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Good Ideas and Bad Ideas about Gaming

Posted by AndyLee Monday September 8 2008 at 5:12AM
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Royallush from suggested 5 good ideas and 5 bad ideas about gaming. I found it truly hilarious. Have a look at these ideas and I am sure you will be enlightenmed. Please give your good ideas and bad ideas.

(1) Good Idea:
Putting age ratings on games so 12 year olds don’t pick up games that have soft-core porn such as hookers, or other detailed acts of violence.

Bad Idea:
When the 12 year old is able to buy it anyways since mommy or daddy don’t care about what they are doing, for said parents to then get upset and try to blame the game companies for making it in the first place.

(2)Good Idea:Playing MMO games with the intentions of meeting and playing with people from all over the world with common goals and interest.

Bad Idea:
Trying to pick up a date who happens to be underage, then running away with her, only to get busted by the cops because you had to have that Powage License plate. Oh yeah, and she’s like 14. What the HELL were you thinking?!

(3)Good Idea:
Being dedicated to your Guild online, putting in time and effort because it’s all about the group.

Bad Idea:
Being TOO dedicated to your Guild online, playing for more hours in a raid then you work at your full time job, your family, and real life friends. The instance isn’t going to disappear if you leave your chair…

(4)Good Idea:
Becoming very good at first-person shooters and other violent games such as Halo, Counter-Strike, GTA, and others.

Bad Idea:
Deciding to act out these actions in real-life and letting games take the heat for what you did. Most violent crimes aren’t game related at all, since it’s considered a hobby. Sure, someone that decides to go nuts might play games, but it’s hardly the root of why they did it…

(5)Good Idea:
Role-playing on online games, even a little bit of adult fun.

Bad Idea:
Being a GM and caught in the act, only to then be plastered on 4chan and every other game site known to gamers. Seriously man, you deserved that.


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