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To be honest, I'mnot sure but I have an idea i want to run with. The Idea is this: To write the first hand account of creating a true MMORPG 2.0. In a rapidly changing genre, something has been forgotten. FUN! as has something else. Role-playing. =)

Author: Amblin

Magic vs Combat Magic in MMO's

Posted by Amblin Thursday February 14 2008 at 7:00AM
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Hi folks,


Wel this is a quick post to be updated later with more flesh to it's meagre bones, howver I wanted to briefly touch on Magic in MMO's.

It sucks. In RPGs being a wielder of magic meant you were capable of far more than fireballs and frost novas. You could change the weather, Purge evil, transform the landscape and the minds of it's citizens.

Today's MMOs are all about combat magic and battles, Roleplaying is a secondary if not the last concern in design.

It is time to re-instate the power to magic and giving the truly powerful real power and all the choices and risk that comes with it.

I am thinking of cantrips and sleight of hand, followed by magic by focus items, them magic by gesture and words, followed by magic by thought alone. Spells would be either from each discreet 'level'or by a combination of 2 or more of the levels of magic.

Non combat and some in combat magic would affect the world permanently.

The prices for weilding such power would be a balance between skill/choice/risk.