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The Hottest of the Week: Thanksgiving Day!

Posted by AndyLee Monday November 30 2009 at 4:49AM
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1. Recommended Fanart

Happy Thanksgiving Day! We hope all of you have a great time!

This magazine does not exist and is for fun only. Please remember to vote & share with your friends.

Little cutie by DonSammy' from Cancer server.

Alexxa's intro of this screenshot: "Baby baby! When we first met I never felt something so strong! You were like my lover and my best friend. All wrapped in one with a ribbon on it"! Wow, so sweet!

2. Hottest Comics

91User142810's intro of this screenshot: The new class that will defeat every Co Player LOL!

Thanksgiving Day in conquer!

91User142983's intro of this screenshot: Just a funny comic made up by Conquer 2.0 screenshots.

Comics of Thanksgiving Day!

3. Hottest Screenshots

Flower(rose, lily and tulip) fairies of Freedom server

Have you ever been to this Waterfall Cave? You will have a chance to get a saddle by killing the Cattle Thieves. Then you can swap the saddle for a mount at the Mount Officer in the Stables in Twin City.

This is Peter from 2nd reborn quest!

This Snake King is from the Snake Islands quest! You may be rewarded with a db by completing this quest!

4. Hottest Beauties

Sexy girl and her little angel - jenny

Sexy girl from Pluto/Jupiter Server


It is such a beautiful sunday to go out!

HoneyPunch's intro of this photo: *. Winehouse make up :l! xD! .*


Eudemon Online New Expansion Bosses!

Posted by AndyLee Friday November 20 2009 at 2:32AM
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Eudemon Online’s just released the images of the 5 Bosses of their new expansion lately, kinda interesting. So what do you guys think of them?

Rotten Sepulcher - Defiler

Frozen Burrow - Hive Queen Deborah

Lament of the Fallen - Fallen Raphael

Duskwolf Cliff - Pack Leader Takoma

Revenge of the Corrupted - Avenging Alamut

BTW, there is a series of prospective quests ongoing from Nov to Dec. And they are about to reach the final stage. Anybody is working on them? The following picture is the screenshot of the prospective quest V. LOL… I love it!

It is said the quests of the new expansion will combine new elements, which require more than just a high BP, but also depends on good teamwork and strategic cooperation. Sound good, doesn’t it? That’s pretty much what I’ve learned so far. It’s supposed to be fun. what do u think? Wait to hear ur comments!

Conquer: The Hottest of the Week

Posted by AndyLee Monday November 16 2009 at 9:12PM
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1. Hottest Fanart

A mysterious archer is sniping his/her opponent. Presented by MStudios from BabyIcey.

Awesome ninja! By SashaYJ from Dark. Below is her intro of her work:
This picture was for my boyfriend Jeppy (breakingbones) for a grats on his second rb =). This Picture was created by me ~KG~SORA (Sasha Jones)

Classic CO will revive on Nov 18 and many old players can't wait to relive their glory days. This is a piece of Classic CO fanart by Kiinho.O from Water.

Another fabulous work by Kiinho.O. A Trojan and a Fire-taoist are about to start a duel. Who will survive after the cruel battle?

2. Hottest Beauties

"watchout im comin to kill ya..."

Cutie Sandra2468 from Strom

[?AiNB?wcOtToNCanDy] from Dream. Her intro indicated she is a bold girl:
"Blue highlights xD && Here is myspace. Add me? (: Bite me haters xDD"

pri~pequena from Centaur. Sweet smile and nice tattoo.

3. Hottest Screenshots

The 4th Super Guild War came to an end on Nov 15. Did your guild win the glorious gold prize?

Let's parade for the victory!

Goodbye, see you next Super Guild War.

What Makes a Family MMO?

Posted by AndyLee Tuesday November 10 2009 at 1:35AM
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I just read this Conquer Player Interview, in which the interviewee has 13 family members playing an MMO, Conquer Online, together. I have been playing the game for a few years, and heard such instances from time to time. Parents start to play the game to keep an eye on their young kids, but they get themselves addicted and introduce the game to other family members.

Usually family games are stereotyped as casual games, such as chess, cards, and rhythm-action games; not exactly combat-focused games. However, Conquer Online is famous for its PvP-oriented gameplay, in which you can PK other players in most maps. So I am wondering how Conquer could have become a family MMO?

First of all - easy to play
To be a family MMO, it has to be easy to pick up. You might be a hardcore player and have years of gaming experience, but it is really complicated for house-wife moms or 8-year-old kids to master classic D&D rules. Conquer has the most common features for a fantasy MMO, which an MMO newbie, like Mom and Dad, can easily adapt to.

Secondly – good for kids
To be a family MMO, it doesn’t mean that the game has to be a fairy-tale-like world. However, a game filled with half-naked female characters won’t be favored by parents. Compared to the average Korean counterpart, Conquer doesn’t have any of the more “sexy” female characters running around in the game. On the contrary, you experience beauty in the form of the classic Chinese art-style. Conquer is a PvP-oriented MMO. However, thanks to its older 2.5D graphic engine, it doesn’t contain detailed scenes of violence, either.

Last but not least – family member interaction
To be a family MMO, it has to provide a close interactive environment between those family members, so that parents, kids and other relatives can stick together during their adventures. In Conquer, various interaction systems can help family members who are playing the game together to level up and complete different kinds of quest. In the Guild War, you can even fight a battle royal with your parents or kids! Isn’t that exciting?

So do you have the experience that playing an MMO with your family? What is your opinion about family MMOs?