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My MMO Game Design Blog

Mission : To create a new mmo system and world lore for a new mmorpg. Each of my posts will be continually updated with more details / implemented suggestions from comments posted as well.. I am heading in the direction of an evolution type game.

Author: Artermis

Mixing MMO with RTS

Posted by Artermis Monday July 2 2007 at 7:03AM
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Idea for a mmo/real time strategy mmo

ok, ok im aware that you dont normally think about naming a new potential game until much later on, but for some reason id had the name in my head early on so....

Game name and motto ideas :


motto : from hell demons come
motto in latin : ex abyssus everto adveho

latin : ex abyssus everto
to english : out of hell to destroy


Please note that these are indeed NOTES, AND NOT MY FINAL world setting/etc. Its just to chat about.

Background Ideas:

Riftwalkers is a distant future and mix between a rpg and rts setting.

1. Player Units : Sqaud (humanoids), band(monsters/demons): Basically a player does not play just 1 character, they can have several (amount not decided by likely to be 4+). Which they level/skillup each of them. They can all be the same class or different. Although they have to be the same faction. A player can use all of his characters at the same time. The player issues commands, and typical 'reaction' commands. An AI will also be developed to control the sqaud/horde to make them as dynamic and unique as possible.

2. Factions - a. bio/tech humanoids on earth b. monsters (riftwalkers) from the abyss.

3. There is 2 worlds, one is the home of each faction. Access to the other is gained by entering a rift (rip in space). The 2 factions are heavily at war with each other, with the aim to destroy the other. however, the human faction is attempting to rebuild their infrastructure, starting with rebuilding communities like villages / irrigation/agriculture structers. The monster/demon side is however concentrating on their sole aim of destruction, although they are building outposts/fortifications into newly gained territory.

Hence opening up the player created content side and real time strategy of the game.

4. magic - humanoids have psionics (mystics?), monsters have demonic powers.

5. Weapons - everything ranging from daggers/swords to laser weapons. monster weapons can/are enchanted with demonic powers.

6. Classes - these apply to only the humanoid faction, as the monster faction is 'monster type' and that is the basis to what they can do. Classes will include bio/tech classes, medic classes, psionic classes, soldier classes.

7. Monster types, probably the equiverlant to 'class' but for the monster faction (demons).

8. The earth setting is based into the far future. Normal everyday life is basically at a standstill, as the war wages against the monsters. Humans are developing new and advanced bio/tech weapons and the monsters are gaining more strength as they devour the souls of their victims. There is 'no' typically community areas like cities / villages, the landscape is war torn from hundreds of years of combat. What civil population there is left is based in one of many 'barracks' for protection.

9. Humanoid faction Death - gradual permadeath but dying to a monster (demon) can lead to them draining part of your soul.After loosing a specific amount of soul the character has a chance of 'turning' undead, gradulally but it does happen. This can be reversed by killing demons, thus regaining back some soul, but at a slow rate. If a character is turned into an undead, then they are lost from the player and become 'wandering' undead monsters. These wandering undead monsters retain the skills/abilities they had and can be 'recruited' by a player in the monster faction.

10. Monster Death - permadeath. Which is gradual and similar to the humanoid faction death but dies and cannot be 'recruited' by the other side.

11. Crafting, this will be a large part of the game to enhance the players squad/horde.

12. The game will be steeped in lore and enable players to 'help' create lore in their actions.

13. Although the world will be primarily pvp orientated, there will be lots of places for solo / group pve content including missions into enemy territory.

14. A key and challenge will be to make both factions equally appealing to players. To enable as much an 'even' number of players on either side (that is active) as possible.

15. There will be guilds for humanoids, and Hordes for monsters. Guilds/Hordes in a nutshell are 'armies' of the faction. Lots of player created content here, including implementing ranks, insignia etc. As the game is based around war, the guilds/hordes are concentrated on that theme. Including features such as VOIP to co-ordinate missions more effectively.

16. NPCS - Limited to mobs for the solo/group pve content. Trading and such like are done by the players. Static content is not what we are trying to achieve, dynamic and player created content is the aim. Although this could open up a potential 'aranchy', the war between the two factions is what holds it together.

17. GM created events. Regularly GMs will create and participate in events to enhance the dynamic feel to the game.

18. Resources: The world is completly drained of oil / gas. There is generated electricity and steam/water powered contraptions! (aka steampunk elements). Electronics are rampant (cyberpunk), as is bioware (biopunk elements)