to be an exciting year in Eudemons Online, and we look forward to seeing the community take up arms! Join us today, and get ready for your own incredible adventure!

For more news about the updates planned for 2014, stay tuned to the official site of Eudemons Online ( or EO's official Facebook Page (