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Just another blog from another player wanting to provide information.

Author: AshGUTZ

Allods Online Review

Posted by AshGUTZ Wednesday July 7 2010 at 9:31AM
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Warning: When I write I rant.

Writer's Note

I've been searching for a game to call my "current game" for years now, we all started some where and for me it was FF11. I've come a long way since then, now when I start new games or search for them I'm not as over burdened it seems a lot more realistic to say you've played them all after so long.

Before I even go into the individual aspects of games Allods let me point out a few key things to keep in mind if you decide to download and play the game.
Every game that comes out now-a-days is automatically placed in one of two categories: WoW Clone, or crappy MMORPG.  There are genres that get excluded from being placed in these categories like Starcraft, but I can tell you right now Allods falls into the simple flat out MMORPG genre.
There are plenty of us who have had to automatically uninstall a number of F2P (Free to Play, meaning the game is free but the company does charge for some sort of service within the game to keep the game going because THAT'S WHAT COMPANIES DO THEY MAKE MONEY AND OFFER A PRODUCT OR SERVICE). The fact half of them are beautiful hot big booby chicks with butt length hair and some sort of animal ears would be an awful way to judge a F2P MMORPG because all of them offer that. You have to kill the same enemies which are generally the same graphic copy and pasted (color adjusted to keep you interested I suppose) spamming the same Number 1 Key Bound ability you started with until you are Level whateverthehelltheymakeit to get your talent points (be there a talent build option at all) that you get pissed off at because they are horribly translated so you accidentally put points in something that wasn't what you assumed it was from the four out of twenty words that are translated. Then the publishers charge you cash shop items to reset them (which is cool and all but you wouldn't NEED them if translators didn't suck) and it isn't even their fault because the Publishers don't handle stuff like in game translations. For those of us who fall into this category that continue their search, I'd like to tell you Allods is easily the closest I've come to that game I imagine being that "perfect" game but I doubt it will be Allods. I couldn't imagine my perfect game being a F2P game from Gpotato (no offense guys, I've played every game you've offered for years but your customer service is not good).
Allods is a World of Warcraft clone, but I don't see why any right minded F2P publishers wouldn't want to get their hands on a game that is capable of appealing to MMORPG players that are burnt out on big brand games like WoW and FF11.
Generally F2P publishers make more money than companies like Blizzard (I apologize for all the comparisons to Blizzard & WoW but that game has been my "current game" for over six years so I apologize if for the longest time it WAS the game on the highest pedestal for me). I know a lot of you out there that hate on it now feel the same way so just hush up. If you DON'T feel that way you probably played until Level 5 and quit because the quest just before getting to Sen'Jin Village was too hard for you. YEEEEA WHAT 4'9 of pure nerd rage coming at ya', not but really WoW sucks now it's impossible for me to play it just doesn't get my pants tight anymore. 
The MMORPG market consists of such a large age group that most reviews you see on games are either 50/50, half of them like it and half of them don't. The game is either too hard because PvP is allowed everywhere or the game is too easy because people are wiping through content something or other-- just shut up, stop complaining about absolutely nothing all the time. You are here to play the game and appreciate it for what it is, if you don't like it then simply uninstall the game because there are so many companies out there willing to cater to your desires. If you go on and on without finding something then WELCOME TO THE GAMER WORLD where we always look for the next big thing, that's what we are all here it is the search that keeps us going and that's literally the game we're all playing.
Thanks to the genre of MMORPG I like which is generally hot chicks and badass buff monster races with huge armor the majority of the market I game with is children or those few pick and choose young adults like myself. My last few games were World of Warcraft, Fallout, and so many Asian translated games I'd be here for days trying to name them all. I had finally lost hope and began paying for a subscription on my World of Warcraft account, yea ICC is fun and all but WoW lacks the depth it once had for me and I became a walking Thottbot which was my fault in the end. I was ready to find a new game that had everything WoW had if not be more inspired for it, there for I will gladly admit I have been on the search for a WoW clone.
I cannot tell you if Allods is the WoW Clone I've been looking for, I want the aspects of PvP when it first arrived in WoW to be taken into consideration.. meaning a ranking system of some sort. I want Homes that are customizable like in FF11 where your decorations actually affect your character. I want epic boss fights like WoW but with the difficulty of locating them within a static open world map in FF11 so that you want to group up and help each other because it's for everyone's benefit, but some how having a system for loot where if you DID have a ninja it was avoidable (such as the loot system from WoW).
I basically want a salad of past MMORPG's, and I have no problem admitting I even want features from free MMORPGs you as a reader might immediately object to trying because of the aesthetic appeal. The mini game system in Free Realms, which is a game for little kids, has me at the edge of my seat always and forever because it's something casual I dish out five bucks for and I unlock everything I'd want to do which has great technical support, updated content, and wonderful customer service (not to mention English speaking customer assistants).
All of that rant being said, lets move on to the review for Allods within Levels 1-10. I feel safe writing a review on this game in such early levels because the game is in Beta so the amount of bugs are only going to get better from here, or I could hope. I may write a second review catering to my experience in the end of the game, but for now I will exclude this section from my review. I can only assume it's got technical issues out the wazoo and it would probably only deter my respect for the game as a whole.
Another common debate is over cash shop items in game.
I don't know how many people have educated themselves on general business management but it doesn't take much research to learn time means money. I personally have a career within the art field so I know that when we as gamers look at the graphics of games we spend a lot of time playing we start to lose interest in them, which is not our faults but I almost feel guilty because I know the time and effort the developers of the game go through to create and attempt debugging these whole worlds that would not exist had it not been for them coming together as a group of artists with the determination to create something out of nothing. I want to take one sentence out of this whole rant of a review to say, HELLO GAME DEVELOPERS AND ARTISTS - WE LOVE YOU AND IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT CRAPPY PUBLISHERS MAKE YOUR GAMES LOOK BAD.
One more thing to remember before you log into the world of Allods, every game you ever play wether it requires you to pay or not will have gold spammers. Gold Spammers for those of you who don't know are people more commonly found located in places like China (sorry guys, you did it to yourselves) that make characters with names like "jidjsidjiajijijijijijiji" and then park themselves in a majority city/zone where there is a chat available to a majority of players and they use whatever it is they use to spam the chats with mumbo jumbo like "hey welcum 2 plz remembr u this wek only is 500insertcurrencyhere for onli reallycheapuscurrenytotalhere!!!!! plz visit" Now, I'm going to tell you right now I have played SOOOOO many games where Ignore was not even an available function, according to many players I've met in Allods there is a bug (before July 7th patch) where if you add someone to your ignore list and they are banned/deleted your list will bug both your ignore AND friends list. I just ignore whatever gold spammer is hosting the party at the moment and then when I log out I remember to clear my whole list before I log out that way nothing fishy happens while I'm gone. Once again, a list within a list within a list these are some things to remember:
Block a gold  spammer, hit "G" (by default) to enter your social list. Click the "ignore" tab on the bottom of the window and a new window asking for the name pops up, left click the gold spammers name (I'm sure it will be in your chat.. those guys are ridiculous) this enters whispering to them then left click their name in chat one more time and it automatically generates it in your text box then higlight, ctrl+c then left click in the "Add" box and ctrl+v.
To clear your ignore list (prevention of ignore/friends list) simply hit "G" for the social tab, hit your ignore list, right click the name of chosen poop head and remove from list. Ta-da! Worth the efforts, I promise you.. if you don't do this and you have a bugged list who knows when they will patch it and you don't WANT TO GO DOWN LIKE DAT.
The first zone chat you enter has levels 1-10 and sometimes 11 in it so it's like the Barrens of Allods (for those who speak WoW, for those who do not just imagine a crap ton of people in too small of an area for too long). You will see many Chuck Norris jokes, discussions about Megan Fox, and people asking for silver or runs through XAES (which you may also want to know is the first dungeon in Allods generally you want to be level 9-10 in there but if you have someone run you of course it doesn't matter. Be careful in XAES the mobs link and aggro from far distances.
Graphics & Interface
Allods is a combination of Steampunk and Fantasy. If you could picture a sewer with your character sporting some gear decorated Leather Armor, you having a robot pet.. that's all in Allods. The best races are of course the "evil" races because you have better chances of meeting chill people amongst the characters that aren't based off arrow shooting elves from the deepest depths of your local fairy infested forest.
Allods has a nice auto command system when you are typing in back slash commands which helped me quickly catch onto the fact that as a guild leader you have to use the /ginvite charactername command to put people in your guild and a lot of the party commands are done in the same manner, experiment with hitting enter to go into chat and then inserting a "/letter" to see the different combinations. If you played WoW you will have no issues with guessing the commands because this is in fact a WoW clone but F2P, sorry to break it to anyone wanting to deny it.
Here's a quick list of things about the Interface of the game that caught my attention:
-There is no minimap, it's simply a compass.
-The world map by press "M" is how you'd mainly work your way around zones for questing.
-Notice, when you are near a group of NPC's (especially one with an icon like a quest giver or a Light vendor) if you click "M" for your world map there are tiny icons that appear around you AS a minimap would so use that as you will. Apparently there is an add on, I'm not really at the point of playing Allods where I'd go out of my trouble to do that because I'm one of those people that constantly checks her world map wether there is a minimap or not.
-The world map does have markers on it for quest locations and completed quest turn in.
-Starting a PARTY is interesting because you aren't even given feed back as to when you invite someone (which the command for it is /pinvite namehere).
-Sometimes party member markers get left on my map even after I've left their part.
-There is no "new mail" notification so check the Postal Worker often.
My small group of pals migrated to Allods with me and quickly pointed out the graphics in Allods are "better" than World of Warcraft and other leading games, except so was "Aion". Allods is the second MMORPG I've played that caters to the Steampunk art style. My biggest complaint about World of Warcraft was that everything in it looked like a Tonka toy.
Everything in Allods is very beautiful, very dirty beautiful.. because it's Steampunk. Some of us have an appreciate for it, some of us don't.. I'm very used to graphics like the ones in Allods, and I'm still impressed considering the game doesn't have immense graphics and then lack every other feature like a lot of free MMORPGs do.
Grade: B
Sounds, Technical Issues, and Bugs
When it comes to the sound in the game, the music is pretty epic and half the time I was in cities my boyfriend would look over and ask me if I was playing WoW again. I personally play with the music off and then sound effects on most games but the sound effects in this game aren't worth adjusting the volume controls for, if I'm going to play with the sound you bet your bottom the music is what it would be for.
There are a number of minor technical issues, this game was developed in Russia so when even the tiniest thing is wrong Gpotato (the Publisher) has to contact who ever is currently keeping the game in development for new content or patching pre-existing content and THEN they fix it and send it back in route to Gpotato THEN Gpotato has to get off their rear and take the necessary steps to put those patches live for game play. I don't want to get into details with all the technical issues of the game because what you consider "technical" may differ what I consider technical but I will say you really want to make sure you read your abilities correctly and research everything you do to your character before you do it. Resetting stat points and all that is always a hassle in free games and half the time it's better to make a whole new character. By the time you are Level 4, if you feel like playing a different class at all JUST FREAKING DO IT and don't regret it way later when you have a level 4x that you just can't stand because you were rethinking playing it from the start. I consider this to go under Technical Issues because the cash shop is not open yet (which is how you reset stats) so that means right now there is literally no way to reset points that I'm aware of.
There will be a patch released tomorrow so I don't want to cover many of the bugs but please keep in the mind the following:
-I didn't get far as a League but as an Imperial there are a lot of buggy zones where your character falls through and gets stuck in terrain. I've met unfortunates stuck in the floors in epic dungeon areas, and you can't do anything because there really isn't an unstuck button.. I usually suggested "Teleport to your bind" and would walk away because everything after that was a waste of time. There is no way to "Page a GM" sorry kiddies Blizzard spoiled us. You could try the forums, old school.
-I haven't experienced the "list" bug but when you see gold farmers of course you want to ignore them (at least I do) and apparently if that person is deleted or banned while you have them on ignore it will bug both your friends and ignore list rendering you incapable of adding or removing from either. I just remember to right click and remove all of my "ignored" users at the end of my gaming session.
-When you do quests you are given markers for where they need to be turned in, where they suggest being done, and where to return them. Just because you get markers does not mean you should just auto accept every quest you should really read the requirements and the last few sentences of the quest just to get an idea for what you should be doing. There are lots of NPC's with quests for cash shop items and things of that nature, and when you have quests to speak with NPC's they don't place those markers on the map so you need to know who you are looking for.
-You cannot have more than one trade skill before Level 10, I don't know why they give you all of these quests to read the books for the trade skill NPCs because you can only choose to do and turn in one. At Level 10 (I think) you have to pay 475G to buy this voucher from an NPC in the first tower you learn a second trade skill (which is the max).
-When you make auctions and they immediately dissapear from your "My Auctions" tab is it NOT a bug, your money will arrive in your mail in ~1Hour.
Grade: C-
The community in Allods like all games is a win or lose situation.
Usually when the chat box is bumping it was a gold spammer that started up, someone asks how to ignore and then some one helps and everyone loves each other yay fun conversation ending in cake and pie.
So far I've had no issues finding groups for any of the quests needing them, and the one time I constructed my own I was able to band together 12 randoms and some guy in the group killed the NPC we needed causing all of us to earn a complete quest. Good times.
It's too early in levels for me to tell which players are well established or if it's even worth continueing playing the game based purely off the community which is why we're taking a look at everything individually.
Grade: B
Role Playing
This section will be excluded from this particular review since this game is not as supported by lore as games like Age of Conan were and I have seen no sign of RP anywhere.
Grade: F
Economy and Guilds
The thing about early stage games like this is the economy and guilds are so unstable.
I immediately become a disassembler with my trade skill option, and I sell all the scraps on the auction house for those people taking up tailoring or leather working.  I don't know what an immense amount of money in the game is but mounts will cost real cash so don't worry about making and spending some dough on yourself.
I don't usually join guilds but I decided to in Allods for a change of pace. The guild list and guild information tab are under your social panel (G). In order to add/remove/promote you right click their name in the guild list. You cannot disband your gulid if you are the leader, and to invite people type "/ginvite name". The Guild Information speaks for itself, it is the information for the guild. There isn't any support like wars between guilds or anything, they're for the general purpose of staying in contact with close friends.
Grade: C
PvE PvP Combat
The PvE combat in the game is mediocre, yet exceeds other free MMORPGs by a long shot. Finally a free MMORPG where you don't have to be standing completely still to do your skills. After playing WoW it was a sad realization that not all games supported the concept of being able to escape while casting debuffing spells on your enemy targets (which makes PvP LAME).
Allods does support PvP but that wasn't my concern, my concern was PvP being supported but it being coded so poorly that you just wish it wasn't a feature. At my level most of the time PvP for me goes something like "soandso casts thismuch damage on you. soandso kills you" but I tell you I ran my tuckus off before they finished me off!
I'm excited for higher levels in Allods because the PvP can be midly anticapted at least, which wasn't what I could say for games like Shaiya.
Grade: B
Class Balance and Skills
So, I play an Orc Warden on Allods which is basically a Shaman. Every single time a debate about Warden comes into Zone Chat I end up spealing my same argument, but I don't want to get deep into why you shouldn't hate what others consider the crappy classes of the game because that's a whole other blog.
When you choose a class in a game (especially when it's your first character) you should go off of reading the class description and decided within YOUR head if it sounds fun. You shouldn't go to the forums and research which class is most OP or which class is the least played. You should seriously just play the class and race combo that keeps you interested, because then once you get through the game the first time you can make any mistakes and errors on that character and you can always say that, because in the end at least you ENJOYED the character for what it was. Then in the end once you hit level cap or you just decide you have enough knowledge to make a new character that you can keep well rounded, THEN you should do research find out which ones are the best armor and damage abilities catering to what you want.
I remember when I played a Dark Templar in Age of Conan when it first came out, and how often people would literally whisper me saying "wow wut a gay clas u sholud play anyfin els". I ended up hitting level cap on that Dark Templar, and I guaranatee I enjoyed my class just as much as the next guy. Another awesome tidbit was because of the fact I was the only person who was actually "dumb" enough to level a DT to 80 so when I did start my guild everyone knew exactly who "the one DT" was.
I haven't had any issues with the skills in the game only because I did do some talent build research after I was set on staying as a Warden. It always helps to look into what others' have gathered about the abilities because even after reading up on them you end up getting the skill and learning something unfortunate about it. Like, when I hit Level 11 on my Warden I immediately got my skill to make potions but not only did it require a quest for the regeants the first time, I can't even cast it on myself. So when it comes to translated foreign games, you really want to read through the tool tips for abilities to save yourself a head pain.
Grade: B
Questing and Leveling
I was so excited when I hit Level 10 and realized I still had not run out of quests. Ever since Everquest I cannot playing games where I am unable to hit level cap from start purely on quests. The quests are decently organized, you can hold an amount I can't complain about. The markers on the maps for quests keep me on my toes, it's not often I run into issues with finding quest items. When I do run into a problem finding something or someone I just ask in Zone and an answer that made me go "OH DUH" was normally given within a few minutes.
So far Levels 1-11 haven't been that bad, I will admit it goes slower than some other games but the Level cap is also only L40 right now (being raised to L42 on 6/7/2010). I haven't had to grind, which keeps the grade for this section tip top.
NEW!! There is something in the world of Allods I have yet to see in other games, though you could consider it a variation on the rested system in WoW and EQ. In Allods instead of getting incentive for not playing the game, you actually get fatigue from questing and grinding. This fatigue will allocate and you can talk to the NPCs called "Goblin Innkeeper" and if you tell them you want to rest then that bar of Fatigue on top of your normal exp bar is filled in with exp points for a very small price of coin. You want to use your fatigue in the game, because you will notice the pain if you don't.
*Don't forget you have the ability to bind to locations in Allods. In your character panel you have an "Adventurer's Stone" that will send you to your bind as a self cast teleport as well.*
Grade: B
Dungeons and Raids
The dungeons in the game actually offer your incentive for going, except if you run them with an actual group there is no bonus for experience or anything. I don't know what the higher level people get offered for running groups through yet, but I know it's worth going through even for those people out there that prefer grinding in open world. You get decent gear, good silver, and a nice exp boost.
There are bosses with drops in the dungeons, for those wondering.
You are capable of putting together raids, and when I was in a raid I was still able to complete quests. There was a guy leading a raid through a dungeon and I was lagging behind them a bit yet still able to get drops? I haven't looked deep into the raids system yet, I'm not often in them.
Grade: C
Customer Service
 I was lucky I could guess my account password when I forgot it some time ago because they still have yet to even send me anything other than an auto reply to let me know they got my message.
I wouldn't want to use my credit card with Gpotato, just like I never would with the people that ran AoC and removed the ability to cancel your sub on the account page. All I'm saying is, when you play free games you deal with free game people, that means a majority of the players being children or really stupid adults and the customer service having closer to no priority because they rather process cash shop sales for bunny ears and pink tutus.
Grade: F
Overall Impression
Overall, Allods has kept me in for a couple week now. I find myself enjoying the time I get to play but still capable of walking away for my in person responsibilities because I'm not consumed by it like I was with other games. Then again, I'm not consumed by content because it's not possible to be since the content does not exist (You know, like those awesome raid bosses from previous games). The game is keeping me in for now, but once I get to the end of the race and I'm wondering what to do next then I'll be able to write a second review.
Grade: B

Red Dead Redemption: Bollard Twin Outfit Guide

Posted by AshGUTZ Tuesday May 18 2010 at 9:32PM
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It's been a long while since I've been able to attend a pre-order and midnight release event at the local game shop. Somehow I found myself there early this morning (or late last night, you call it) eagerly waiting to get this game in my hands, what I had been told was like the "GTA of Tombstone".

Most of you would know for pre-ordering with certain stores you were given an outfit you could unlock, some "Assassins Outfit". Welllllllllll, lets just say that I was unable to use the code that came with my copy, so I was forced to give in and have a full night of play with a new game file that I knew wouldn't ever get that outfit.. sad.

So, I'm in the first day of playing this here game and since I am a huge vanity fanatic I quickly jumped into any missions and quests that involved unlocking an outfit. A few hours into my play time I've come here to post a small hint blog post just because people like me that google every question they think of immediately to avoid having to use brain power may just appreciate it.


When you are unlocking an outfit you must achieve the "scraps" to put the whole outfit together. Here is what we're looking at for the Bollard Twins Outfit. This is just going to be a very quick check list with highlighted points I found myself taking second guesses on.

Scrap 1: Search Thieve's Landing

(Thieves landing is located in the North East corner of New Austin. Follow the DARK BOLD MAIN ROAD alllll the way East, and then it will curve more towards the North.. just keep going.

I don't know if there are multiple places you must "inspect", but I particularly remember dieing and being really flustered so I wandered around town opening drawers. I opened one drawer in what was I suppose a house with a female in it, opened the drawer on the bottom floor and there was about 3 bucks. Then I went to the large building just to the west of the "T" in "Thieve's Guild on the map (no, really). Came in the the that is on the WATER side of the building, you go up the stairs and THEN through the door and to the right of you is a chest. Once I opened that exact chest this scrap was recieved. Maybe it's the fact that it's the ship yard and all the sketchy workers at the dock, maybe it says it in the story line I really don't know I just know somewhere in this general region you should get this scrap.

Scrap 2: Complete a Nightwatch job in MacFarlane's Ranch

Obviously just have to be in the town you started in and complete a Nightwatch job, If I remember correctly that's where you escort the dog around. They're super easy.

Scrap 3: Win at Horseshoes in MacFarlane's Ranch

The horseshoe game is marked on your map and for someone like me.. just be ready for a lot of smoke breaks and cussing because it took me the longest time for the "DUH" to snap in my brain and realize the technique needed for this. You always want to aim after you throw a shot, and aim slightly to the right because the character favors the left.

Scrap 4: Claim a Bollard Twins Gang bounty alive

I'm pretty sure you have to purchase a newspaper for $1.00 before you unlock the icons that show where wanted posters are, once you do this you can accept any of the wanted posters for the Bollard Twins Gang in the starting town.

You have to do this after completing one of the Horse catching quests with that one chick, the main one with the blonde hair you know who I am talking about so yes.. that chick. Anyways, you get the lasso that is required to catch people without having to kill them.

Scrap 5: Defend residents of Hennigan's Stead from the Bollard Twins Gang

I did this by accident, but it's pretty straight forward.

Scrap 6: Purchase at the tailor in Thieve's Landing

Costs $100.00

Just purchase this scrap from the Tailor in Thieve's Landing. He is located at the very North tip of Thieve's landing, if you notice it's kind of shaped like a noose and the Tailor is on the East (right) side of the noose. (You can also purchase Scrap 6 for the Walon's Gang Outfit for $100.00 OR the Elegant Suit for $70.00 which allows you special options in Poker games).


So yea sorry this is very quickly written up, I just wanted to log it all before I even forgot. I'm literally staring at my character's location on the map blinking just begging me to keep playing so I'm off. Thanks all for viewing.

Winterveil 2009 Walkthrough.

Posted by AshGUTZ Wednesday December 23 2009 at 2:32AM
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I have linked key terms such as NPC's, Zones, and items within the guide to wowhead for quick reference every first time they appear on the guide. I hope this helps even more!

[] First things first. Just to be safe, you want a decent sized bag empty just for Winter Veil Items. Nothing you receive while doing this walk- through needs to be thrown out. Keep everything you get!!
[] The first thing you want to do is type "/kiss" while targeting a Winter Reveler (the ones located under Mistletoe within an inn).
[] It helps to have your hearth set at Dalaran for this walk through.

[] This guide assumes you know the recipes for the Winter Veil food.

[1] You need to grab all the Winterveil (just outside the bank) quests from Org, and THEN travel to Thunderbluff to start the guide.

[2] Go to the Smokey Wood NPC's that sell snowballs and purchase:
+ 5 Snowballs (They come that way).
+ 7 Holiday Spices
+ 2 Holiday Spirits
+ 1 Sparkling Apple Cider
+ 5 Milk (These are from the inn, located just near him).
+ 6 Small Eggs (I actually farmed mine, but if you don't mind supporting economy inflators (HRMPH) then you can purchase them at the auction house).

[3] Go to Cairne and throw a snowball at the poor lad for your first Achievement "Scrooge".

Note: This chunk is for individuals that decided they rather farm the six eggs instead of purchase them from the auction house. If you have already bought yours then just skip on to step 8.

[4] Travel down into Mulgore (Slow fall, jump, ride mount, whatever it takes).
[5] Kill Swoops you will need:
+ 5 eggs.
[6] Travel back to Thunderbluff.
[7] You want to type "/kiss" while targetting a Winter Reveler (the ones located under Mistletoe within an inn) if your able to by now.
[8] I go up to the cooking area in Thunderbluff and make the following:
+ 5 Gingerbread Cookie
Recipe View:
Item View:
+ 1 Egg Nog
Recipe View:
Item View:
+ 1 Hot Apple Cider
Recipe View:
Item View:
[9] Unlock my "Winter Veil Gourmet" achievement.
[10] Fly to Tanaris and find Metzen for the quest.
[11] Either fly to Org or find another way there (I teleported of course).
[12] You want to type "/kiss" while targetting a Winter Reveler (the ones located under Mistletoe within an inn) if your able to by now.
[13] You want to turn in the quest "Treats for Great- father Winter" and the one for Metzen (keep the Preserved Preserved Holly you get). You start to recieve gifts in your mailbox once you do this, like a Graccu's Mince Meat Fruitcake you need later (which is why we are turning it in now).
[14] Go to Undercity either via: blimp or ports.
[15] If you already have a mistletoe from randomly /kiss Winter Reveler's this whole time use it on Brother Malach in the Undercity. He is located in the War Quarter by those huge ghaslty guys, you know who I'm talking about!
[16] Find your way to the Undercity flight master and head over to Tarren Mill.
[17] Head into Alterac and visit the Strange Snowman for a quest to kill an Abominable Greench. They're amongst all the other yeti's (turn around from where you got the quest, literally) and they much darker gray rather than white like the other ones.
[18] Turn in quest.
[19] Go to Org and turn it in immediately to start recieving items like the Winter Veil Disguise Kit in your mail which you need for another achievement called "A Frosty Shake".
[20] Get to Dalaran and somehow find your way to the inn to set it as your home for this journey (Ports everywhere)!
[21] You should have Holly left from turning in the Metzen quest, I told you to keep it. If you for some reason sold it, you can also randomly get it from the /kiss Winter Reveler so you may have some from that. Hrmph!

[22] Take the portal to Shattrath.
[23] Fly to Blade's Edge Mountain.
[24] You want to do that daily quest for the Skyguard, I just remember having to do that whole thing because I hadn't done it previously. It's a long chain of quests involving heads and what not, well you need to do the "again.." version of it. You want to do the quest labeled "Bomb Them Again" from Sky Sergeant Vanderlip.
[25] Apparently you don't have to do the WHOLE thing with your mount as a Reindeer, you can just remember to switch it in BEFORE you turn it in I just stayed a Reindeer the whole time.
[26] Get your achievement for "Fa- la- la- la- Ogr'la".
[27] Hearth to Dalaran if you can, (if your cooldown is not up yet just grab a Port).
[28] You want to type "/kiss" while targetting a Winter Reveler (the ones located under Mistletoe within an inn) if your able to by now. 
[30] If you do not have your Winter Hat already (like I did not) then you want to kill the first boss in Nexus. If you DO have your hat then skip the following chunk.


Note: This chunk is only for individuals who do not already have their Santa hat. If you already have your hat then continue from step 33.

[31] It took me (L80UDM) with a L80OSH and L80TAURSHAM to kill Grand Magus Telestra , it's the first boss in the whole instance. (You can also attain this hat from Occulus and Old Kingdom, I just think it's easiest to run Nexus).
[32] Return to Dalaran once you have your own hat. (Be cool, stick around if you guys have to run it multiple times for everyone that needs one.)

[33] You want to type "/kiss" while targetting a Winter Reveler (the ones located under Mistletoe within an inn) if you're able to by now.
[34] Watch for your mail icon so you can get your cake, by the time I got back to town (because I had to do the Skyguard line completely, I never did before) mine was already waiting for me in my mailbox. You can have your clothes made or just buy them from the auction house from Org since we are headed there anyways.
[35] Head to Orgrimmar.
[36] Get your achieve for eating that awfully named cake while wearing the three Santa clothing pieces called 'Tis the Season (if you don't already have the outfit then just buy it now).
[37] Turn in your Smokywood quest to the goblin under the tent.
[38] He gives you a quest sending you to Great- father Winter, turn it in and unlock your Simply Abominable achievement.
[39] Now starts the fun part for people with no PvP gear like me, farming fifty honor kills as a Santa's helper.
[40] Head to outside of Org, where there is a machine that will transform you.
[42] What I did from here on is I que'd for AB (It was AB Holiday) over and over right by the transformer so that when I requed for AB I would always start out as one of the Helper's. After a few frustrating games and some Wintergrasp I unlocked the achievement "With A Little Helper from My Friends". While I was doing this I would make sure to type /kiss at the Winter Reveler just inside Org, I'd do it between ques. Or maybe you are BOSS and you unlocked "With a Little Helper from My Friends" in one game.
[43] Grab a blimp to Undercity (or pay for a Port).
[44] Either way, you want to type "/kiss" while targetting a Winter Reveler (the ones located under Mistletoe within an inn) if your able to. You should have your Mistletoe by now, even with my awful luck I got it.
[45] Now go to Undercity to use your mistletoe on Brother Malach in the War Quarter, he is by those big sludgey mucus monsters.
[46] Hearth or buy a port to Dalaran.
[47] Travel to Icecrown to use the mistletoe on Brother Keltan, he is in the blimp that is constantly going around Icecrown (not the one with the eagle on the front..) He patrols from the top to bottom decks.
[48] Stop by the stable guy in Honor's Hold to use the mistletoe on Durkot Wolfbrother if you have it.
[49] Get your "Bro's Before Ho Ho Ho's" achievement.
[50] Hearth to Dalaran after checking you have "Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho's" achievement unlocked, if you do not then do steps 45-50 again.
[51] While I was walking around Dalaran I noticed my mailbox had something in it and it was the suit for another achievement.
[52] Morph into your snowman (it requires the suit and a snowball, I told you to buy about five at the very start of this guide) by the bank or something that people are found around a lot. All I had to do was ask in trade chat if someone wanted to "trade achievements for the snowman disguise /dance in Dalaran?" Three people showed up.
[53] Get your "A Frosty Shake" Achievement.
[54] The last thing I had left was using 10 handfulls of snowflakes on people of certain race/class combinations. I just left my character in Dalaran and logged on her every hour to do the /kiss function for a chance of snowflakes then found whom I needed within the city.
[55] It took me one pass in Dalaran to get all ten done on my first attempt so I unlocked my "Let It Snow Achievement".

"He Knows If You've Been Naughty" is not unlockable until the 25 of Decemeber 2009.

"Crashin' & Trashin" and "BB King" are rumored to be locked until December 25, 2009 as well. I really have no idea.

The only achievements I have left to do now all require it be the 25th, I think? Correct me if I am wrong.


Last note: I will be editing and tweaking this walk through with better links to locations of NPC's and such, just wanted to get it all loaded up with the images at least.

Age of Conan - My [L1-L80] Review.

Posted by AshGUTZ Saturday June 21 2008 at 8:10PM
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 Let me start by saying, this is a review based on my opinions.
That being said, hello everyone. I'll be your reviewer for the day.
[Lets Start]
As I finally ran the application for Age of Conan after a few hours of installation, I was prompted with a visually appealing patcher. Finally when the game was all patched up and ready to go, I entered into the Age of Conan.
When you come to the character creation, you are on board the slave boat that has taken you captive. Surrounded with other slaves, you choose your sex which then leads to your race, your class, and then your finer details.
After spending a good ten minutes deciding what I wanted to be, and how I wanted to look, I entered the island of Tortage. Immediately I was sucked into a "cut scene" which would help me through story line, I could assume. Once the cut scene ended, I went into yet another cut scene with an NPC whom discovered me washed ashore in my.. silken bathing suit? Anyways, the graphics on the island are immediately a stunner. I was surrounded by a lush jungle, crystal clear water, and a woman that is.. wait a second, that woman is chained up in a rather appealing outfit. I think i'll go talk to her.
Your first quest is for a woman that has also been captured, but for a different type of "slavery". She sends you to find the key to release her, you kill bad guy, he drops key, you free wench, yay she loves you. Ok, you get it.
While doing this quest and getting through the jungle, the new "combat system" is introduced to you. No longer do you have to sit there and spam the same attack... or do you? Let me just say, I love the idea of a new combat system. There are issues with it, however.. and you can see my "PvE and PvP Combat" section on the subject at the bottomISH of this post.
I'm just going to speed forward through all this a few levels. After you enter the city of Tortage, and once you hit Level 5, you can begin your "Destiny Quest" line. These quests are an addition some would argue as being "new", I have seen this type of thing before and cannot claim the same thing. The idea was well worth it though, and you will hear no complaints from me. The greatest thing about the Destiny Quest line is that you can literally get "stuck" doing them because you get so into the story line. You'll be 13 before you even leave your first chunk of quests' (if you do them all without getting bored and going back into day time Tortage). 
More skipping through to Level 40. By now, you've done a few dungeons and you've done one or two group quests (hopefully), so you see how the party system works. At 40 you are able to purchase a mount (which would be a horse, or if you bought the special editions/pre-orders you may have a Rhino or Mammoth to trot around on). Most people that hit Level 40 will find that you aren't able to ding and then run to town, scoop up your mount, and ride away. This isn't other games guys, I didn't end up getting my mount until around 54 myself. Not to mention, I borrowed some silver from a pal in town. So, don't get too excited about riding that horse all over the place, not to mention while I was playing they decided to remove the "attacks" (probably due to that guy that was in Conall's Valley hind kicking everyone off the bridge that you must cross to leave town) for the mounts.
More fast forwarding to Levels 60-80. This is the part of the game that lacks content compared to the lower levels. You'll find yourself going to the same spot for an hour or so of grinding (and competing for that spot with guilds) to get 80. I personally never ran out of quests, but this is just what all my guildies had warned me of. 
As a level 80, the only thing you can really do is go around and kill people. You can also go zerg the raid bosses which have close to no personal feel to them, and it's literally just a big.. poop fest (which is sad for a raider).
Ok so, that was just to pin point certain parts of the "Age of Conan" leveling life. Now, for my actual "statistical inserts", which is just a really spiffy name for a more broken down explanation of certain aspects of the game.
[Graphics and Interface]
Almost everyone will say it, Age of Conan is maybe one of the best games out there as far as "ooh shinies" goes. If you can run it on High Settings with textures all maxed, it is like literally playing a 3-D Animated movie. The renderings are amazing, the anatomy is top notch. 
You'll find the whole "helmet/hair" issue where if you have hair and you wear certain hoods, your hair will poke out in odd places. Amazing that is the one complaint I can really make as far as the graphics goes.
There is one issue I found with the game, when I first tried to play. I run a decent laptop, and after reading all the forums while I was patching I knew I should have no problem running the game on medium settings. Since medium was giving me such a hard time, I tried Low.. what a mistake. It seems that they didn't do a great job of programming the settings for the game. I found that at Medium with Shaders at 2.0 and Shadows off, my FPS was double versus having my settings at low and textures SO low that the game was one big blob. So, take that one as you will..
The interface itself is pretty basic. You can't really customize anything, no clicking and dragging really. There are no "avatars" of your actual character. It's a simple, "Name/Health" at the top left of the screen. Your actual health/mana/stamina is in an odd set place, to the low center and left of your screen which is horizontally opposite of your targets. There is a "show targets' target" option, but it's rather easy to miss. The chat interface is pretty awful as well, it's fairly easy to ignore people talking trash since the colors were poorly chosen.
Effort: A+
Execution: A-
[Sounds, Technical Issues and Bugs]
As far as the sound goes, you can't really do much about a game having "repetitive character noises", such as yells and shrieks of pain. I can't complain about the sounds in the game, especially not the enviromental sounds. I will tell you that I play with my sound off, though.
Ahh Techinical Issues. I run this game with Medium Quality, 2.0 Shaders, and no shadows. I run this game decently well with these settings on a little Inspiron 1720 laptop -- which means that I don't have the most amazing gaming compatability. The only issue I had was with the video card, and lag at first try. I was shooting at 0.5FPS and I knew all too well something was up, a complete graphics driver wipe and re-install fixed it right up.
Another thing I noticed was the constant crashes. I crash at least 8 times a day while zoning. I've heard this is just because it's MY client, there is no telling.
The bugs.. oh the freaking bugs in this game. Every patch they fix something, they break another thing. At the start of the game, Tempests' of Set could have an uncountable amount of their idols due to bugs, in case you're wondering.. big bad Tempest of Set goes pew pew all over your face. There was also a bug with (mentioned below) a boss in the Sanctum dungeon (the first grouping dungeon) that would literally stand there and let you beat her until she died. As well as a bug with the boss in Tombs (Field of the Dead) that chases you to the spawn point if you wipe on her (which you probably will a few times -- she is uhm.. really hard?). I also find a lot of wierd client side issues when i'm running the game. 
1.) Things like me sitting under my horse (only a torso and sliding along the ground) while he runs, at least i'm still moving at mount speed. 
2.) OR the bug where I can't use stairs preventing me from being able to get into levels of Noble District. 
3.) Or the bug where I fall through all the terrain, such as rocks, hills, or walking straight through buildings. 
4.) Or even the bug where you are stuck in combat (may have been intentional) from a party member that can be a whole four zones away from you which prevents YOU from resting. 
5.) Don't forget the bug that was avoiding people from leaving the island when they needed to kill that one named guy (no spoilers).
Ah, the list could go ON and ON. Those bugs were the ones I encountered before Level 60, no less.
Note: Bugs 1-3 can be fixed with a complete game restart, however. 
Effort: A
Execution: C-
Ok, this is where the game gets some negative points (which isn't even their fault that they appeal to certain kind of people). The first thing you'll see when you enter Tortage, is the wonderful and best ignored "OOC chat". This is a chat set for specific zones/areas and when you bring so many people to one place to talk, things get messy. 
Once you are in higher level zones where killing people becomes part of your everyday leveling life, you deal with ALOT of complaints. People play on a global PvP game and you can't wait to slaughter them, too bad right after they send you a message questioning why you did it. I mean.. what do you say to that? I personally killed people because of their guild tags, but if I did choose to kill some random bloak I'm sure as heck not going to explain myself and as to why I did it. No matter what, you will not escape this and its' best you just suck it up. Not to mention, the OOC spam for "NAME sucks because he killed me whil i kil mobz i wuz like 50% healfth" is never ending, and so why OOC Chat is best turned off.
They also added "Regional" chats which are just OOC but way larger in size, I don't have to tell you what events take place there. Uncheck the subscription to the channel, just do it.
I will not be grading this, since there is no real way to do anything about this is except maybe banning spammers.
[Role Playing]
The role playing in the game is very minimal considering the amazing story line there is no to offer. You get three types of role players when you join an RP server.
1.) Mary Sue - The guy that is a demon summoned with the blood of a made up god like Khampf Anumuman and will eventually end the world with his huge wings of fire and hooves that resemble the hooves of an evil steed from HELL. Can you take that seriously? No? Ok, that's why it's a Mary Sue.
2.) Story/Comic Lore - These are the guys that role play from the lore that was created via: the comics and books. There is an issue with this, however, because in the game there are certain destiny events that completely over-ride this lore.
3.) Game Lore - The guys that go by the lore of the game play itself as they progress through levels. The problem with these guys is that you get the Story/Comic Lore role players that will tell them they are wrong. So you get Game Lore role players that are taking their fast shot at an RP server just to be discouraged by the guys who say they're wrong -- though it's the game wrong.
I personally role play lightly, and I did play on an RP server. The problem with role playing servers is that it is only "acceptable" in /say or /shout. It's just not possible according to the lore to speak over a global channel, so the idea of role playing over a global channel is always mocked (advice to new role players: don't do it). If I created a big war against other guilds (which has happened a few times) I would be greeted back with role play when I dished mine out. Other than that, if you want role play, you better initiate it.
Some tips I can offer to initiate role playing in Age of Conan:
1.) Don't Mary Sue, obviously.
2.) Try to remember to use brackets when you are speaking OUT OF CHARACTER so people role playing with you do not become confused. In example:
Say: My name is Alcin. Son of Methidon from the valley of Conall.
Say: ((Brb, I need to take the trash out.))
Get it? Ah well, you will. 
3.) Walk through cities, do not RUN. I know this sounds silly, but it helps a LOT. I've walked through towns with my mount and people knew I was there to take part in some role playing action.
4.) Do not role play a character that will control the other role players around them. This kind of fits into not being a "Mary Sue", but it's a seperate topic. You can still not be a Mary Sue with a story line that affects other characters, which is a no-no.
5.) Turn off "OOC" and the Global Area channel. 
Effort: C
Execution: F (Who makes a game that is supposed to claim a high respect for Role Players that destroys the Story Lore? Honestly..)
NOTE: Some of you apparently feel this "Role Playing" section belongs here because of all the information that "doesn't seem to do with the game" and the review itself. When you have a game that has been following by the Lore with books suddenly just NOT do it anymore because they wanted to make their customer excited to play the game.. you get some upset role players. Age of Conan also follows a "strict set of rules" (according to Funcom) as far as the naming policy goes for ALL SERVER TYPES due to keeping the "feel of the environment" and the game alive. That is why I included the role playing information. It's like Lord of the Rings releasing a game where everyone could play Frodo or something.. it's just not supposed to happen.
[Economy and Guilds]
The economy and the guilds tie in at a very tight knit grip right now, and let me explain why. As of right now, crafting is useless. I mean USE-LESS. This is my opinion, don't get offended if you disagree, this is MY review and I vote useless. Ok? Ok. Gems were bugging and crashing clients, alchemy requires ingrediants that aren't even in the game yet. Which means one thing, the only resources worth farming for a profit are the ones required to build guild cities.
I myself got my guild city to Tier 2 and we were just finishing the walls. Farming the materials is not horrible, by any means. I rather farm in the game than actually play the game. Anyways, back to why the economy and the guilds tie in so well. Since there is no use for resources other than guild cities, you get these farmers that sit out for hours as Level 80's with nothing better to do than farm. Well, some how the prices on these resources are incredibly cheap. Your plan to create a T1 Construct is 1.25S (Dropped from 2G recently) and then your materials. Each construct needs like, eh.. at least 50 of each T1 resource (unless it is a wall or tower). You can go onto the trader and buy this for maybe 12S sometimes. Now, at low levels that is hard.. but after Level 55 you start making about 1G in a day of farming so <Shrug> take that one as you will.
As far as guild cities goes, they have no point in the game at the moment. They recently added the Trader to your Trader building in the guild city. Trader in your city means now you can grab and store in the guild bank, check the auction house, all that. The buildings are SUPPOSED to give out special feats for your guildies, just like the feats you spec into as you level for your "characters' build". These feats are not currently active in the game.
Then you have keeps, the thing we guild city owners were all so excited about. Have a battle keep and fighting one force versus another sounded amazing. Well, here's a few reason why it's not so amazing at this present time:
1.) Lag issues, not in actual latency but in FPS with even the most top notch systems. Being "Looked into" according to Funcom.
2.) No bonuses, still.
3.) Issues with guild buildings having an abnormally low amount of "health" if you will. They just don't last long enough, apparently. 
4.) You have to "setup" a time you want to attack someones Keep. They get to agree, and the two of you can fight an epic duel. Some argue this good, some argue this bad. I won't state my opinion.
5.) The best part. You guys worked really hard to pass T3 and make a Keep?! Great! You can't attack other Keeps though.. nope. You can only be attacked. Great, defense wars are my favorite.
Effort: A
Execution: C-
[PvE and PvP Combat]
So, everyone has been pretty excited about a new combat system that isn't just spamming the same little shortcut over and over again. In my opinion, it's not much different in Age of Conan. You still sit there spamming keys, and I don't see how it would be different for any game really.. what else would you do if you WEREN'T hitting the same keys over and over again? 
One thing to note as A+ in Age of Conan, the way the "AoE" works. I don't particularly mean Area of Effect "Spells", I mean the way weapons work in hitting more than one target. The great thing about Age of Conan is that finally some physics was put into a game with a law that basically states "If there is three mobs in front of me.. and I'm swishing my sword around, I think it should hit all three mobs". The sad thing about this, is that it has completely spoiled me and I have trouble playing games where my weapon is only capable of hitting one enemy at a time.
As far as these "New Combo" styles go, I can't help but be really upset with them. I love the idea of having to do a certain order of attacks to perform a combo, that's great. I dislike the fact that when execute your combo, your character goes into a "cutscene" of their own (if you will). Basically, they take part in a non-avoidable animation for each combo (IE: Twirling, Swooshing around, etc). The problem with this (as a female character) is that apparently when Funcom designed this amazing idea, they made the animations for female avatars longer than male ones. When you take longer to do your dance from your combo, you are not able to use AS MANY combos, when you are not able to use as many combos you do less DPS. According to Funcom they are "looking into it" just as they always claim. 
The combos for melee also create a problem for PvP situations. Lets just say Player A is running from Player B (whom is a melee). Player B can have 40 levels on this guy, and even if he wanted to kill him chances are he isn't going to chase him around because it will be one big waste of time. Basically, when you are trying to chase someone and execute your combos to actually DO damage, your animation takes so long that you sit there doing your stuff, while the player just runs off. It takes a player maybe .5 seconds to get out of your range while you're doing a combo that takes about two seconds. This doesn't sound like a big deal, but when you roll Melee and try to PvP people that run off, you come back to me and we'll talk.
Effort: A+
Execution: B+
[Class Balance and Skills]
So, when we come acoss the conversation about class balance you need to remember one note. This game is very new. How long did it take other games to balance out their classes for PvP? A few years you say? Some even argue that they STILL are not balanced, so keep that in mind.
Another thing is that all game companies make the same mistake, instead of buffing up classes to have equal chances versus other classes, they NERF. Yes, lets nerf people and piss them off because WE were the guys that thought this might be an amazing idea to give a class - they get to enjoy it for awhile and we snatch it away. Funcom is following this exact path, and of course there is plenty of complaints.
That being said, to the classes. Tempest of Set are argueable the most "over powered", though i've done my research and I rarely see them on the top DPS charts. The thing about these guys is that their heals are HoT's, and due to POOR COMBO EXECUTION DESIGN if a melee even tries to fight a decent ToS, the guy isn't going to sit there and let him get combos off. This means, your white damage doesn't out damage his heals, period. Assassins and Dark Templar are argueably the most useless class (which is sad to hear since my Dark Templar was my main to 80). You will literally see people asking for group members and saying "we want NO DT or Ass(assin)". There are people that would literally whisper me on my DT and ask what possessed me to level one.
Honestly, it's argued that Bear Shaman/Priest of Mitra/Tempest of Set are the most over powered. They are HEALERS, they have more survivability with sacrificing some armor. Oh, but wait a second.. Does it really matter what your armor is if you aren't getting hit since you can sit and watch someone execute a combo and then jump out of the way? No, it does not.
Aka: I don't think any classes are over powered, I think they need to make combos executeable while moving. Period.
Effort: A+
Execution: B (I give this an B, because I don't believe they did a bad job with class equality other than DT and Ass. I just think Combo Execution needs to be tweaked.)
[Questing and Leveling]
Earlier in the game you will literally fly through levels from purely quests. You don't find yourself having to really "Grind" until around level 55 and up. Fortunatly for us, the grinding in the game really isn't that bad. Funcom did a great job of keeping the leveling requirement for experiance well scaled, maybe a little TOO well scaled (I was 80 within the first two or so weeks). 
Your destiny quests' also aren't as easy to come across once you're out of Tortage. After Tortage you get another Destiny Quest at Level 30, then 50, then 60, then your final at 80. 
Around 71 I started to rely on Villa quests for a good amount of experiance. Villa quests are these quests for a solo dungeon assigned to (only) you that you can repeat (I believe every four hours) in the Noble District of Tarantia.
You will find that grouping up for experiance (especially with a Tempest of Set) is well worth it. I leveled with a Tempest of Set by my side to 80 (as a Dark Templar) and we would literally just go into camps of about 12 mobs and just destroy them within a few seconds left at full health/mana/stamina.
For the most part, you don't ever find yourself needing to grind to go to a new zone or do a certain quest. There was always a quest I could do, and contrary to popular belief, the grey quests' in this game are worth the keep. Most players also suggest keeping all your Level 70 quests, grinding to 75, and then starting quests from there so that you can hit 80 with no time issues. 
Effort: C-
Execution: C
[Dungeons and Raids]
The dungeons in the game are still rather buggy. One of the bosses in Sanctum was bugged to simply stand there while you attacked her (to death) for a few good weeks. Character leashes (at least last I played) were also in the dungeons, meaning that when you ran past a group of mobs that aggroed you and you continued to run, they would eventually go back to their original placement in said dungeon.
Raiding in this game is just.. awful for me. When I come from a chain of games with amazing dungeons, epic "strategy" fights, and organized classes for doing certain things in said raid, it's hard to take the raids in Age of Conan seriously. "We have tank, we have heal, we have stabby stab, we win", it's just awful. Not to mention, the raid bosses were wigging out for the first groups to them, which resulted in basically free epic loot that couldn't be taken away since they did technically beat the boss that dropped said loot.
All I can say is, if you are used to really personal raid fights where you need XX player at XX spot in XX time or you all wipe (and you enjoy this) then you may also be dissappointed with how the raiding dungeons work.
Ps. I'm not saying this can't easily be improved, but it will probably be another few months before it is changed up a bit. 
Effort: F
Execution: F
[Customer Service]
Ok... customer service, where to start. Well, lets start where it all began.. in Tortage. My first character ever was a Tempest of Set, ah how I enjoyed her. Unfortunately for me, she got stuck in the quest to leave the island (which is a part of your destiny quests). The problem with the Destiny Quests' is that they send you to private dungeons, meaning a dungeon for ONLY yourself. Since these little "dungeons" are triggered by certain events in the game, once you get past one event you cannot go back to the other ones. In example, you need to kill XX boss in front of burning building to extenguish the fire, so you do all that. You cannot come back now, since it's supposed to be like a "realistic" story line. When things are scripted out like this, and your character happens to bug out on a boss you killed and then you do not get the credit for it, you can't leave the instance.
So basically, my story is that in the City of Tortage you are supposed to kill a man to speak to ANOTHER man about leaving the island. In this event I killed said man and got no credit, so the second man I needed to speak to would not speak to me. This resulted in a whole 9 hours of waiting around the next day for ONE GM Ticket to be opened.
Now, let it be known that getting a GM response with a GM Ticket is not at all an instant thing. You need to basically know you're going to have at least four hours of just sitting at your computer watching your monitor - 4 hours being the VERY least-. If you petition a GM and then happen to leave your computer, your petition can time out. So you just wasted your spot in line, and now you have to petition all over.
Even though the GM's do take forever, mine was incredibly helpful. She assisted me perfectly, helping me to the island, giving me my Destiny Quest reward, and setting me on my way.
Effort: B+
Execution: D-
[Overall Impression]
Age of Conan was a fun game for about, a week. After hitting 80, you kind of sit around and wonder what you do next. I myself had my own guild, an amazing website for it, city walls are about done, and I still can't decide to stay or not. The raiding is just absolute icky compared to what i'm used to. The combat system is great, but the combo system can make PvP a nightmare. I think that Funcom just needed to find some way to fix whatever problem it was that made them release this game so early, because obviously it wasn't ready. There has been people saying "Oh, it was funds", or "Oh, it was Warhammer", yea.. I really don't care what it was. They should have thought a bit harder before releasing something that was not worth really purchasing.
I have to be honest, I am very un-biased with games. I play every free MMO I see, I play all the payed ones for at least a month to get the feel for them. I have seen free MMO's with far more to offer and way less buggier than Age of Conan. That, is not a good thing.. 
Overall Effort: C (You may have tried very hard.. but obviously not hard enough).
Overall Execution: B (You did something right, you made tons of money. Lets see if it keeps flowing at this rate).