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Num-Lock Warriors.

My general opinion on MMO's, what I dislike and how I would like the genre to improve.

Author: Artursl


Posted by Artursl Sunday July 19 2009 at 5:20PM
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Recently I have seen a few posts on the forums talking about „why do they waste resources on story while they could be making some content for mature hardcore gamers just like me”
Well you know what, fuck you. People who think like that are just like the people who go to an action movie just for the sexy explosions. I love explosions, but I’m not going to just go to a movie where the premise is „Good guys making shit explode.” I need a good story, a reason why they are doing it. It makes the movie memorable and maybe I’ll even watch it a few more times later on.
And heck, comparing current gen MMO’s to action movies is plain dumb, MMO’s being pretty damn boring and the story being one of few things, besides the social aspect, that can attract people like me and make stay and even replay the game taking different paths. (Yeah, yeah, I’m talki?g about SW:TOR. Again.)

On the other hand, and yes, I’m going to contradict myself right now, some MMO’s are just fine with the basic backdrops and you just can’t compare them to a movie, you can compare them to...umm...a sandbox. Yeah, Sandbox mmo’s are the only MMO’s that don’t need to make a huge deal out of the story, because, yes, they indeed need to focus on making a great world, crafting and content in general while giving the story in the players hands. Giving the playerbase the ability to make their friends and enemies, great conflicts and alliances and other „story” elements.

In conclusion to this damn short post –
Story in your average non-sandbox MMO = A huge positive
Story in a sandbox environment = Just do interesting/original backstory and environment and that will do.

And yes, I am really excited about SW:TOR and the way they do the storyline and the fact, that everything will be voiced over. In my opinion that’s a big step in the right direction for such MMO’s.

Annwyn writes:


Sun Jul 19 2009 6:17PM Report
confuzn writes:

I second that bump! *trumpets call* lol

Mon Jul 20 2009 1:09AM Report
Death1942 writes: do you bump a blog?


aaaanyway, personally i think all games should give us the tools to make our own wont ever happen but it would be nice.

Mon Jul 20 2009 1:14AM Report
haratu writes:

 Story has proven constantly that it is important... even those people who say it is nothing will leave a game if there is no story, so why do they say it is not useful?

Along the movie idea: I studied a bit of script writing, and a sript writer never sells a script for special effects, they sell scripts on stories. A producer that buys a script because they can put lots of special effects will soon be loosing a lot of money *cough*Waterworld*cough*.

Mon Jul 20 2009 2:27AM Report
jusomdude writes:

Story! YES!

Tue Jul 21 2009 11:27PM Report writes:
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