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AshGUTZ information:

Just another blog from another player wanting to provide information.

Author: AshGUTZ

Winterveil 2009 Walkthrough.

Posted by AshGUTZ Wednesday December 23 2009 at 2:32AM
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I have linked key terms such as NPC's, Zones, and items within the guide to wowhead for quick reference every first time they appear on the guide. I hope this helps even more!

[] First things first. Just to be safe, you want a decent sized bag empty just for Winter Veil Items. Nothing you receive while doing this walk- through needs to be thrown out. Keep everything you get!!
[] The first thing you want to do is type "/kiss" while targeting a Winter Reveler (the ones located under Mistletoe within an inn).
[] It helps to have your hearth set at Dalaran for this walk through.

[] This guide assumes you know the recipes for the Winter Veil food.

[1] You need to grab all the Winterveil (just outside the bank) quests from Org, and THEN travel to Thunderbluff to start the guide.

[2] Go to the Smokey Wood NPC's that sell snowballs and purchase:
+ 5 Snowballs (They come that way).
+ 7 Holiday Spices
+ 2 Holiday Spirits
+ 1 Sparkling Apple Cider
+ 5 Milk (These are from the inn, located just near him).
+ 6 Small Eggs (I actually farmed mine, but if you don't mind supporting economy inflators (HRMPH) then you can purchase them at the auction house).

[3] Go to Cairne and throw a snowball at the poor lad for your first Achievement "Scrooge".

Note: This chunk is for individuals that decided they rather farm the six eggs instead of purchase them from the auction house. If you have already bought yours then just skip on to step 8.

[4] Travel down into Mulgore (Slow fall, jump, ride mount, whatever it takes).
[5] Kill Swoops you will need:
+ 5 eggs.
[6] Travel back to Thunderbluff.
[7] You want to type "/kiss" while targetting a Winter Reveler (the ones located under Mistletoe within an inn) if your able to by now.
[8] I go up to the cooking area in Thunderbluff and make the following:
+ 5 Gingerbread Cookie
Recipe View:
Item View:
+ 1 Egg Nog
Recipe View:
Item View:
+ 1 Hot Apple Cider
Recipe View:
Item View:
[9] Unlock my "Winter Veil Gourmet" achievement.
[10] Fly to Tanaris and find Metzen for the quest.
[11] Either fly to Org or find another way there (I teleported of course).
[12] You want to type "/kiss" while targetting a Winter Reveler (the ones located under Mistletoe within an inn) if your able to by now.
[13] You want to turn in the quest "Treats for Great- father Winter" and the one for Metzen (keep the Preserved Preserved Holly you get). You start to recieve gifts in your mailbox once you do this, like a Graccu's Mince Meat Fruitcake you need later (which is why we are turning it in now).
[14] Go to Undercity either via: blimp or ports.
[15] If you already have a mistletoe from randomly /kiss Winter Reveler's this whole time use it on Brother Malach in the Undercity. He is located in the War Quarter by those huge ghaslty guys, you know who I'm talking about!
[16] Find your way to the Undercity flight master and head over to Tarren Mill.
[17] Head into Alterac and visit the Strange Snowman for a quest to kill an Abominable Greench. They're amongst all the other yeti's (turn around from where you got the quest, literally) and they much darker gray rather than white like the other ones.
[18] Turn in quest.
[19] Go to Org and turn it in immediately to start recieving items like the Winter Veil Disguise Kit in your mail which you need for another achievement called "A Frosty Shake".
[20] Get to Dalaran and somehow find your way to the inn to set it as your home for this journey (Ports everywhere)!
[21] You should have Holly left from turning in the Metzen quest, I told you to keep it. If you for some reason sold it, you can also randomly get it from the /kiss Winter Reveler so you may have some from that. Hrmph!

[22] Take the portal to Shattrath.
[23] Fly to Blade's Edge Mountain.
[24] You want to do that daily quest for the Skyguard, I just remember having to do that whole thing because I hadn't done it previously. It's a long chain of quests involving heads and what not, well you need to do the "again.." version of it. You want to do the quest labeled "Bomb Them Again" from Sky Sergeant Vanderlip.
[25] Apparently you don't have to do the WHOLE thing with your mount as a Reindeer, you can just remember to switch it in BEFORE you turn it in I just stayed a Reindeer the whole time.
[26] Get your achievement for "Fa- la- la- la- Ogr'la".
[27] Hearth to Dalaran if you can, (if your cooldown is not up yet just grab a Port).
[28] You want to type "/kiss" while targetting a Winter Reveler (the ones located under Mistletoe within an inn) if your able to by now. 
[30] If you do not have your Winter Hat already (like I did not) then you want to kill the first boss in Nexus. If you DO have your hat then skip the following chunk.


Note: This chunk is only for individuals who do not already have their Santa hat. If you already have your hat then continue from step 33.

[31] It took me (L80UDM) with a L80OSH and L80TAURSHAM to kill Grand Magus Telestra , it's the first boss in the whole instance. (You can also attain this hat from Occulus and Old Kingdom, I just think it's easiest to run Nexus).
[32] Return to Dalaran once you have your own hat. (Be cool, stick around if you guys have to run it multiple times for everyone that needs one.)

[33] You want to type "/kiss" while targetting a Winter Reveler (the ones located under Mistletoe within an inn) if you're able to by now.
[34] Watch for your mail icon so you can get your cake, by the time I got back to town (because I had to do the Skyguard line completely, I never did before) mine was already waiting for me in my mailbox. You can have your clothes made or just buy them from the auction house from Org since we are headed there anyways.
[35] Head to Orgrimmar.
[36] Get your achieve for eating that awfully named cake while wearing the three Santa clothing pieces called 'Tis the Season (if you don't already have the outfit then just buy it now).
[37] Turn in your Smokywood quest to the goblin under the tent.
[38] He gives you a quest sending you to Great- father Winter, turn it in and unlock your Simply Abominable achievement.
[39] Now starts the fun part for people with no PvP gear like me, farming fifty honor kills as a Santa's helper.
[40] Head to outside of Org, where there is a machine that will transform you.
[42] What I did from here on is I que'd for AB (It was AB Holiday) over and over right by the transformer so that when I requed for AB I would always start out as one of the Helper's. After a few frustrating games and some Wintergrasp I unlocked the achievement "With A Little Helper from My Friends". While I was doing this I would make sure to type /kiss at the Winter Reveler just inside Org, I'd do it between ques. Or maybe you are BOSS and you unlocked "With a Little Helper from My Friends" in one game.
[43] Grab a blimp to Undercity (or pay for a Port).
[44] Either way, you want to type "/kiss" while targetting a Winter Reveler (the ones located under Mistletoe within an inn) if your able to. You should have your Mistletoe by now, even with my awful luck I got it.
[45] Now go to Undercity to use your mistletoe on Brother Malach in the War Quarter, he is by those big sludgey mucus monsters.
[46] Hearth or buy a port to Dalaran.
[47] Travel to Icecrown to use the mistletoe on Brother Keltan, he is in the blimp that is constantly going around Icecrown (not the one with the eagle on the front..) He patrols from the top to bottom decks.
[48] Stop by the stable guy in Honor's Hold to use the mistletoe on Durkot Wolfbrother if you have it.
[49] Get your "Bro's Before Ho Ho Ho's" achievement.
[50] Hearth to Dalaran after checking you have "Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho's" achievement unlocked, if you do not then do steps 45-50 again.
[51] While I was walking around Dalaran I noticed my mailbox had something in it and it was the suit for another achievement.
[52] Morph into your snowman (it requires the suit and a snowball, I told you to buy about five at the very start of this guide) by the bank or something that people are found around a lot. All I had to do was ask in trade chat if someone wanted to "trade achievements for the snowman disguise /dance in Dalaran?" Three people showed up.
[53] Get your "A Frosty Shake" Achievement.
[54] The last thing I had left was using 10 handfulls of snowflakes on people of certain race/class combinations. I just left my character in Dalaran and logged on her every hour to do the /kiss function for a chance of snowflakes then found whom I needed within the city.
[55] It took me one pass in Dalaran to get all ten done on my first attempt so I unlocked my "Let It Snow Achievement".

"He Knows If You've Been Naughty" is not unlockable until the 25 of Decemeber 2009.

"Crashin' & Trashin" and "BB King" are rumored to be locked until December 25, 2009 as well. I really have no idea.

The only achievements I have left to do now all require it be the 25th, I think? Correct me if I am wrong.


Last note: I will be editing and tweaking this walk through with better links to locations of NPC's and such, just wanted to get it all loaded up with the images at least.