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Blizzard's going to provide Paid Char Customization in WOW

Posted by AndyLee Monday October 20 2008 at 1:22AM
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My previous blog entry: What Is Your Opinion on Real-Money-Trade in MMOs?  Many people are against the RMT in MMOs for various reasons. Now it is said that Blizzard is going to provide players with certain "Paid Character Customization" in its market-leader MMO World of Warcraft. 

"Jay Allen Brack was asked about the Paid Character Customisation that has been found in the game files. At first, he dismissed the question, and would not comment on it, then a few minutes later, he brought up the subject and said that there is going to be paid character customisation. No details yet though."

Even WOW would have the cashshop. What is your opinion now?


DamianGto writes:

Well it suck big time. Well its WoW so I dont care much.

But its the wrong way to go.

Just build a game that prevent gold farming.It can be done if they want.



Mon Oct 20 2008 2:52AM Report
stayontarget writes:

It's a p2p game, This option should be given for free in the character customization screen. Item mall for any p2p game is just wrong. Nothing can bring down a game faster than doing this.

Mon Oct 20 2008 3:43AM Report
TsukieU writes:

Blizzard is about making as much money as possible with as little effort as possible.  Does this move really surprise anyone?


That said.  This confirmed that I wont be buying WotLK.

Mon Oct 20 2008 3:58AM Report
Death1942 writes:

Thats a bad move.  It's not the answer to gold farmers nor is it a good feature for a pay to play game.  Why should some 13 yr old kid with his dads credit card get even more of a bonus over me (time being one of them).  This is only going to further screw up PvP (maybe not PvE as much but i still think it may have an impact).


anyway everything is so new in this industry we need the hard lessons to be learned...

Mon Oct 20 2008 4:28AM Report
Deewe writes:

Well I'm not against paying a bit more for having a better game or more possibilities, even LotRo has free barber and social clothing.

So I don't think it's wise on the US/European market.

Mon Oct 20 2008 6:27AM Report
clatonious writes:

The best part is that they'll go ahead and do it for a few months, then announce it's a free service after enough complaints are received, but they know that already.

Mon Oct 20 2008 6:42AM Report
SonofSeth writes:

 WoW already has payed character customization. You can pay to change servers and pay to change your name.

Mon Oct 20 2008 6:56AM Report
zymurgeist writes:

It''s going to make it really easy to identify who has more cash than brains. seriously though It's effect on the game is really going to depend on what they mean by character customization. I think if they sat dwon and thought about it for a bit they's realize it's going to add a lot of overhead to their server proceses and communication. Feeding the lagmonster is bad.

Mon Oct 20 2008 7:04AM Report
streea writes:

Echoing Sonof... this game is already a p2p with an item mall. You can change names and change servers all with a drop of a few bucks. Not only that, but there are a lot of in-game cosmetic rewards that cost you extra $$ which didn't used to do anything, but now count towards Achievements that other people can't earn unless they shell out $$ too.

Mon Oct 20 2008 8:44AM Report
oobe writes:

In my opinion they're just nasty capitalists trying to squeeze as much money out of their customers as possible.

Mon Oct 20 2008 8:55AM Report
Giddian writes:

And why not? They are in the business to make money. Wow has been out for a Long time now and its starting to feel the effects of other MMORPG's Like War. They may feel they better make what they can while they still have a Huge following.

Mon Oct 20 2008 9:36AM Report
mxmissile writes:

If these changes are not game/stat changing, (names, clothing, size, hair etc), WHO CARES!?!!?

Mon Oct 20 2008 1:27PM Report
Suponji writes:

Wait, but what's the point? It's p2p to begin with AND a crapload of people play; why do they need to leech?

Mon Oct 20 2008 3:46PM Report
BarakIII writes:

Paid character customization? By that if you mean changes to the characters looks, they implemented that in the last patch...and by paid, they mean with IN GAME CURRENCY!

However, the customization still isn't that great. You can change facial and hair features and that's about it.

Mon Oct 20 2008 5:29PM Report
BarakIII writes:

Well, add to that horns, tattoo's....things like that. Depending on race.

Mon Oct 20 2008 5:31PM Report
xS0u1zx writes:

you guys are nutz, anyway even if I p2p or f2p.  If I can make my character look like me sign me up and send me the bill.  But hey not everyone is like that, and if you don't like it just simply don't freakin pay.


if they didn't have paid character customization, such as moving servers, changing names, etc etc etc.  Say wow you got 10 million users now I don't care who you are try worst case everyone wanting to constantly change servers, names and w/e to either scam people or just because they're bored.  You'd be slapping a price tag to just to stop them from doing it and hell nothing wrong with making some cash catering to people's wants.   That's how business is and always will be, it's all about the money, screw everyone else.

Mon Oct 20 2008 6:16PM Report
Jeratan writes:

To you pathetic losers crying about 'spoilt kids with daddies credit card getting an edge over you' are laughably pathetic.  If you wernet a welfare gamer with no life living on govt handouts the $4.99 or whatever pissant amount it will be wouldent be an issue for you.

Wed Oct 29 2008 6:36PM Report
Jeratan writes:

I also hope you realise being a welfare gamer with no life is a lot worse than a 13 year old schookid putting $4.99 on his dads credit card.

Wed Oct 29 2008 6:38PM Report writes:
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