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Trick or Treat –Players Own MMOs

Posted by AndyLee Thursday October 16 2008 at 8:27PM
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"Are online games owned by the gaming communities?" The author seems to reject player intervention with the process of game design. However, my opinion is opposite. The games are owned by the community, not the creator.

Just like other businesses, the need to satisfy customers has the priority. Game developers are providing the gamers with what they are looking for, basically with the end goal of getting the gamer to empty his wallet to purchase something. Moreover, players are spoiled by the game industry. Years before there was only very few MMOs for players’ choice. As a new genre, MMOs easily satisfied players’ needs. But now, everything has changed.

New MMOs are coming out every week, from fantasy to SCIFI, western style to Asian style. The market is nearly saturated. Players are much fussier than before, or even start to burnout, leaving the genre altogether. In such a buyer’s market, gamers surely own the game to a significant extent. Game developers have to constantly add new content, modify the skill and the lore, and host various events according to players’ anticipation.

For the upcoming Halloween, game designers are releasing various events to amuse their players. Conquer Online has prepared a Halloween Masquerade in which players can dress up and upload the photos to win the rich in-game currency. This is “trick or treat”. Give us the candy or we egg your house! Anyway, it is Halloween. Enjoy it.

Howatch writes:

I have been playing LastChaos for a month and they are providing us with Trick or Treat Halloween event. 

You can earn yourself a Pumpkin hat by slaying few monsters and pick up all the candy they drop. After you put the Pumpkin hat on you can see Pumkin ghost here and there that were invisible before and are invisible to all players that are not wearing Pumpkin hat.

You can kill those Pumpkin  ghosts and gather the drops and later exchange them að Scarecrow post that are found here and there all over the place. That way you can get nice things from the drops and very expensive ones now and then. You can eat the candy that is left over and if you are lucky you can win Wizards hat.

For me this is quite nice and I enjoy taking part in this even and it sure ligths up the game and brings in the Halloween spirit into the game. I love it when the game masters do such things for its player base.

Fri Oct 17 2008 4:39AM Report
Howatch writes:

Happy Halloween :)

Fri Oct 17 2008 4:40AM Report
Mequellios writes:

MMO players don't own ANY part the MMOs they play. They pay for a service given to them. Mentally, you'd like to think you own the game you play, but the fact that the company has to please you to make people play their game is an excuse that won't hold up in court. The little End User License Agreement. Ever heard of it? It's that little thing you agree to, stating that you are well aware of the fact that you don't own anything in the game. If you don't agree with it, you can't play the game.

Case closed.

Sat Oct 18 2008 10:01PM Report writes:
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