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Eudemons Online Developer Blog

New Shadow Knight class is going to hit Eudemons Online in 2014.

Author: Ashyy

Eudemons Online: New Quest and New Weapon Style!

Posted by Ashyy Thursday January 24 2013 at 8:28PM
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Eudemons Online, a 2.5D Action MMORPG presented by TQ Digital, released their latest expansion, Cult of Shadowed Sun, over the winter season. The Warrior, Mage, Paladin, Vampire, and now the new Necromancer, all play an important role in this mysterious and expansive fantasy world. Not only is this amazing land full of friendship, honor and loyalty, but you'll also encounter hatred, death and betrayal! Recently, a dark power has become more and more powerful, even silently stealing into the peaceful Eudemons world. As a true hero of the people, will you take on the great responsibility of protecting them from the dark empire's attacks?

Eudemons Online doesn't disappoint! With the arrival of this dark power, they will release a new Weapon Soul! When you equip one Weapon Soul, you will add a brand-new look and feel to your equipment. Now, let's check out more!

Chapter One: The Honor of being the Lord of the Dark City!

"Shadow of Dark Tide is Coming to Eudemon Online! Can you survive the force of the original dark power?"

With the armies of the deep emerging from hiding, the Dark City has grown full of evil magic. All living creatures have been affected by the dangerous creatures that appear in the dark places of the unknown. When you go to Dark City, you will feel an unstoppable power growing stronger… almost as if the breath of evil is right on your neck! Legions of evil monsters will start three waves of attack. It's your destiny to protect the city from this brazen attack on our world!

The forces of darkness aren't easy to overcome! Who will beat back the evil and rise to become the true Lord of Dark City? Once you manage to defeat the three waves of minions, it will be time to start the counterattack! Their evil magic is still strong, and they have had eons to prepare. They have already built four gates to protect the evil lord, Baron Anka. Will this destroyer of light ever be defeated? Now, brave soldiers, the time comes for us to stand and fight for the future!

Chapter Two: New Weapon Souls Discovered!

A new Weapon Soul was discovered among bodies of slain demons! When the people were out hunting for monsters, they noticed that their cursed weapons seemed to absorb the very spirit of their victims. Gradually, the demon's spirit would become more and more powerful, becoming even more fearsome to their prey. They managed to salvage a few of these demonic items, and work to harness the power for use against the twisted souls that created them. It will take great strength of mind and body to master such magic, but you'll need every tool at your disposal to become a real Lord in Eudemons Online!

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Eudemons Online: More Necromancer News!

Posted by Ashyy Sunday January 6 2013 at 9:46PM
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We have already learned so much information about the Necromancer in Eudemons Online, before it was finally released. As expected, the Necromancer came to Cronus on Dec. 28th, 2012. Many EO fans have been waiting for this special character, and believe that they will be the new superpower in the game. Looking from other perspectives, the Necromancer didn’t disappoint its fans. There were almost 5000 new Necromancers created, just on Dec. 28th!

What makes the Necromancer so special?

First, the beautiful dragon mounts that feature the distinctive necro style, Aidos and Laird. The oriental dragon is a mythical creature in East Asian culture, with Chinese origins. It is visualized these days as a long, scaled, snake-like creature with four legs and five claws on each paw. Once you have the dragons, you will feel a taste of the strong power you’ll need to conquer the world. Also, you can see that Cronus is full of people! Looks just like a fine resting place for the weary adventurers to unwind.

Second, the flashy and powerful necro skills! Dealing with different status effects caused by different skills gives you the distraction you need to dominate your foes!

The people are able to grasp the skills that are needed, in accordance with their level, and learn the skills from different cities. One of the skills is called “Curse Storm”, which can kill groups of monsters in a few seconds. It’s very useful for people who like to explore all areas, in-game.

Third, there are NINE ways to improve your Necro Spirit. Once you open the “Sacrifice” screen, they will see the ways you can improve your Necro Spirit, Sky Soul, Earth Soul, Morale, Vigor, Phase, Luck, Phase, Valor and Spirit. The people often use the “Sacrifice” screen to improve their Necro Spirit Star level and add more battle points to themselves, afterwards.

Last, but not least, the new Cancer server was also opened. It’s a good chance for players to start a new adventure, and have many other new friends and enemies to meet on the battlefield! You don’t need to worry about being killed, even if there are many aggressive people in a new server.

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