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Will a New Version Save a Struggling Game?

Posted by AndyLee Friday December 11 2009 at 1:16AM
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I’m not concerned with KOEI, Blizzard, Ubisoft, EA or Square’s products, they sell good and will become better in the future. This time let’s take Conquer Online for example.

I come, I see, I conquer

Successfully launched in 2003, Conquer Online, with its well-designed system of PvP, acceptable graphics and gameplay, has charmed thousands of gamers across the world. Its F2P game style had attracted many players’ eyes, especially MMO fans. If you ask a veteran CO player about that time, they would likely refer to it as the “good old days”.

In the good old days when we were young, lol

My friend has a good saying about it: Ready, aim and fire! Rain petals accompanied by swords falling from the sky or a trail of energy that stretched across the floor were powerful weapons in the hands of a skilled player. Honestly speaking, compared with World of Warcraft and Aion, the engine running Conquer Online might be a bit oudated, but it is a PvP MMORPG, and the designers were smart enough to establish a game balancing PK system. Everything served Conquer Online’s gameplay well.

Death and ghosts, the iron code of PK

But when balance is lost due to a designer’s mistakes, there leaves only complaints. If you visit the Guild Area or PK Arena during the days, much of the time you do not see any movement; the Nobility Rank consumes a lot of money from the server, increasing the price of various items; some skills are obsolete in PvP, and I’m curious about why they were designed; the last, which considered to be a vitally important element that forces many veteran to leave is, you can become an invincible player in a matter of days by paying lots of money.

Well, I am not saying that the new Conquer Online is valueless, the horses and some stuff are cool. But I’m one of those players that liked it better when conquer didn’t have those things.

That’s why the new Classic CO makes me feel that Conquer Online will have its revival. The most important fact is that Battle Power and Talismans, as well as the cash shop have all been removed. Battle Power was the key for anyone to become a winner in any PK field. Its removal proves that you won’t be forced to get into the cash shop and purchase something just to be competitive in PvP.

Take Classic Liberty server for example. All people here are equal now. Everyone is working for what they have, no big spenders destroying game balance with cash. There are no idiots running around who have spent tons of money PKing everyone in their eyes that they know (by checking Battle Power) is much weaker than them. Now the server is full of players reliving the good old days.

An idiot makes the world full of ghosts, holy shit!

I’ll show you guys the real battle that they are looking forward to in the following.

An archer can take out pretty much anything but a warrior with ease. But the warrior or a Tao can be the demise of that archer. A Tao is the answer to Trojans. Without all those plus ears the Tao has his way with them. The warrior has good defense as designed from the start. His shield provides extra defense from archers and Taos. You work more as a team with your friends or guild mates to take out your enemies. Each class has his own distinct purpose in the fight.

All classes players in Conquer Online

All the above are my personal opinions, lol. As I have no idea what will be in the future. There also exist many players who consider the new Classic Conquer Online as not enough of a change, including some Conquer veterans.

There are 9 questions in total that do not have definite answers and make veterans hesitant to rejoin. I’m trying to catch new things as they come to keep every guest here in touch with news. Maybe the answer will appear in my next article. God knows. xD. Oh, and I sincerely believe that this applies not only to Conquer Online, some are also challenges to all MMORPGs.

1. Will more servers be actually implemented?
2. Will the designer actually listen to players’ opinions?
3. Will they act according to player’s need?
4. Will new things like cash shop coming out?
5. Will there be new bots and botters?
6. Will patches be available for all servers without any conflicts?
7. Will more old players or teammates come back to share this game?
8. Will a new engine come out to improve its gameplay in the future?
9. Will the players be happy then?

Generally speaking, the new edition of Conquer Online will have a positive effect on Conquer Online’s marketing. That’s my point. The rest is up to you guys. Not only Conquer Online, if you are not a Conquer player, you can talk about games you are playing that have made a big change. Will these changes benefit your games or not?