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Eudemons Online Developer Blog

New Shadow Knight class is going to hit Eudemons Online in 2014.

Author: Ashyy

Eudemons Online: The Awakening of the Shadow Knights

Posted by Ashyy Wednesday February 12 2014 at 12:49AM
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Knights of the realm have always been the representatives of justice and chivalry. Over time, they have been surrounded by constant death and darkness in defense of the populace, gradually turning to evil and creating a desire for the blood of others. Even with their slow descent into darkness, there is still a chance that they could remember their sacred duty to the kingdom, and once again fulfill their oath to wipe evil from the land. Are they waiting to destroy the darkness from within? Or have they fallen too far from the hope of redemption?

The Shadow Knight is a brand new class for Eudemons Online, which will be released in the year of 2014. Eudemons Online has already come far in the world, sharing excitement with their fans for 7 years. With the focus on providing new content through updates, there is always nonstop adventure for fans of EO.What other incredible things are we waiting for in the year of 2014?

First, the new Shadow Knight class will come to Eudemons Online. Along with the brand new class, there will be more online quests to expand on the mysteries of this fallen order. Meanwhile, to improve your Eudemons Divine Phase level and bring EO fans more fun, Eudemons Online is going to release a P-6 - P-10 Phase Stone quest and 10-Star Instance. Definitely, these quests will help players improve their Eudemon’s Star Level. The 10-Star quest may be the hardest quest to complete, but will have the best drop rewards ever.

The terrible visage of the corrupted Shadow Knight.

Second, new flying mounts are going to be released in 2014, which include the Glory Citra, Gloom Diego, Crystal Pegasus, Golden Pegasus and Pumpkin Coach. 

                                                                    (Gloom Diego)

                                                                  (Crystal Pegasus)

                                                                          (Golden Pegasus)

                                                                          (Pumpkin Coach)

Third, since the latest Dawn Of Romance expansion, players could have their very own children in Eudemons Online. How do they look, now? Are they growing up? Of course they are! The babies grow up and acquire their own customized outfits and weapons. Which kind of weapon will they take? Sword, Blade, Talon or Magic Wand? Let's wait and see!

                                                               (Baby Eudemon Outfit)

Fourth, two new holiday garments will be brought to market in 2014, celebrating Valentine's Day and Christmas. These freshly designed outfits are sure to satisfy the players whose hobby is collecting garments. You can have one of them, or even both! In such a cold winter, you will never have to worry about not having enough to wear!

                                                                    (Valentine Garment)

Fifth, there are new functions coming to Eudemons Online, which include the new Eudemon interface and Online Wheel. It seems that it will be easier for the players to check their Eudemons information when the new Eudemon screen comes. The Online Wheel will allow you to spin the wheel a few times each day, giving players the chance at winning valuable prizes to make use of.

It is sure to be an exciting year in Eudemons Online, and we look forward to seeing the community take up arms! Join us today, and get ready for your own incredible adventure!

For more news about the updates planned for 2014, stay tuned to the official site of Eudemons Online ( or EO's official Facebook Page (

Eudemons Online: Dawn of Romance CG Trailer.

Posted by Ashyy Sunday July 14 2013 at 11:05PM
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Dawn of Romance expansion is coming on July 31st. Let's watch the CG trailer of this new expansion, and be ready for your fancy wedding day in Eudemons world! 

New CG trailer. Check Here!

Eudemons Online: New Expansion, New Fun!

Posted by Ashyy Monday July 8 2013 at 7:36PM
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Eudemons Online's 7th Anniversary is coming to an end, but it's just the beginning of the fun for this summer! In recent months, Eudemons has been focused on developing its latest expansion, Dawn of Romance. With the time sliding away, this new expansion is coming closer to its final reveal date!

What's this new expansion about?

Well, you can say this expansion is about true love and romance, naturally, but that wouldn't be entirely correct. This season is full of the breath of romance, and for those looking for a dreamy wedding, or hunting for a beautiful bride or handsome groom, you won't be disappointed with what's coming up! In this new expansion, not only you can propose to a beautiful girl or a handsome boy, you can even make your very own children to aid you! So many fun quests, strong and cute pets, sparkling rings and gorgeous wedding dresses are set to be released in the new expansion!

Now, you should have plenty of questions about what will be released, so why not check it out by yourself!

At last, the greatest thing is that Eudemons will treat the loyal players to fabulous wedding dresses! This brand-new style of dress is sure to draw the eye of everyone, and will last in your memory, forever! Let's take a look at some of the inspiration for these new designs!

Eudemons Online: Get Ready For A Brand New Expansion!

Posted by Ashyy Sunday June 9 2013 at 3:30AM
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Following EO's 7th Anniversary, TQ Digital will present a brand-new expansion, Dawn of Romance, which will bring the breath of love and romance to EO. It's said that in this brand-new expansion, you are given the ability to have your own Eudemon child to care for and raise! There's no doubt that it this is not something you'll see in other MMMORPG games! The baby looks a bit different than other Eudemons. Not only do they have the appearance of a human, but they also are turn out to be incredibly helpful in questing and battles, just like the other Eudemons!

Now, let's check what this beautiful baby looks like!

What benefits come from a baby?
In this brand-new expansion, you can have a baby with your spouse. The baby is different from other Eudemons. They are easy to compose and revive, and you can even send them to school and develop their special talents. The higher the talent of the baby, the stronger they will be! You can even appoint them as a Knight, ready to aid in your battles! They will add Battle Points and grow your own power in the larger arenas, like the Class PK Tournament, Family war and Legion War!

Why is this new expansion so different?
"Well, these kids look so cute, but I will feel bad when I use them to fight, and this is a PvP game, not just about love and romance", one Eudemon player said. The Eudemons Online game developer feels they will bring a fresh experience and ideas to the EO players, and they wouldn't feel the same after trying it out.

This expansion is set to be released in July, and more exciting news will be uncovered, very soon. Stay tuned to the official site ( and  our Facebook page ( for all the latest information!

MMORPG Eudemons Online 7th Anniversary - 7 Years Memory

Posted by Ashyy Wednesday June 5 2013 at 8:29PM
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Eudemons Online will enter its 7th year on June 1st, 2013. This video shares about the great moments in Eudemons world of the past 7 years. Six grand expansions, five distinctive classes, venturing out with friends, and boss hunting. Which part is the most unforgetable for you? 


More new updates will be available in 7th anniversary ceremony in June. We'll see you in the celebration!

Thanks for watching;

Eudemons Online 7th Anniversary Celebration Updates

Posted by Ashyy Monday May 20 2013 at 9:38PM
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Eudemons Online has brought action and drama to its fans for 7 long years, and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon! The last expansion, Cult of the Shadowed Sun, brought EO’s fans a new journey with a powerful new character, the Necromancer! After this new race was released on Dec 28th, tons of players fought for control of the land, and did everything possible to build their legends!

In Cronus, the main city in Eudemons, there once was a peaceful and harmonious time, where farms were plentiful and the people were content. Since the rise of the demons, the city became more and more chaotic, as this constant menance wore away at the normally friendly people. Many demonic creatures are often seen circling the city, making escape from the city treacherous. Now, all of Cronus’ heroes are coming together in this last bastion of the old days. Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Whether you survive or die, all will be decided by your choices!

New Updates for EO’s 7th Anniversay Celebration

A new flying mount will make its way to our world for EO’s 7th Anniversary! There is no doubt the new beautiful look and powerful attributes of this mystical creature that will lift the spirits of EO’s fans! And that’s not all! The EO team was recently quoted, “As your can see, the awesome Azure Unicorn is one of the nicest PVP rewards, and it will become a usable mount, very soon!” How would you feel if you could sit astride that horse as you fly over the cities and landscapes of the world? Sounds pretty incredible!

Last, but not least, the next new expansion, Dawn of Romance, will be following right behind the 7th anniversary, telling exactly what is all about love and destiny! This season will be full of the breath of romance. The new expansion is expected to be available for Eudemons Online in early July, bringing new human Eudemons, new garments and quests, and much more! So what can you do in this new expansion? Go out and fight for the love you desire!

For more news, just check out our official site or official Facebook Page
More information about the next expansion will be released soon, so stay tuned!


Eudemons Online: Neverland Patch Coming To Cronus In April

Posted by Ashyy Thursday April 11 2013 at 12:47AM
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The current expansion, Cult of the Shadowed Sun, has brought so many new things to EO, and doesn't show any signs of slowing down! The Necromancer has added his own poison touch to the world, but there's so much still hidden about this mysterious order. Only time will tell just how deep the story goes!

Now, Eudemons Online's 7th Anniversary is upon us, and we're ready to celebrate this great achievement with exciting new content! To kick off the celebration, we will take you on a journey to a place called Neverland, where magic and adventure are all around you! In this new patch, we will add a huge update to the game, bringing plenty of new quests, Eudemons, and fun!

Why Neverland Patch is so popular in Eudemons Online.

1. New mounts, Azure Unicorn and Aurora Unicorn, to be added.

The eight Eudemons of the Necro Realm will be able to use the ‘Eudemon Convertor'.

All you need to do is spend a few EPs to get new Eudemons with better attributes!

2. The effects of a Necromancer equipped with Super items will change.

The ‘Curse Storm' skill effect will be improved.

The Celebrity Hall PK will add some rules for the Necromancer.

The Necromancer ‘Immunity' skill will be improved.

3. New Bear Eudemon and Dog Eudemon, will come to Eudemons Online.

Necromancer will be able to share Defense from their Necro Eudemons.

The problem of killing summoned pets and item drops will be fixed.

4. Necromancer status will remain in the previous state, once revived.

New quests will be added. The disconnection problem caused by summoning flying mount will be fixed.

Legion pets will share the damage from the owner, which will be useful in the Legion map.

The time limit of vampire skills will be extended.

For all the latest news about upcoming contests and events, check out our official site, at:
And our Facebook page, at: Please go and like the facebook page.


Eudemons Online Back to The Old Fun

Posted by Ashyy Monday February 25 2013 at 8:33PM
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About seven years ago in June, TQ opened a door to a mythical, western style, fantasy world full of fun and adventure. Now, almost years have passed, and Eudemons Online has grown up into a staple of the F2P MMO genre. But not only that, EO has proven itself to be counted among the most successful MMORPG games! With its beautiful western art styling and unique, oriental perspective bound together, EO has attracted hundreds of thousands of players from all around the world.

In all these years, EO has been through five major expansions, and plenty of updates. New features and new fun keep coming out. Do you still remember the time when you just joined this wonderful world, or the time without the Vampires and Necromancers? In this coming March, EO will bring you back to the old fun! Why not check out the fun events which were held a few years ago?

Flower Card Drop

All the monster will drop this delicate card. Collect as many as possible, and you can swap the cards for luxurious rewards!

Military Exercise

The honorable queen is going to summon all the heroes in Cronus to join the Military Exercise. It’s the perfect time to show off your strength!

The Auction

A big auction is offering you a great many good old stuffs. If you didn’t have the chance to get them, do not miss out on this perfect opportunity!

 Be sure to visit Eudemons Online official site for more detailed news, and follow EO on Facebook for some extra surprises!













Eudemons Online: Lucky Red Envelope Giveaway For China’s Spring Festival!

Posted by Ashyy Wednesday February 6 2013 at 7:14PM
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In order to celebrate the coming lunar new year and special Chinese holiday, Eudemons Online is going to be giving out lucky red envelopes to players, as is tradition for Spring Festival! With this gift, players will be able to boost their leveling speed and have more fun during their journey! What are you waiting for? To get your own red envelope, you just need to click on the button, below!

How to get your free red envelope:

  1. Click here and go to the event page.

  2. Make sure you never miss a giveaway, by following our updates on Facebook and the official site!

  3. Leave your character name and server on the Facebook event page, and choose your favorite envelope.

At last, no matter if you are a veteran or greenhorn in Eudemons Online, if you create a character in game, you’ll have a chance to win something in your precious red envelope! Come and get yours, today!

For more news, please visit the Eudemons Online official site:
Or you can visit the Eudemons Online official Facebook event page:
You can also join EO Facebook Group, talk about EO or anything you like with EO friends:






































Eudemons Online: New Quest and New Weapon Style!

Posted by Ashyy Thursday January 24 2013 at 7:28PM
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Eudemons Online, a 2.5D Action MMORPG presented by TQ Digital, released their latest expansion, Cult of Shadowed Sun, over the winter season. The Warrior, Mage, Paladin, Vampire, and now the new Necromancer, all play an important role in this mysterious and expansive fantasy world. Not only is this amazing land full of friendship, honor and loyalty, but you'll also encounter hatred, death and betrayal! Recently, a dark power has become more and more powerful, even silently stealing into the peaceful Eudemons world. As a true hero of the people, will you take on the great responsibility of protecting them from the dark empire's attacks?

Eudemons Online doesn't disappoint! With the arrival of this dark power, they will release a new Weapon Soul! When you equip one Weapon Soul, you will add a brand-new look and feel to your equipment. Now, let's check out more!

Chapter One: The Honor of being the Lord of the Dark City!

"Shadow of Dark Tide is Coming to Eudemon Online! Can you survive the force of the original dark power?"

With the armies of the deep emerging from hiding, the Dark City has grown full of evil magic. All living creatures have been affected by the dangerous creatures that appear in the dark places of the unknown. When you go to Dark City, you will feel an unstoppable power growing stronger… almost as if the breath of evil is right on your neck! Legions of evil monsters will start three waves of attack. It's your destiny to protect the city from this brazen attack on our world!

The forces of darkness aren't easy to overcome! Who will beat back the evil and rise to become the true Lord of Dark City? Once you manage to defeat the three waves of minions, it will be time to start the counterattack! Their evil magic is still strong, and they have had eons to prepare. They have already built four gates to protect the evil lord, Baron Anka. Will this destroyer of light ever be defeated? Now, brave soldiers, the time comes for us to stand and fight for the future!

Chapter Two: New Weapon Souls Discovered!

A new Weapon Soul was discovered among bodies of slain demons! When the people were out hunting for monsters, they noticed that their cursed weapons seemed to absorb the very spirit of their victims. Gradually, the demon's spirit would become more and more powerful, becoming even more fearsome to their prey. They managed to salvage a few of these demonic items, and work to harness the power for use against the twisted souls that created them. It will take great strength of mind and body to master such magic, but you'll need every tool at your disposal to become a real Lord in Eudemons Online!

For more news about Eudemons Online, be sure to visit EO's official site, at:
You can also stop by and share with us on EO's Facebook page, at:!