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The Jaded Eye

A series of reviews, game design ideas, and rants for your viewing pleasure.

Author: ArcheusCross

Quests and Mobs.... isnt it time to move on?

Posted by ArcheusCross Friday October 9 2009 at 3:46PM
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I've had it... literally had it with mmos and their bland generic "kill x of y" quests. I'm sick of  WoWesque (no offense to those of you that like wow, all the power to you) quests where you simply go to someone that has a thing above their head like a ! or a * or some other fancy shiny star just to receive a quest...

Im also sick of seeing the same damn "humanoid" mob stand there or pace back and forth within the same area doing nothing....

With all the advances in technology isn't it time for our game design to advance as well?

Lets make the virtual worlds seem more alive than they actually are, lets make quests that happen due to whats going on in the environment. Lets make mobs actually do something other than stand there...

For instance, lets say mobs actually built... gathered.... forged... awesome would that be that every once and awhile you didn't go look for them but you had to defend your home from raiders? Wouldn't that be cool if you saw mobs killing animals such as a dear, skinning it, then making a tent or something? Build thier own forts slowly if you let them... etc etc etc The sky's the limit with what you could do.

Now lets add quests into the mix. Well lets say that you had player cities... 2 in this example... and you had an NPC trader going from one city to another, selling wares becuase it is an established route... well lets say that npc caravan ventures too close to above said mobs, they attack him, take over his caravan, he runs to the nearest town screaming bloddy murder for help via scripted and pathfinding programming.

You tell him sure ill help, do find the caravan, kill the mobs and get a bit of money for your troubles...

Or... you could be evil... kill the mobs, take his caravan loot it, kill him etc etc etc... and get a bit of negative karma?

You see.. and this is just one small example... what do you all think? Do you think its time for our quests to evolve? I think the companies are just being cheap with this older quest system, but thats just me... let me know what you think.

Just my two copper.

My final review of Aion.

Posted by ArcheusCross Friday October 9 2009 at 3:06PM
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First off, i want to get off my chest that im not here to flame or bash a game, im giving a down to earth equal oppurtunity review here, so here we go:

Aion in general is really just a korean grindfest mmo (albeit smaller than some grinders) mixed with some western things to sell on the NA market. It has some good points about it and it has some bad points about it.Lets start with the good shall we?

The Good:

The Graphics

All in all the graphics in Aion were probably the second best thing that's in the game, it looks really nice and its easy to get immersed in the beautiful surroundings. Animations are smooth and all the characters look really nice. All in all the graphics were superb.


The combat in this game is actually relatively good, with moves for different situations, chains, etc. Probably one of the most interactive combat systems ive played with fingers flying to hit the right buttons for the right situations. Lets move on.


This is probably one of the most awesome features in this game. jump off something high, hit space bar... yeah... it was nice to hear the sound of wind whooshing past your head... and mastering it was not that hard, who needs a mount anyway? But unfortunately actual flying lacked.. but more on that later.

Character Creation Customization

Seriously, this game has got to be the best in character creation customization department. I literally could make any character from any game i wanted given that it was human or looked human. I made a Lilty (from final fantasy cc) looking characters.. and it was awesome. I think this is one plus everyone could agree on to some extent.


Personally i would perfer the pvp to be a bit more open in some areas... but all in all it wasnt bad, it was more good than anything. So thats a plus. Lets be real here... the game was meant for pvp. Thats the point, even if it has pve things.

The Bad:


You can argue untill your blue in the face, but the grind is there... but its not the actual grind that kills me, its knowing its there without actual content to keep me immersed to forget about it. Crafting, quests, grinding for money becuase theres not many other ways to grind it without leveling more. So really the grind is so obvious in some parts of the game it kinda ruins the experience among all the pretty graphics and nice combat systems. Which brings me to..


How many kill x of y quests can you slap on a game with boring text untill someone crys? I dunno... but aion seems to try to do so... with the occasional "go click on this" for me quest... its not enough for the blandness of quests to shine through. Dont get me started on the gathering quests... forcing people to gather (aka not thier playstyle) is a no no in my book.


For a game that touts flying and arial combat as a feature they sure as hell dont tell you on the box that its limited... i mean wtf.. when i hit 10 i was sad to see that i hit the ground after only 1 min. Wtf? And this 1 min limit continued untill higher levs, which still wasnt much of an upgrade. So yeah... flying in aion? Not as free as it should be for a game that touts it as its feature. Not to mention it makes aeither grinding much more time consuming to level up. OH and lets not forget some areas dont even allow you to fly.... yeah... gg aion

Crafting rewards

Anyone that has crafted weapon smith or armor smith in your guild has probably cried out the same thing I'm about to post: "WTF A NAIL FOR A REWARD?!" not much of a reward considering many recipes require more than one. Sure the green design is nice after going through 30 levels of that crap, but its really too random for my takes, id rather they give us designs or money randomly.. not a damn nail...

Linear Areas

Some may argue about this, but in all reality if i cant climb a mountain or land on top of one via flying... then its just another linear "lead me here.. take me there" game. Some areas you cant even access until you complete certain quests. And that in my books is a big immersion killed among us explorers.

The Ugly:

The Gold Farmers

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that gold farmers are killers of a games economy. They flood the AH with items, undercut, overcharge, they generally control the AH unless your lucky enough to see that good deal and buy it just in time before they do and put it up for a higher price.

The spam is rediculous... today i actually had to remove some of the older names off my block list just to block new ones.. it was full! This has gotten out of hand.


I see a few on every channel.. every time... they have a hold on this game. Its sad.


Yes i went there... their acceptance to simply delete the characters of the gold farmers instead of banning accounts tells me that they are NOT thinking about this seriously enough. Because lets be honest here.. if they were banning accounts the farmers would have to buy more games... and that would just curb their business...


While Aion has alot of potential I have to say that simply having it is not enough.... they need to "fly" with it so to speak... and up the flight times... improve quests... add more content to mask the grind etc... oh and for the love of pete get rid of these gold spammers... your clearly not doing enough... tells... mails... spam in gen chat... yeah...

Aion was good for a time... but now its time to move on and hope some gaming company out there gets it right sooner or later...

Just my two copper. *tips hat*

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