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Convert your girlfriend to a gamer!

Posted by AndyLee Thursday September 4 2008 at 3:37AM
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My last topic is pretty hot. Thanks for sharing your opinions. Although people blame grinding for a lot of the shortcomings of online games, in fact many of us enjoy it. Grab a coke, sit in front of the screen and kill mobs of bad guys for a weekend. Grinding has become a life-style!

But the problem emerges... If you are a guy and have a girlfriend, she’s bound to get cranky, and complain about being ignored when you are busy slaughtering monsters in your gloomy dungeon. Has your girlfriend threatened to break up if you don’t quit gaming? Some of my friends did meet such a dilemma.

So why don’t you just try to turn your girlfriend to a gamer? In that case, guys don’t need to worry about girls’ whining. Instead, they should focus on using their own computer. An article from Kotaku gives a pretty good summary of how to get your girlfriend into the gaming world.

Full article

1) Give your girl a game that’s tailored to her interests; don’t force her to play a game just because you like it.
2) Play co-op, not competitive. Some girls are unnerved by 13-year-old trash-talkers.
3) Don’t force her to identify herself as a gamer; it’s enough that she’s playing a game.
4) Spend as much time doing what she wants to do in her life as you expect her to spend time gaming with you (basic rule of relationships).
5) Don’t act like an asshole while you’re gaming – it makes games into the enemy.
6) Don’t belittle her choices of game; maybe she likes Barbie’s Horse Adventure.
7) Let her backseat game you and don’t argue with what she tells you to do; if she tells you to make Master Chief jump to his death, just do it – it’ll be fun for her and get her one step closer to trying it herself. (That’s my own personal rule.)

Some hot gamers from MMO Conquer Online


More pics-> here <-

Mattius writes:

The problem with mmo's is there all based around fighting. 99.9%, and the ones that arent , like some sims clone, I would never be interested in playing online. There is no middle ground for both of us to enjoy a game together.

Thu Sep 04 2008 5:29AM Report
caemsg writes:

well as a female gamer who playes games with my girl friend i have to say most of those points work

the back seating one can work both ways but i found that it works more than it fails and when it does work it works well so you have to be a bit cautious with that one imo

but the rest do work take it from me ive tried them (well a few of them)

Thu Sep 04 2008 5:33AM Report
KittyPoWa writes:

i Guess i dont need to follow the rules, because my girl is a gamer :D!!!!! But those will be pretty useful when the times comes :)

Thu Sep 04 2008 6:01AM Report
PrinnySquad writes:

Better Idea: Date a female who is a serious gamer to begin with. There are tons of women out there who DO identify themselves as gamers and aren't walking female stereotypes.

The whole thing is more than a little sexist to begin with. Women gamers are everywhere, but so many gamer guys are so sexist they probably don't even see them. To add to that, I know other women who are hardcore gamers and actually date guys that don't game.

For me, I can't imagine dating someone who doesn't share my interests. Otherwise it ends up being a rather shallow relationship, since my interests are especially narrow.

Bottom line is, you can't convert people. Not really, anyway. There is a large difference between someone who plays games and a gamer. If you aren't a gamer, you aren't a gamer, and never will be, and won't understand the culture, jokes, or references.

Then again, for some people, it isn't important to have someone who shares your interests. Whatever works for you!

Thu Sep 04 2008 12:52PM Report
gr8escape writes:

LOL my bf didnt convert me into a gamer but I did so myself as it was either sit by myself night after night, weekend after weekend watching him play, and us never spending 1 lousy hour a week doing something together, or learn to play the game he was playing so i could join him and his cousin. well that all came to a screaching halt when i was LEARNING to be a healer and my bf died and cussed me out, which caused me to promptly drop group and shut my pc off. ever since that incident he has for the most part ignored me in the game but continues to play with his cousin. Oh by the way thier names are starsky and hutch. isnt that cute lol.

so good luck to anyone that  learns to play these games just to be a part of what thier bf/gf  are doing.


anyway, since i have learned to play, i do love it, and am now currently trying to find a different game to play without the bf.

Thu Sep 04 2008 4:02PM Report
Cloudink writes:

 gr8escape kick your bf in the nuts. I can not believe that he cussed you out because he died, its a game.  You should play WAR if your looking for a new game.

Thu Sep 04 2008 5:08PM Report
AndyLee writes:

gr8escape. your bf is a bit harsh.  I do shout to my buddies when i go mad in game. But how can someone cuss his own gf? He is deserved to be dumped....joking.

Thu Sep 04 2008 7:43PM Report
DocSpencer writes:

I have NEVER shouted at my gf on a game. Or ANYONE for that matter. Shouting on a game just proves you kinda have no life, it's just a game >_>    I kind of noticed it's mostly the 10-13 year old boys who tend to cuss at people excessively for no reason, especially on Halo and WoW.

Ok about the article. I just realized after looking at 5 articles that these are jokes. Crappy advertising AND a joke. Every article is about how Conquer Online is better, which I think is the joke. If you don't believe me check it out, over half the articles end up saying "Conquer Online has this and every other game doesn't, and if it does it isn't as good." I'm getting tired of reading about one of my most hated MMOs =_=

Sat Sep 20 2008 6:26AM Report writes:
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