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To make a good game you need to spend a ton on good programmers, good artists, publishers and advertising. If you have a few pennies left you can spend that on a designer. The end result is that the gaming industry is selling itself short. But what if...

Author: Aro2220

How Video Games Can Save The World

Posted by Aro2220 Thursday August 12 2010 at 4:21AM
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A company with a huge programming/graphics design department should develop and support an editor that allows game writers/designers to create worlds.

The concept revolves around the idea that imagination takes place in the mind of the individual. All great artists of the past present and future are single people yet the gaming industry has made the development of games cost more than a fortune. Starving artists might have the greatest ideas the world has yet to see -- but no ability to produce the feat of programming many game engines design.

A system where a major company like Sony could develop a game engine and an intuitive editor supported by artists that could add tons of content and then used by ANYONE to create a world of their own. Then, the game could be published as a standalone game and sold on a Steam/Apple Appstore type platform. The company that creates, maintains and develops the game engine / editor will take their cut, and the writer takes theirs.

Remove all restrictions whatsoever by making the individual authors liable for any content they create so that these big companies do not have to worry about lawsuits since they will not be in control of the content -- only the engine. Freedom of speech means freedom of ideas and a torrent of them would flood in.

Games will get played and tested and the design process itself could be half the fun enticing even non-designers to buy the game editor just to play around with games in the works. This would be like the system used in Warcraft 3.

But once a game is published a price could be set and a two tiered voting system along with a category search could help new players find it. Votes should be talleyed by a) purchases and b) votes by those who purchased the game. Votes can be changed at any time but each purchaser gets but 1 vote. If you buy multiple copies you can have multiple votes.

The key is that the game engine will be superior to every other engine out there since it will be developed by the most compotent game studios in the world. And likewise, the content, gameplay, storyline and learning curve will be up to the individual designers. Since imagination is hard to prove on a resume large companies wouldn't do well trying to hire good designers...

And just like how microsoft became huge -- all the content of all types will give the engine enough content to be worth more than its price tag.

This wouldn't lead to the best games in the world...this would lead to a paradigm shift in the way people express ideas. Instead of writing novels, people will create interactive environments. We will truly live in anothers imagination.

And since the largest development studios in the world will be creating these editors...they will always be using the latest and greatest technology. Even virtual reality, voice recognition and real 3D.

Can you imagine it?