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10 Signs You Might be Addicted to MMORPGs

Posted by AndyLee Sunday November 2 2008 at 6:25PM
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Not sure if you might have an addiction problem. Well if 3 or more of these have happened to you, then you might be addicted to MMORPGs.

- When looking for a cashier at a store you look up trying to find the icon above their head.

- You squished a bug then got disappointed when no loot dropped.

- You’re confused that when you approach a squirrel it runs away instead of chasing you for 50 feet exactly before returning to where it was.

- When watching any fantasy movie, you can’t help wonder how much XP the hero gains with each kill.

- You call your short chubby friend “tank”.

- You wonder why there’s no ding sound on your birthday or why you instantly don’t know a cool new fighting move.

- You get excited for Halloween, not because you get to dress up, but because there’s a special event planned in your MMORPG.

Conquer Online's Halloween Event

- You have a warrant for your arrest because you went to the zoo and killed 10 bears.

- When even your getting ready to do something you shout “Let do this, LEEROOOOOY JENKINS!

- When ever you see someone riding a horse, you can’t help but to think what magical quest there on.

If you have any more feel free to share.


veego590 writes:

-You're on and reading a blog post thats titled "10 signs you might be addicted to MMORPG's"

Sun Nov 02 2008 6:27PM Report
Ahnilator writes:

That has already been done countless time. Next.

Sun Nov 02 2008 6:44PM Report
AndyLee writes:

veego, I appreciate your sense of humor :)

Sun Nov 02 2008 6:59PM Report
xbellx777 writes:

lol nice

Sun Nov 02 2008 10:02PM Report
iplep writes:

lol When you beive/say Your Jacket or coat has defence/weather Resistance Value & Even your Fork or pencil has a damage rating!(And even give it a +2 or somthing) WOOT You might just be addicted

hahaha good topic i just had to play along

Mon Nov 03 2008 10:26AM Report
Tails1 writes:

you think of pupus when you go to a farm

Wed Nov 05 2008 1:00PM Report
inknarsenic writes:

You might be an MMO addict if you habitually spend more than 100 $ a month on a -FREE- MMO, even though we all know, "It's to enhance the gaming experience" >.>

Thu Nov 06 2008 5:54AM Report
Badattitude writes:

Your Guild meetings come before food and bio breaks for you AND your pets.

Raids are a fashion review.

You give up watching an important hocky game to go raiding.

Tue Nov 11 2008 12:45PM Report
Gravarg writes:

When you run around naked and get arrested for indecent exposure, all because you thought it was an Ogrimmar Gnekkid Gnome Raid!

Wed Nov 19 2008 5:43AM Report writes:
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