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Kingdoms CCG Dev Blog

Kingdoms is an online collectable card game filled with deceptively deep mechanics, fantastic art, mind bending strategy and a diverse competitive community.

Author: AnticEntertainment

"Rise of the Demigods" - New Card Set Announced!

Posted by AnticEntertainment Thursday November 15 2012 at 1:29PM
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Rise is the new set for Kingdoms CCG. With 144 brand new cards, the introduction of three new status effects in the form of Blessed (When this creature dies, it’s controller is gains life), Cursed (when this creature dies, it’s controller looses life) and Polymorph (Creature becomes a 0/1 sheep for X turns), the new Mill Mechanic, three new Legendary Cards including the first non-creature Legendary and the introduction of the Demigods.

Demigods are a new card type for Kingdoms. They are played just like creatures but are inactive, unable to attack but still able to block, until their tribute is paid. The tribute will vary from Demigod to Demigod. To activate Justice, his controller must gain 8 life. To activate Undying, 5 creatures must die while he is in play. Demigod’s can’t be targeted directly by spells or hero abilities but are still affected by board wide effects, and are still damaged by other creatures hitting them.

With powerful and exciting new cards at all rarity levels Rise is the best built set to date. Taking everything we’ve learned from Core and EVE to make Rise the next level in set design for Kingdoms.

Throughout the week we will be spoiling the set a few cards at a time. To get the week rolling, check out an uncommon creature from each kingdom.

We would like to extend a very special thank you to our Beta team for their excellent work in helping make this set complete!

Rise is set to be released on November 29th with the Pre-sale starting November 22nd. More details to come!

To play Kingdoms, check it out at or on your favourite flash portal such as Kongregate or Armor Games!

Kingdoms Spooky Bundle!

Posted by AnticEntertainment Friday October 26 2012 at 11:16AM
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Starting October 26th, the Halloween bundle is our seasonal treat for the players of Kingdoms. Containing four limited edition cards and 50 gems this is one bundle you don't want to miss! These cards are only available until November 5th and then they will be locked away with only those who jumped on the chance able to get these sweet treats!

Erratic Werewolf: Watch out! The moon changes quickly in Euna and the weakest of man can become the most deadly of beasts in a moments notice. From turn to turn the Erratic Werewolf presents both a liability to the one who played it and a threat to their opponent. Those who like their cards swingy but powerful will love what Erratic Werewolf will do. (Keep a close eye on him for a unique aesthetic effect in battle)

Roaming Bloodsire: Not just kids roam the streets on Halloween! Only the Ancients are old enough to remember the last time the Bloodsire Clan has been seen in Euna. Agile and strong they are hard to kill being able to use the life force of others to keep themselves alive.

Trick and Treat: Usually you ask for either, sometimes you get both! These cards are fun on their own and powerful when used together as a combo. Simple to understand and good with any hero these spells will help fuel any deck to victory.


To get these cards just log into the game between October 26th and November 5th. If you don't have an account you can sign up at or your favourite flash portal such as Kongregate or Armor Games!

Kingdoms Card Design Contest #1

Posted by AnticEntertainment Tuesday October 23 2012 at 10:39AM
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Presenting Kingdoms CCG's very first card design contest! Think you have to chops to design an awesome card to be seen by all in Kingdoms? Now is your chance to prove it! The first Kingdoms CCG card design contest is now on. This time the focus is on Rune-words. 

The card we are looking for is a single rare quality, unaligned Rune-word. It's effect should be fair but powerful and follow the basic design principle of current Rune-words in the game. Key factor's we're looking for are: Is this card fun to play? Is it balanced for both players? Does it fit the flavor of the game?

Visit out forums to enter your idea in the contest

You can play Kingdoms CCG at

Use the following template to submit your ideas.

Mana Cost:
Turn Duration:
Card Text:
Why you think this is a good card:

So let out your inner card designer! Lets see what you can come up with!

Contest Rules:

  • To submit, just reply to this thread with your entry.
  • Only one entry per person. If you change your mind or idea you can always just edit your post.
  • Please only post once in this thread.
  • The deadline for submission is Friday, October 26th.
  • Final voting will start on Monday, October 29th and end on October 31st.
  • Antic staff will pick the final 3 designs. They will then be voted upon by the community.
  • Players whose cards get picked to go to voting in the final three will have 40 gems each awarded to their account.
  • The Winner will receive a free limited edition (gold text) version of their card.
  • Please keep all discussion to the discussion thread here post in this thread that is not a submission will be deleted.
  • Cards you have suggested before in the Card Suggestions forums may be submitted to this contest.
  • Antic retains the right to edit the final card as needed before it is added to the game.