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Legends Return Season 1 Preview

Posted by AndyLee Tuesday April 6 2010 at 1:38AM
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In conjunction with CO's 7th anniversary, TQ Digital has revealed the 3rd expansion for its world-renowned Kung Fu themed MMORPG Conquer Online, Legends Return. In this revolutionary expansion, players can expect an array of new skills, high grade equipment, new guild wars, gritty dungeons, intricate quests, a new class (Monk), and much, much more! According to the schedule, these thrilling features will be released in 3 seasons throughout 2010, beginning from this April.
In Season 1: the Shadow of Darkness, players will be able to experience the prelude of the chaos age. The notable content of season 1 will include the Sub-Class System, new dungeons, a new gear system, and new quests.
Sub-Class System
As the prophecy tells, the legendary art of Sub-Classes had been accidentally uncovered by thieves. According to the records, 6 types of Sub-Classes have been deciphered by the scholars:the Apothecary, the Martial Artist, the Chi Master, the Warlock, the Sage and the Performer. Each of these skills can provide its practicers with the unique bonus state. When adventurers reach level 70, they can go to the Job Center to study these powerful, ancient arts.
The Apothecary class can grant someone with the knowledge of herbs and poison, greatly enhancing their tolerance to toxins and poisons. Once one becomes a Martial Artist, one can achieve the peak of physical prowess, and increase the chance to deliver critical strikes during melee battles. On the contrary, the status of Chi Master can help you perceive the deadly attacks of your foes, and increases the dodge rate of critical strikes. The Warlock and the Sage are the symbolic proof of skilled manipulators of magic and the arcane; the former can increase the chances of magical critical strikes, while the latter can help its wielder penetrate an enemies' magical defense. To become a Performer, one must learn and perfect the exclusive dances of the ancients!
When one learns these Sub-Classes from the Job Center, the path of their gritty training has only just begun! Each of the Sub-Classes has 9 phases, the higher phase one achieves, the greater effect one can receive from their sub-class skills. To master the higher phases of Sub-Classes, players must first reach the required levels for their characters, and then accumulate Study Points by perusing several types of Sub-Class Scrolls obtained from monsters or quests.
New Dungeons
As the prophecy of the Sub-Classes is fulfilled, a formidable demon has broken the seal set by ancient heroes and returned to the mortal world. Seizing the opportunity that 2 guardian dragons of Twin City were falling into their millennial slumber, the demon possessed the twin dragons and remade the 2 divine creatures into its powerful puppets.
After a ferocious battle with the leaders of the 6 classes in Twin City, the demon was severely wounded and escaped into the depths of the Frozen Grotto. In its new nest, the demon proclaimed itself as the Demon Overlord, and summoned its vicious minions to construct a legion of darkness. In Season 1 of the expansion, Floors 3 to 6 of the Frozen Grotto will be open for adventures to explore and battle against the hordes. In these new dungeons, players can annihilate the servants of the Demon Overlord, practice their newfound skills, and work to reach the source of this mayhem.
Artifact Gear System
To help combat the legions of darkness, the new Artifact gear system has been developed by the artisans of Twin City. Utilizing the fragments of a Dragon Soul, players can purify their current gear, converting them into Artifacts with incredible elemental powers! The quality of a Dragon Soul has 10 levels, each determining the effect of Purification. Players can collect these precious fragments from bosses scattered in the world of Conquer, or just defeat the demonic dragon for a high-ranked fragment! Also, the state of Purification is temporary, and the effect will disappear when the enchantment wears off. As a by-product of the Artifact Gear research, the artisans also invented some fascinating Equipment Accessories which players can use to decorate their gear!

The 1st Season of Legends Return is set to be released in Conquer Online this April. The shadow of havoc is looming over Twin City...

The Hottest of the Week: Tiger Mount

Posted by AndyLee Thursday March 4 2010 at 2:20AM
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1. Recommended Art Screenshots

2010 is the Tiger year according Chinese Zodiac, and MSYUNA got a unique tiger “mount” during the Chinese New Year Event. Lucky you!


2. Hottest Screenshots


“Heading along to the Arena with my gorgeous Star Steed”

The 2nd Runner-up of the day. Hopefully you could be the champion next time!

3. Recommended Fanart

King Terror – Full set of +12 gear and 366 BP. Terrific!

3. Recommended Fanart

Horse Racing Tournament by MSYUNA.

Legnary’s Level 97 archer. Elegant!

4. Hottest Beauties

Blonde Baby says hi to the CO community. ^0^


Talented Cutie MSYUNA. Her impressive drawing skill has allowed her to win most votes and views for her outstanding fanarts. Thanks for her great effort!


A good video for Zero Online's new players

Posted by AndyLee Tuesday February 2 2010 at 12:15AM
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I just found this good video from YouTube. If you are a newbie and have problems in playing Zero Online, this video will do great good to you.

It will guide you how to do the newbie missions and how to make use of the encyclopedia!

You can refer to this link to watch this video.

Conquer Online Classic Server Review

Posted by AndyLee Thursday January 28 2010 at 9:22PM
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Compared to most single-player video games, online games, especially MMOs, have a much longer life expectancy. The interaction and competition among the community can provide MMO players with sustainable pleasures. Thus, many MMOs remain popular for years, even under today’s competitive game market where new games are popping up daily.

However, players always go bored after repeating the same thing for some time, even for the most successful MMO. So it is conventional for developers to add new content regularly, so as to prevent their players from burning out. Conquer Online, the most successful Chinese style MMO, is a good example. Released in 2003, this free MMO has renowned success with 7 language versions and millions of players in the worldwide market. As six years have passed, many different features and sources have been added to update Conquer Online into the more modern version, Conquer Online 2.0. However, the side effects of those updates have become more and more clear. Many veterans have been complaining the game has become too different from their cherished “good old days”, and they started to appeal to TQ Digital to bring back the original version of Conquer Online. This idea spread fast, and had taken root among more of the mainstream CO players. After some railing from the community, TQ decided to release what they called “Classic CO”, which is a combination of the current 2.0 client and earlier gameplay.

The first Classic CO server was released in Nov. 2009, and the players’ response proved the developer had made a wise move, as the server was just chock full of players. Inspired by the success of the 1st Classic CO server, TQ has opened the 2nd server after 10 days, and the 3rd one is set to open on Jan 21, 2010. So what exactly is Classic CO? Does it live up to the mantle of the Good Old Days? In this review, you may find out the answer.

The Shopping Mall is gone!

The foremost change of Classic CO is the removal of the Shopping Mall. For a free MMO, the cash shop is a common, but critical feature, as it is the only way that the game developer can earn money from the game. And it is the same in Conquer Online. Now in CO 2.0’s Shopping Mall, one can easily find everything necessary to make a newbie into a superman if you would like to pay the cash. And many fevered players would like to spend tons of money on this PvP-oriented MMO, just for the pleasure of slaughtering their opponents on the battleground. However, the flaw is also very apparent, as big spenders can purchase uber gear and become some crazy powerhouse overnight, destroying game balance with their bottomless wallets.

In the Classic servers, the Shopping Mall was removed, and with it the ability to just buy your way to the top. Meanwhile, Classic CO only preserves a few quests in which pay users can consume their cash in-game, such as Lottery and Gear Quality Upgrades. But this type of quest is well controlled, which makes sure pay users cannot gain excessive advantages in Classic CO. This forces players to get back into the game. It is quite difficult for players to get good gear without hunting. Not everybody can obtain insane super +12 gear now.

Thus, without the buyable gear, here come the classic and balanced classes. You can work more as a team with your friends or guild mates to take out the stronger enemies you’ll come across. Each class has his own distinct purpose in the fight, and you’ll do well to learn your role on the battlefield! There is no critical weapon that makes a poor strategy to win!

Talismans… Battle Power.. All gone.

Apart from the Shopping Mall, Classic CO also removed 2 major features of CO 2.0, Battle Power and Talismans. Many comments suggested that CO’s success is due to its PvP system as well as its vivid Chinese cultural background. Compared to most MMOs published in the same era, players found CO’s PvP system was very unique, with which one should focus on skill and control while not solely level and gear. Until Battle Power (formerly called Potency) was added to Conquer in 2007, players started to find the original PvP gameplay was changing, and heading into the opposite direction they wanted.

Battle Power is a calculation of the character’s overall attributes, like level, gear, social status etc, and is the key for anyone to become a winner in any PK field. For example, it is nigh impossible for a 180 BP player to defeat 185 BP players, even if he has more PvP skill. Talismen, added to CO 2.0 later, amplified the effect of Battle Power, as high grade Talismans not only improve the character’s attack and defense, but significantly enhance their Battle Power. As a result, many old players find they never have a chance to PK or join in the Guildwar without good Talismen in CO 2.0, and just pop by Paypal and hit the Mall to buy whatever they needed to improve their Battle Power, or buy that high grade Fan/Tower.

In Classic CO, Battle Power and Talismans are taken out, at the insistence of the community. Players can focus more on HOW to fight, and not just about how much. It all depends on your strategy, not some numbers tallied by a computer or bulk-built Talismen. In truth, balanced PK in Classic CO is dramatically dynamic. You don’t need to check Battle Power and will find no bevy of unkillable players, but a complex system rising from the simple origins of tic-tac-toe. Each battle will also be different depending on your opponent’s chosen skills, so it’s never the same fight twice. And it is exactly what CO’s veterans miss about the good old days.

Ninja Skill has been tweaked
Another major change in Classic CO is that the controversial Ninja skill Toxic Fog is removed. In 2008’s New Dynasty expansion, the new class Ninja descended in the world of Conquer Online. As war brings good business to a trained assassin, the current state of the lands of Conquer Online allows the Ninja to thrive. From a gameplay point of view, as well as a PvP oriented game, the damage dealers are the most desirable classes for players. With its powerful skills and flowery design, the Ninja helped bring CO a significant influx of new players.

But not long after the ninja’s release, the community started to discover that the skill Toxic Fog makes these masked warriors far more powerful than most felt was natural for the game. For example, if you are poisoned by Toxic Fog, no matter how tough you are, you would continuously lose half your current HP, until it falls to 1. There’s nothing like getting fogged and hiding, only to have a random noob poke you for 1, which definitely made collateral damage more likely when you PK, especially around the cities.

Although most players admit the skill is overpowered, many non-pay players insist that the skill should not be tweaked as it is an effective resort against bulkers with high grade gear. As there is no Shopping Mall in Classic CO, TQ removed the Toxic Fog from the Ninja class and veterans can again enjoy the battle royale without the tease of that annoying green smoke.

Other changes
In Classic CO, players are also unable to utilize DragonBalls to socket non-weapon gear or directly level their characters. Meanwhile, gems are much easier to drop from monsters. All these modifications aim to make players get back the original feeling of Conquer Online. Back to the good old days of grinding to promote your character, not just bulking to build an unstoppable juggernaut.


New stuff does refresh the original content and keep the community vibrant in most cases, but more is not always better. After years of “updates”, old players may find their cherished MMO has become a completely different game, and then people leave…

So maybe it’s time for developers to stop filling their games with excessive new content, and try to help get back the original flavor of what made people want to play the game. Classic CO has made a great example for other aged MMOs. Nostalgic veterans, welcome home.

Join Horse Racing Tournament in CO!

Posted by AndyLee Friday January 22 2010 at 12:34AM
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The new Horse Racing mini-game will open at the beginning of February. Skillful riders will be able to join in this exciting horse race, to compete for precious Refinery items!

Anyone who possesses a steed and has learned the mount skills is eligible to sign up for the tournament. In this fun filled event, you will find various types of items along the course; some can be used to boost your own mount, while others can cause a disaster to slow your opponents down! Using these items correctly is the key to winning the race! Just take a look at the Horse Racing Tournament trailer below.


Before the launch of this exciting tournament, a special sale will be held for adventurers to prepare their mounts. The sale will begin at 17:00, Jan 27 and last until 17:00, Feb 8. During that time, players can purchase a series of Value Packs. All of you will be able to obtain various kinds of fabulous steeds and items at a discount price!

If you are an old player or you know someone who is a veteran of CO, click here to gain your reward.

The Hottest of the Week Happy New Year!

Posted by AndyLee Thursday January 7 2010 at 3:17AM
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Hottest Beauties

A cute girl - dressing up like a Santa.

Sexy girl.

Hottest Screenshots

They are praying and waiting enemies’ coming.

Guild members! Line up and lie down, hehe:)

I am the boss!

All of them enjoy dancing in the Christmas Party of Conquer Online!

Recommended Fanart

A female warrior! BTW, this is my fave!

A new class with a new dress! Do you like it?

A sexy female Trojan with Blue Dream Garment

Beauty archer – I Come I See I Conquer!

Recommended Comic

Off to the first guild war! Fighting!

The Hottest of the Week (Conquer online): Happy Holiday!

Posted by AndyLee Wednesday December 30 2009 at 12:36AM
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1. Hottest Screenshots

This is Xmas quiz horse race! Are you ready? Saddle up and run!

Wooot! Countless DBs! I was wondering where you got so many DBs.

Did you take part in some fun Christmas events too?

Toxic fogging in the training ground simultaneously!

2. Hottest Beauties

This cute girl from Leo server reminds me of a popular and pretty star from Singapore.

This beauty has won the most votes this week, and so congratulations are in order!

Brown hair cutie! ^O^

This sexy girl is dancing?

3. Recommended Fanart

Gotta take a deep breath and let the arrow fly.

Cutie, why you look so angry?

What an attractive young man!

Trojan VS Warrior! Who is more powerful?

4. Recommended Comics

Santa Claus, can you give me a DB? I hope my wish could come true soon.

Merry Christmas!

Zero Online 2009 Christmas events!

Posted by AndyLee Sunday December 20 2009 at 1:10AM
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Christmas comes but once a year! I am really anticipating about what will happen in ZO and what TQ will bring to us this Christmas! They have prepared a string of fun events for us! We won't find any repetitive level grinding in these quests; we can just get straight down to the presents, woot! I think they are pretty fun. Let us check them out together!

Newcomer Pack (December 24 – January 23)
It is a good chance for us to win gifts worth up to 500 dollars. From December 24 to January 23, if we register a new account and create a new character, we will be able to obtain a newbie’s Newcomer’s Pack. It includes lots of amazing items: Military Badge (30 days), 30 Double EXP Potions, 28 EXP Recorders, Lucky Core Gift Pack, 3 sets of Elite gears (the third set has an ultra weapon)…

We can open the Newcomer Pack once at each of the following level intervals 1, 20, 40, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 120, 130, 135, 140 and 145 to claim some great prizes. The Newcomer Pack will be sent to our cabin automatically after we register a new character successfully. And remember, don’t drop the pack after claiming the items, or we will not be able to claim other items when we meet the level requirement next time.

We can claim one set of Elite gears when we reach level 60, 100 and 145 for a total of 3 sets. What is more, we will be able to claim an ultra weapon when we reach level 145. We can check the item list on this page by choosing the “level” category.

Christmas Gifts Giveaway (December 20 – January 5)
From December 20 to January 5, we will get some points by purchasing TQ Point Cards and those points will be accumulated. The more point cards we buy, the more points we will get! That is to say, the better prize we will get! We will have the chance to obtain Lottery Tickets Bronze-Badge-(Event), Ultra Weapons and more!

Legend of Lost Treasure
We can open the treasure boxes outside the Steel Warship and get a nice prize! Just kill the pirates and we will be rewarded with ZPs and an EXP Module. Hmmm, sounds easy and fun, right?

Alliance Carnival
For players level 70 or above, we can find the appointed lottery place and Christmas tree, then we can play in the Lottery and get some amazing rewards! The Christmas trees will drop some Christmas Gift Packs in some random places on the Steel Warship at regular intervals. We just need to keep an eye out for them, and those gift packs will belong to us! There are no level restrictions, so we should remember to log into ZO during the holidays and pick up those fabulous gift packs!

Snowmen Meltdown
There will be a Snowmen Meltdown campaign in Titan Icefield. We can find the relevant NPC and take part in this campaign to win some ZPs (bound). Is it too good to be true?

Fireworks of Xmas
During the event, we can claim or buy the carnival fireworks from a NPC and set off the fireworks in the designated area. We will have an amazing opportunity to watch a fantastic fireworks show together!
Let us have some fun together and I wish all of you a merry Christmas!

The Hottest of the Week: Assassinate GM (conquer online)

Posted by AndyLee Wednesday December 16 2009 at 10:02PM
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1.  Hottest Screenshots

A GM got killed while catching a botter in the mystic castle. Have you ever seen it before?

This screeshot is from an old event. Can you still remember it?

Perfect love scene in night on the moon platform.

Nice effect of Arrow Rain!

2. Recommended Fanart

TQ’s volunteers - Painter and journalist.

It is a love story, when archer is hunting, she sees a trojan, so the story begins... .*

Sexy female archer of Conquer Online by liaarh from Kylin Server.

I come I see I Conquer!

3. Hottest Beauties

You see, you decide!

Sweet girl from Eternity Server.

Rawr! My natural eye color without tinted contacts♥

Cool girl.

4. Recommended Comics

Sometimes, we conquer everything, but women conquer us.

Sometimes, we get entangled in the relationship between life and friendship and don't know how to make a choice….

Demon Rising: The Vengeance Flame of Alamut!

Posted by AndyLee Friday December 11 2009 at 1:57AM
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We have no idea who sown the wind, but actually it is us who must reap the whirlwind!

“Time for revenge! None shall escape!” Avenging Alamut gazes down upon Cronus from his castle with fury in his profound eyes. Wearing dark ornate armor and holding a blazing sword, he is the avatar of vengeance!

Once the most brilliant warrior of Cronus, Alamut knows his land well. By offering the soul and body as the final sacrifice to the demons, he has become more powerful than before! That’s how he annihilated the defense of Sunset County in few days and built his fortress for his overwhelming ambition.

Capturing Alamut’s fortress will require all your cunning and strength:

1. Battle strategy is vitally important here. First, don’t forget to bring rare items you’ve got from the former instance quests. You’ll find them useful once you enter the fortress. Demon warriors are much tougher than monsters in Cronus; some will cast spells to confuse and entice you in order to take you out of the action, others may explode suddenly after being killed and devastate the surrounding landscape. Remember, a Paladin will be of great assistance for this battle.

2. Terrain is no longer simple decoration. Pay special attention to the traps littered around Caria Fortress! The blizzard, thorn, thunder, rock, flame traps will cause your HP to continuously decrease, there even are some traps that contain a mix of effects and will stop you dead in your tracks. Teamwork is important, but there exist some traps that deal a huge amount of damage and can only be activated by multiple players. So try not to get caught in a blast. Be smart, or your team will die easily. There are also some barriers needing you to collect right items to disable them.

3. Side quests often provide hints to solving the main quest. We made sure they are not too difficult to complete, and always offer generous rewards along with an immersive storyline. So, if Alamut is too tough for you to tackle, try finishing some of the side quests.

4. Before reaching Alamut, you will receive a warm welcome by his loyal cadre. Their unique skills are deadly to the uninitiated, so I will give you a brief rundown of Alamut’s elite guards.
Inferno Inquisitor.
His faith in Alamut is unmatched. This Templar followed Alamut to the Demons when the lord lost his faith in humanity. The loyalty of the knight was such that Alamut granted him the Flame Cyclone and Flame Amor skills, giving this inquisitor the power of hellfire in both attack and defense. His dark strength can drag a target close to him and deal a critical hit.

Countess Sutton
Known worldwide for bathing in the blood of the virgins and infants in an attempt to remain forever young, this infamous witch was born to be evil! She can easily release a cloud of sulfur gas that enrages anyone nearby and causes them to attack anything they see! Anyone attacking her will receive rebounded damage equals to what she suffers.

Abyssal Overseer
Appearing to be the follower of Alamut, this demon knight is in fact the eyes and ears of the Demon Lord placed to make sure the Lord’s plans will run smoothly. Born as a demon knight in fire, he is second only to Alamut in this fortress! This infernal master of flames can summon fire monsters, create his image to attack enemy with fire, and summon some burning ivy to sprout and entangle targets on the ground.

5. Want to know about the final boss Alamut? There are still mysteries in this world. Maybe somebody in the fortress will know.

Today is a good day to die. What, you want to live forever?