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Conquer Online New Dynasty Ninja Skills Revealed!

Posted by AndyLee Thursday November 27 2008 at 8:32PM
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Ninja, the most appealing feature of Conquer Online's expansion, the ninja, is coming around this Christmas. Now TQ has released Ninja's mysterious skills. Let's have a look at Ninja's mighty ninjutsu.

Twofold Blades
Dual katana strike, dealing tremendous damage!

Toxic Fog
A cloud of toxic smoke poisons enemies. Effectiveness is determined by the battle power difference between the ninja and opponent.

Poison Star
A poisoned shuriken makes it difficult for enemies to drink potions. Effectiveness is determined by the battle power difference between the ninja and opponent.

Archer Bane
Grounds flying opponents with a precise ranged attack. Effectiveness is determined by the battle power difference between the ninja and opponent.

The ninja suddenly appears behind the enemy and strikes them in the back.

Ninja's XP Skills

Shuriken Vortex
Ranged attack, creating a whirl of deadly metal shards that harms nearby enemies.

Fatal Strike
The ninja blinks between targets and dispatches them with a single powerful strike. This can be used against monsters only. When there are no targets in the sight, or the Ninja can't KO the monster, the skill stops.

The Assassin Culture behind Games

Posted by AndyLee Tuesday November 25 2008 at 12:25AM
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Assassins, warriors shrouded in secrecy and feared for their ruthlessness, are one of the most appealing classes in RPG/MMO. The assassin is a master of stealth, subterfuge and deception. They have created many renowned legends in history, and nowadays these ancient warriors have been revived in movies, games and other mediums. Let’s take a look at this mysterious profession’s cultural background.

The Middle-eastern Assassin

The term 'Assassin' derives from the Arabic word Hashshashin from the eighth to the fourteenth centuries. This mystic secret society killed members of the Abbasid and Seljuq élite for political and religious reasons. The original place they started their elite group was in Alamut, Iran (Persia) and later traveled to other countries.

It is popularly believed that the assassins were under the influence of hashish and opium during their killings or during their indoctrination, and that assassin derives from hasishin, the influence of the drugs. One of the legends about the Assassins was that they were drugged to simulate "dying", to later awaken in a garden flowing with wine and served a sumptuous feast by virgins. The supplicant was then convinced he was in Heaven and that the cult's leader, Hasan-i Sabbah, was a representative of the divinity and all his orders should be followed, even unto death.

The Hashshashin were meticulous in killing the targeted individual, seeking to do so without any additional casualties and innocent loss of life, although they were careful to cultivate their terrifying reputation by slaying their victims in public, often in mosques. Typically, they approached using a disguise. Preferring a small hidden blade or dagger, they rejected poison, bows and other weapons that allowed the attacker to escape and live. For unarmed combat, the Hashshashin practiced a fighting style called Janna which incorporates striking techniques, grappling and low kicks. However, under no circumstances did they commit suicide, preferring to be killed by the master himself.

The power of the Hashshashin was destroyed by the invading Mongols. However, parts of its lore had been preserved by Marco Polo and Islamic historians. Inspired by their legends, Ubisoft published a popular stealth game, Assassin’s Creed, in 2007.

The Oriental Assassin, Ninja

The ninja is an oriental assassin. Ninja is the on'yomi reading of the two kanji used to write shinobi-no-mono , which is the native Japanese word for people who practice ninjutsu.

Ninjutsu was developed as a collection of fundamental survivalist techniques in the warring states of feudal Japan. The ninja used their art to ensure their survival in a time of violent political turmoil. Ninjutsu included methods of gathering information, and techniques of non-detection, avoidance, and misdirection. Ninjutsu can also involve training in disguise, escape, concealment, archery, medicine, explosives, and poisons.

Back in feudal Japan, the conflicts between the clans of daimyo that controlled small regions of land had established guerrilla warfare and assassination as a valuable alternative to frontal assault. Since Bushido, the samurai code, forbade such tactics as dishonorable, a daimyo could not expect his own troops to perform the tasks required; thus, he had to buy or broker the assistance of ninja to perform selective strikes, espionage, assassination, and infiltration of enemy strongholds.

The mystique and allure of the ninja has made it a popular character in game culture. Famous ninja themed video games include Ninja Gaiden and Tenchu. Many MMORPGs also list the ninja in their class lineup. The ancient Chinese style MMO Conquer Online has chosen ninja as the new class for its expansion, New Dynasty. It is said that ninjstsu stems from ancient China’s art of warfare. Now the ninjas, with their fabled weapons and mysterious skills, are ready to whip up a storm in the fantastic world of Conquer Online.

New Dynasty - Ninja Approaching Part II Gear Preview

Posted by AndyLee Thursday November 20 2008 at 5:52AM
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The new class Ninja of Conquer Online's expansion, New Dynasty, is scheduled to be released around this Christmas. For this highly appealing class, designers from TQ Digital Entertainment have prepared a series of exclusive items. With exotic equipment, Ninjas are ready to break the mold of Conquer.

According to design concepts, the Ninja is a dual-wielding class, who possesses superior melee attack strength, but has much lower defense. This design concept will be closely reflected in actual game play. The basic Ninja image in Conquer Online is a shrewd warrior in light armor carrying a deadly katana, very like ninjas in other video games and Japanese anime. Apart from this common concept, Ninja equipment style in Conquer Online is also blended with the fantastic ancient Chinese style, which makes the new class fit in the game's overall art style.

Ninja's gear can be divided into 4 categories: katana, ninja vest, ninja headband and veil.


The legendary katana, Ninja's symbolic weapon, has the incredible attack. Compared with sword of the same quality, the katana has almost twice maximum attack. Possessing such lethal weapon, Ninja is undoubtedly a killing machine.


In stark contrast to their wondrous weapons, Ninja armor is not that outstanding. As a class relying on agility and reflexes, Ninjas can only equip some light armor, which makes their defense lower than Trojan's. The developers hope this design can maintain the balance between the classes.


Ninja has 2 types of specific headgear: headband and veil. However, the properties of these 2 types are the same. Player can make a choice from them to customize their characters' appearance and style according to their own imagination about ninjas.

Many players are arguing that Ninja, as the second dual-wielding class, would replace Trojan as the most incredible character in the PVP. From the comparison above, we can know that Ninja will highly exceed Trojan in the attack, but has a disadvantage in the defense. However, from these dull statistics, it is hard to judge who will dominate the PvP. After all, victory or defeat of PvP can not be solely decided by the property of gear. Next time, we will unveil Ninja's mysterious skills, from which players can have a glance at Ninja's PvP ability.

New Dynasty - Ninja Approaching

Posted by AndyLee Tuesday November 18 2008 at 12:09AM
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The ninja is an expert of stealth, specialized in guerilla warfare. Relying on agility and reflexes, ninjas frown upon the use of heavy armors. Now the master of the katana and Ninjutsu is rising up in the epic world of Conquer Online. With mysterious skills and exotic equipment, the new class of Conquer Online's expansion, New Dynasty, will bring players a brand-new exciting gameplay experience.


With origins stemming from ancient China, the art of assassination was developed to its zenith in feudal Japan. Shrouded in secrecy and cloistered in their shadowed guilds, Ninjas have long been a mystery. Ninja is a master of stealth, subterfuge, deception, and of course, ninjutsu. With the ability of dual-wield and powerful Shuriken, Ninjas strike swiftly from darkest corners and then disappear under the cover of the night, leaving only horror and death to foes.

Ninjas are hired by different warlords to perform selective strikes, espionage and assassination. However, as mercenaries, Ninjas are loyal only unto themselves. Attracted by the legendary tales about the origins of martial arts, ninjas have crossed the ocean to the Middle Kingdom to pursue perfection in their art of ninjutsu. With their fabled weapons, Ninjas are ready to whip up a storm in the world of Conquer!

After several months of waiting, new class Ninja is eventually ready for its debut. The highly anticipated new class is scheduled to be unveiled around this Christmas. According to design concepts, the Ninja is the second dual-wielding class after Trojan, who possesses superior melee attack strength, but has much lower defense. Keep your eyes peeled for the next news update focusing on the ninja's armory and arsenal.


China Health Ministry to treat Net addiction as disorder

Posted by AndyLee Tuesday November 11 2008 at 12:06AM
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By one definition or another, many of us are probably addicted to the Internet in some fashion. China may soon become the first country to officially define Internet addiction and register its findings with the World Health Organization. The definition arise out of research performed at Beijing's Military General Hospital, and is expected to be adopted by China's Health Ministry in 2009.

So, what does it take to make you an Internet addict, at least according to China? If you find yourself using the Internet for more than six hours per day and exhibit at least one of a number of symptoms, you could be addicted. The list of symptoms is about what you would expect, including things like insomnia, difficulty concentrating, mental or physical stress, irritation, and spending time wishing you were online.


Graphics, the Most Critical Element of a MMO?

Posted by AndyLee Friday November 7 2008 at 1:18AM
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Like other entertainment media, the game industry has been developing rapidly during the last decade. In particular, the graphics of games has evolved from the simple pixelated Nintendo FC to nowadays CG-like 3D virtual world. Major game developers are all trying best to update their design engine as to surprise players with the spectacular graphics. Gamers applaud the animations and graphics of newly released games. It seems that everyone is enjoying this technological advance, which moves along in leaps and bounds. However, I am wondering should people focus that much on graphics of games?

To designers, complex game graphics requires high development cost, both financial and technological. When making a game becomes unprecedentedly expensive, small developers opt out as they can’t afford it, consequently being bought out or going bankrupt. What we get is a marketplace monopoly, where everything is controlled by Microsoft and other software giants. That’s bad for creativity and innovation. Losing the creativity, the fundamental boosting factor of the industry, would eventually cause the recession of the game market.

On the other hand, cutting-edge graphics also create a barrier of entry to the player. Top-notch graphics always requires top-notch rigs. If you don’t have a decent computer, all you can do is dream of playing the numerous epic masterpieces. Game veterans are now accustomed to upgrading computers prior to highly anticipated game releases. Moreover, many 3D games have become the instruments for hardware geeks to rate their rigs. That is plain pathetic (albeit fun)!

Age of Conan for example, before its release, the developer was hyping about its astonishing graphics. For that, you should have an up-to-date computer to support the game’s amazing rendering capabilities. If your computer can even reach the minimum specs, and you can afford AoC, you have to wait hours for the installation of 24 GBs of content, plus 2 GB worth of patches. Finally if you can enter the game, you may find that you still suffer from lag, resulting in automatic loss against players with more money and better computers (lag frag). In large scale PvP battles, the lag is unbearable, and you may as well just kill yourself (in-game). So where’s the fun in that?

As a massively multiplayer game, the priority of graphic design is to make it accessible to a wider audience, and help performance in large scale PvP. So movie-like 3D graphics is not an essential element –it’s just a selling point. Conquer Online, like other successful f2p MMOs, doesn’t have splendid graphics. However, its 2.5D graphics is acceptable, making players experience vivid ancient Chinese art style. Moreover, the “classic” graphic engine works on the most ancient of computers as well as top notch new ones. Obviously, the community in such a game is much larger, as it has a lower barrier of entry to the newest 3D behemoths like AoC.

In conclusion, for a highly interactive game, stunning 3D graphics is an essential factor of success. But if you go too far down that road, you’re positioning your product out of the customers reach.

WOW Gamer Stab Roommate

Posted by AndyLee Tuesday November 4 2008 at 8:26PM
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According to the report by ABC News, a World of Warcraft gamer in Australian stabbed his roommate after disputing about the volume of game.

Zhenghau Shen, a 21-year-old Chinese student studying in a Australian college. When the crime was committed, Shen just played WoW with three other friends and roommates at his apartment. The volume on his computer was too loud that his friends protested. After being repeatedly asked to turn the sound down, Shen got into quite a dispute with his roommate. During the fight Shen allegedly stabbed the victim in the head with a chef's knife, gashing his head, and nearly severed one of his fingers.

The court heard the victim suffered a gash to his head and one of his fingers was nearly severed. Magistrate John Burns refused the Chinese national bail and remanded him in custody until next month.

Insane player makes WOW look bad.

10 Signs You Might be Addicted to MMORPGs

Posted by AndyLee Sunday November 2 2008 at 6:25PM
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Not sure if you might have an addiction problem. Well if 3 or more of these have happened to you, then you might be addicted to MMORPGs.

- When looking for a cashier at a store you look up trying to find the icon above their head.

- You squished a bug then got disappointed when no loot dropped.

- You’re confused that when you approach a squirrel it runs away instead of chasing you for 50 feet exactly before returning to where it was.

- When watching any fantasy movie, you can’t help wonder how much XP the hero gains with each kill.

- You call your short chubby friend “tank”.

- You wonder why there’s no ding sound on your birthday or why you instantly don’t know a cool new fighting move.

- You get excited for Halloween, not because you get to dress up, but because there’s a special event planned in your MMORPG.

Conquer Online's Halloween Event

- You have a warrant for your arrest because you went to the zoo and killed 10 bears.

- When even your getting ready to do something you shout “Let do this, LEEROOOOOY JENKINS!

- When ever you see someone riding a horse, you can’t help but to think what magical quest there on.

If you have any more feel free to share.