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To be honest, I'mnot sure but I have an idea i want to run with. The Idea is this: To write the first hand account of creating a true MMORPG 2.0. In a rapidly changing genre, something has been forgotten. FUN! as has something else. Role-playing. =)

Author: Amblin

Players Unite, Fanboys stop sucking Cryptic's Chubby and support your bretheren.

Posted by Amblin Wednesday August 26 2009 at 2:29PM
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Guy and Dolls,

Please please please do yourself and your community a favour and VOICE your disgust at the Shoddy, underhand move by Atari and Cryptic to rescind the Subscrption offiers that were meant to be available until September 1st, AS ADVERTISED!!!

Fanboys, lay down your shields and cross the line.

If they get away with this, what will they do next?

Only by uniting and backing eachother will you make a difference.

EULA's do not allow companies in this biz to get away with murder (even if they think they do).

This is a blatant attempt to reduce thier losses based on a time dependant offer by now claiming they made a mistake and posting in a forum.

There was no mistake, either they knowing misold a product or they are attempting damage limitation.


Cryptic have basically just stated FU Customer pay up and keep it coming, we need cash like you need blood and we're gonna blled you dry you dumb faced fucks! HaHa ONE BORN EVERY MINUTE!

So shout back! FU CRYPTIC, honour your deal and win back your playerbase or WE LEAVE!


Been busy but I spotted something that caught my eye.

Posted by Amblin Tuesday August 26 2008 at 3:24PM
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Well I am still going through the process of making my own game.

This isn't so easy, infact it's effin' hard so I take my hats off to anyone that likes to code.

Having said that I am still a gamer and I have been following Warhammer recently as it is the next big MMO release this year.

While I like AoC, it isn't going to hold a candle to the polish seen in Warhammer. Feel free to disagree at your leisure.

But that wans't what caught my eye, what did was something that caught me as odd. The lack of produral animation on the side of Chaos. By this I mean that I feel Mythic missed the boat by not going down the route of using procedural animation techniques ala spore to create a true mutations or gifts of Chaos to players.

Can you imagine having real random (yet not too random) mutations? an extra arm? a scorpian tail? your head in your chest? extra joints? more than 5 fingers? 2 heads!

Personally, if I want to create mutants in a game, I'd go for procedural animation over the handcrafted traditional style. While it is harder to implememnt and it can sometimes lack the polish only a good animator can give to a subject, it could really open up the possibilites and colour within games.

hey ho back to the grindstone.

It's time. time to show how it should be done.

Posted by Amblin Sunday April 13 2008 at 11:11AM
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Well folks,

It's been a while, longer than I would have liked. Unfortunately life gets in the ways and things get forgotten or put off in preference to the needs of the now.

But now i'm back and after some thought I have decided to go the whole hog and set up a website and go forward and try and make a game of my own.

Crazy? Most likely, however I have simply had my fill of the repetetive bilge produced by the current generation of mmo makers.

So I am going to attempt or die trying, to create a real 2.0 MMo or atleast a tech demo of one displaying the features I want to see in MMo games.

To this end I am going with a modified Idea I had a long time ago. My MMo will cater for most if not all current genres of gaming.

That means there's going to be sports, war, rts, puzzle, rpg, fps and flight games all rolled up onto one original IP.

Still sounds mental right?

Well hear me out. So many games try to portray a grand opera, a war opera at that. And all we get are instanced non -ynamic games where regardless of how many foes you defeat, no matter how hard you work, when you log in the world was just as you left it.

I just left Tabula Rasa today for this reason, the story could be great a really good premise on par with the new run of Battlestar Galactica. However, the game is linear, instanced to hell and back and nothing changes. You take a mission in an instance, complete it and it's back to where it was before you entered ready for the next person. Why? What was so great about it that everyone should be allowed to play it? Why would you want someone's sloppy seconds? Most instances don't even progress the so call story or plot woven into most mmo's, they're just time sinks.

Wouldn't it be better to be in a squad, take a mission to free some prisoners and escape? Better still, you could roll the dice and decide to retake the prison, calling up extra help in the form of other squads and any freed prisoners! Or over and above that, allow yourself to be captured to set up a diversion in the prison to distract the guards from an impending rescue mission in the first place! the possibilites are endless. Well not endless but you get the drift.

And afterward, if successful the prison is liberated, and is now free to be used by your side!!! It could be visited, even have follow up missions like data mining enemy records and data, removing sabotage devices to make an area safe, hunting down fleeing guards and the warden, hell you may need to recapture soe prisoners who are a threat to both sides?  Or if it fails you could be catured and now might try to escape form the inside! or uncover a plot of evil experiments  and have to find a way to stop it.

I'm talking about dynamism. I'm talking about entertaining the player by actually allowing them to write thier own small story in a much larger tale, to affect the outcome of a war by their actions. And most importantly, allow that war come to an end. If Star wars has taught us anything it's that there's always new enemies and crises to challenge us.

This is what is missing from MMo's. They aren't entertaining anymore, the point of games is to entertain, perhaps make us think, be a new artform and allow us mere mortals the chance to fantasise for a little while about What if.....

Secondly, I have come up with a system that make gold farming defunk'd. Putting it in basic terms It's called action = reward. Want a house, well don't worry you get one free, want something above average, you earn it via missions or quest or what ever you want to call it. No amount of gold will buy you anything of real value or use. glod farm forwever and all you will have is a lot of gold. Play cleverly and you could own the galaxy though your actions/deeds.

On top of this there will be no Auction House as it stands in current MMo's. All loot will be sold to 3rd party npc's crafted and dropped alike. Prices will fluctuate based on supply and demand within limits, so you won't ever have to pay inflated prices for items or consumables etc. Crafters will get to sign deals with the 3rd parties to promote their wears. You will be avble to buy what ever is in the 'pot' from a vendor. No more waiting no more 500% price hikes for crafting materials. Just a simple working system that is fair to all. Secondly when your after material etc, you can get these by setting up contacts to supply you. They will give you an agreed amount in return for something they need.

Player weapons, for those wishing to get physical will grow with the player. You can still buy something new and use it however over time players will be given the option of improving a weapon they have continually used. So no more raiding for that ultimate loot! You make your own weapon a legend! It grows with you as you make a name for yourself.

Then there is the thorny issue of player classes and skills/levels. Well i'm going with a carreer/skill based set up, so you can choose from a host of carreers to suit you gamestyle.

I already posted this on my leaving form to TR, but if you have a war setting why not have a war correspondant class that instead of killing like everyone else is there to shoot and record the action of the squad they're attached to? then this could be edited and made into a machinma for others to view on ingame tv or via the website. Wouldn't it be cool to hear about your squad on the ingame radio or tv with the news reader extolling your heroics to the masses? Making you a legend?

If the class as given the tools to flesh out the role it could be great to watch some glorious victories.

 PVP. FFA PVP is something I understand hover PVP should have consequences. You murder someone, someone will come looking for you, bounty hunters, police etc. However being an outlaw opens up options, pereviously unavilable, however it's a risk vs reward decision.

You screw someone over or make a nuscance of yourself, I'll put you in stocks and let passers by throw rotten tomatoes at you for example.

Finally, death. Permadeath is not an option but then again death is but the beginning of a new journey, whether it leads back to the physical world or somewhere else is left up to you. Just because you see in 3D doesn't mean the universe isn't 23D does it?

Just some ideas and ramblings.

So I have ranted on gone about some stuff, but come back soon, as I am registering a domain and getting some hosting for a new website for this game.

Wish me luck and smoke me a kipper, i'll be back fro breakfast. =p



Magic vs Combat Magic in MMO's

Posted by Amblin Thursday February 14 2008 at 7:00AM
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Hi folks,


Wel this is a quick post to be updated later with more flesh to it's meagre bones, howver I wanted to briefly touch on Magic in MMO's.

It sucks. In RPGs being a wielder of magic meant you were capable of far more than fireballs and frost novas. You could change the weather, Purge evil, transform the landscape and the minds of it's citizens.

Today's MMOs are all about combat magic and battles, Roleplaying is a secondary if not the last concern in design.

It is time to re-instate the power to magic and giving the truly powerful real power and all the choices and risk that comes with it.

I am thinking of cantrips and sleight of hand, followed by magic by focus items, them magic by gesture and words, followed by magic by thought alone. Spells would be either from each discreet 'level'or by a combination of 2 or more of the levels of magic.

Non combat and some in combat magic would affect the world permanently.

The prices for weilding such power would be a balance between skill/choice/risk.

Get some Perspective!

Posted by Amblin Thursday February 14 2008 at 6:50AM
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Hello again,

Well here's hopefully the start of my regular posts on MMO design, which at some point in the near future will be collated into a design document to make a new MMO.

Now today's ramblings are on a subject that has been on my mind for the past few weeks. Perspective.

What does Perspective mean to me in a MMO sense? Well I have been thinking along the lines of a one size fits all MMO. However how do you make such a behemoth? Nearly everyone has a different taste for the style and looks of an mmo they want to play. some prefer elves, other mechs. Some people like westerns, some sci-fi, some period drama's, some prehistoric and anything in between.

The answer I am beginning to develope is to perhaps create a number of styles for one underlying MMO. So that two players, one a sci-fi lover, the other a western lover for example would play the same game but experience two different visual and contextual versions. However this leads on to something else.

What if rather than just having differing textures and models/text, you had overlaying worlds? A very obvious example would be say the spirit world co-existing with the physical world but with limited communication/contact.

Imagine the possibilites for cross-world missions, where you need to get someone on the 'other side' to carry out a stage of a quest/action on your behalf. This could instigate player created and player driven quests. Or having to find a means to 'crossover' to complete a mission?

I'm beginning to think along the lines of Dante's Inferno with it's Nine? levels of Heaven and Hell with Earth in the middle as a concept to work on further.

So over to you folks, do we need more perspective on MMO games?


The Cut & Thrust of it.

Posted by Amblin Wednesday February 13 2008 at 7:08AM
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Well folks, I thought I'd post a quick blog during lunch to talk about combat in MMo's, specifically Age of Conan.

Most reader will already be used to the skill bar version of combat, prevelant in MMo's. While this suffices for most, it leaves me cold. I want real combat, with me at the helm, not taking a back seat to preloaded animations.

Now, AoC promises revolutionary combat, so called free form fighting. However a closer look at the released information and videos, so the same skill bar combat plus an added directional attack button.

This is a far cry from the original vison and has been changed to allow for the greater majority to get to grips with combat. Fine, no issue with that one.

However, the fundemental element missing from all combat in MMO's is choegraphy. By this I mean limits on movements and a system for controlled reaction and count-action for players. Currently there is too much freedom and this has created melee combat flows of stun, circle, circle, stun, circle, circle etc.

In PvP in AoC and most other MMO's combat is based on distance form the target and the direction they/you are facing. This is ok, until it's 2v1 or 3v1 etc. Then the single player is dead 99.9% of the time although they may not know it yet. The reason is because 1 player cannot position themselves adequately to properly defend themselves due to a badly designed freedom of movement system.

The very thing I beleive most players want is great looking, exciting combat that has pace, flow and momentum, just like the movies. When you played swg, didn't you want epic saber duels ala phantom menace or return of the jedi? What you got in reality was constant circling and running away.

To achive a good, paced combat system requires control and limits, not just on skills, but movement. It is from the combination of movement and pacing of attacks that the dance of war is born.

Pace is important too, you should get the coice of how hard you attack, by adding momentum to attacks. To mush power and you over swing and allow the opposing player to dodge/counter etc. use too little allows easier parrying but opens up feints etc.

Also flow is something missing in combat. You know that in medievel time full plater wearer would fight for about 5 minutes on average then retire and another would take their place so they could catch their breath. Just the same, MMOs should have flow between the winning player in combat and like wise provide opportunites for the loser to regain the upper hand.

In AoC Prepare to be disapointed, combat has a few new buttons but it isn't a step forward, it's just a side-step to mediocrity.

Anyone that is trained in using weapons will tell you fighting is a dance, it has flow and timing and is all about control, something that must be added to any MMO combat system if players are to get the chance to really enjoy swashbuckling their way through the enemy.

What do you think?