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Asian Players Like The Grind, Stereotype?

Posted by AndyLee Sunday August 31 2008 at 11:06PM
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Why do Asian Players Like The Grind? I found this article on MMOSite and its opinion is quite controversial. I hate people stereotype Asian gamers to grinding freaks. However, to some extent, I have to agree the part about how Asian game companies make the MMOs. Just have a look and share your opinion.

Why do Asian Players Like The Grind?
Many people are curious about why do Asian players like the grind so much? Indeed, nearly most of Asian-style MMOs have been a grind-fest. Little or no story lines, no emphasis on role-playing. No plots, hardly any meaningful quests. Just be endless grinding. Grinding used to be regarded as a drain on people's time, wallet, and emotions. So bored, but why do Asian players like it? Many people could not get their head around it. Here, we attempt to analyze the reasons led to this situation. If you think we are insane, share your opinions.

With so many companies alike, obviously there is a hard competition to make the better game at a faster speed. There just isn't enough content if there wasn't grind. The first Asian MMORPGs were massive grind, influenced by games such as Dragon Quest. Developers in Asian MMOs market are going for the easy way to earn money. If any of Asian games happen to go global, without a deep/complicated storyline, translation is faster and easier. Since gfx cards are constantly improving, instead of competing for better storyline, companies are competing to get better graphics.

Someone thinks it has something to do with cultural differences, people reared around the world boasts a wide variety of customs and mores. And someone once mentioned that it was because they are more community based. Grinding builds up community. They love to grind in the same time talk about stuff with other players. This kind of gaming style increases the interest of other people not playing the game. Sometimes they talk about the hardship they went through just to get a rare item and laugh because they upgraded it and failed to do so. This kind of attitude towards failure makes other people more enthuse iasts. It is like an adventure of achievements and failure. Moreover, In order to level up faster you need to group, which in turns gives more exp per players. Unlike World of Warcraft, Lord of the ring that makes you share your exp when in group, which makes players want to solo more unless you are in end-game raid.

Some people argue that most players even if they are not Asians don't even care about the story of the game, if there is one. They like the feeling of progression and accomplishment and wanted to max out their characters and get the best gear. Grinding is usually the most efficient way of leveling and players tend to get good drops off of mobs when they are grinding them for hours. They think that it's a waste of time doing quest to level. Every players' goal is to be number one in the game he/she is playing after all if they can't do it in real life at least they were able to accomplish it through games.



Heroes back, in the form of MMO

Posted by AndyLee Friday August 29 2008 at 6:02AM
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It seems there is a trend for classic video games to have their online versions. So when I heard Heroes of Might and Magic Online has started its beta in China, I didn’t feel surprised.


Heroes series was my obsession for several years of my gaming life. Remembering HOMM 1 on my dad’s 386 – that was pretty awesome! I was sooo looking forward to when they made it into a 3D game, like with 3d graphics and landscapes (Heroes IV), but it turns out that I hated it. I’m not surprised that 3DO went bankrupt with that one.

When the Heroes V tried to revived my interest, it was almost too late. My time was fully occupied by different kinds of online games, so I didn’t even pick it up.

HOMM 3 was the best, always has been. So anyway, now I hear there’s going to be an online version of it – staying true to the original HOMM 3 (creatures are all there, kindof 2D and 3D blend). I’m going to give it a go and applying for a beta key now, as I think that’s what they should be doing –having a remake of number 3 seems like the smartest move I’ve ever heard from the Heroes people. You think so?

Check out the Heroes Online display at this convention and the models… mmmm… eye candy – Heroes Online in Chinajoy 2008.

In-Game Olympic Festival

Posted by AndyLee Thursday August 28 2008 at 5:41AM
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The fantastic Beijing Olympic Games has finished and it was truly a grand festival for all human beings. Watching the gallant closing ceremony, I was wandering what the next Olympic Games will look like in London.


During the closing ceremony, the International Olympic Committee president, said: "New stars were born. Stars from past Games amazed us again." Most of us aren’t willing to make the sacrifice necessary to become a gold-medal athlete like Phelps (8 gold medals). However, we do have different ways to enjoy the event, besides watching the TV.


Quite a lot of MMOs hosted Olympic-themed events for their players to feel the Olympic atmosphere during the August. Personally I found Conquer Online’s Olympic Athlete Pose Competition was really hilarious. In this event, players edited in-game screenshots to look like Olympic competitions, and some of the pieces are both exceptional and creatively inspired. I would like to post some here to let others enjoy them. Also, you can find more funny pics on the official site.

Hurdles, reminding me the poor Liu Xiang (a Chinese athlete who could not attend his track and field events due to an injury)

Swimming, can Phelps win in the world of MMO?

Men Synchronized Swimming (does this really exist?)


Long jump




100m race