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Overflank: Bringing Imagination back into Game Play

For the most part, the MMO market right now is sad. They keep giving us more and more of the same old, high end graphics, low end role play games. Your stuck in a set of quests, with no ability to use your imagination. Thats not good enough for me.

Author: AlloughN

Overflank: Bringing Imagination back into Game Play

Posted by AlloughN Thursday October 16 2008 at 9:17AM
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This is a more in-depth description of the purpose of this blog.

The MMO industry is all but lifeless right now. We have "new and exciting" and for a while it is. After a while, you realize that its just the same old thing with a new UI and a new name.  They have the same old go here, get that, smash this into smithereens with your over-sized hammer, type of quests. For most people, that's all they want, pretty graphics and the ability to smash a orc head in one blow. For me, I want to be able to use my imagination, I want to be able to do ANYTHING, not just what the developers said I could.

I searched for a long time, and I found StarQuest Online. It was in beta at the time, and due to its lower graphics, and .midi sounds, I almost overlooked it. I thank the space gods I didn't. SQO is a true open ended, sandbox game. There are no quests, no admin created storyline. The admins created the starting point, YOU the player shapes the galaxy from that point on. Whatever happens in StarQuest, happens because you either caused it, or stood by and let someone else do it. Its future is totally in your hands to shaped as your imagination desires.

This blog is a diary of how me,  or one of my friends, has affected SQO. I decided to do this, because it will show you just exactly how free you can be in the universe of StarQuest Online.

I will be making one post per day, come back tomorrow to see the start of my story.


See you then.

KILLkip writes:

Sweet that's a nice inventive :)

An awful lot to type though, good luck! xD

Thu Oct 16 2008 10:22AM Report
zephar123 writes:

I have had many many great memories in that game. Here is a recent happening. I did not write this but was part of it and was a lot of fun.

this view comes from a rodomok one of races in game.


Awaken by Sever's ship wide yellow alert, I quickly suited up in my EV
suit with charged klin rifle and personal shield and raced for the bridge.
Master Kovlor Vok announced the IKS Lancewing requested assistance
after ambushing their prey, U.A.S Komarov. The Komarov and its
Captain Thalsin had killed many of my Rodomak brothers in the
destruction of their Raptors. My war blood hunger came to a boiling
point. We were 30 ly from the battle.

We raced across the space sectors to help the gallant crew of the
Lanceewing. We watched her as she brought down the the shields of the
Kov to 0% and her hull to 34% but she herself took much damage after
20 minutes into the battle.

At last we reached the fray, but as the Lancewing moved behind us to
recover and repair, I watched on sensors as the shields of the Kov were
being miraculously being repaired to 100%. Even though they
were enemies, I was impressed of the skills of her engineers.

Kovlor shouted “FIRE AT THEIR SHIELDS”. The Klinshayan tactical
officer aimed with deadly precision at the Kov's shields. The Lancewing
rejoined us, and together we disabled her shields to 0%, her hull to 0%.

The Third Fang of the Lancewing ordered across COMMs, the call for
volunteers to board our prey. Of course I jumped for the chance for
revenge and raced to the teleport. Kovlor followed behind and
shouted “At ease Shed, I'll find a spot where we can teleport you near
the bridge, where there are no inhibitors.”
As the team was readying as a boarding party, I was ported over first to
the starboard side of the bridge, stood in the center and PSI waved. I
found 2 terrans and my blood lust took over and riddled their bodies with
shots. I then removed the teleport inhibitors and the rest of the team
from both ships ported on.

We searched Deck 2 aft and our hunting party found 2 more terrans and
vanquished them. But we knew there was a group of alliance rodents in
Deck 4 AFT huddled around their teleport inhibitors. Two us raced
through the doors of the aft on 4 and the alliance group ambushed
Kovlor but I escaped realizing it was fruitless to save my master. So I
returned to the Kov's bridge and the remaining team ported back to the

I returned to the Sever, and with the help of my fellow officer, I
searched the Kov for terrans who did not have an inhibitor. We found
two of them, ported them and my companion and myself erased their
existence with our rifles.

A plan was put together from the High Fang Mor'dd and Third Fang Drex
to teleport me to the rear port of Deck 4 out of sight of the alliance and
a following group of Klins and Rodomaks to the starboard of the same
deck. The command was shouted, “FOR THE EMPIRE!!”. I hit my psi
waves as the rest of team charged from the other side. But the alliance
had luck on their side and thwarted our attempt to eliminate them. We, 5
had died for the emperor.

As I and the rest of the team resurrected on our home world, we refitted
ourselves and waited till the Lancewing, tractoring the U.A.S Komarov,
returned to our home world. The Lancewing then ported us back and the
High Fang plotted the next attempt. The plan was to vanquish the
terrans before they decided to hit the self destruct button on their ship.
7 of us crammed into the TP room and Third Fang prepared to port us
over to the KOV.

Just before we ported, the room illuminated and the terrans appeared
amongst us on the pad. There was chaos and screaming. The Third
Fang ran out of TP room screaming, “Kill them no survivors” and raced to
the bridge. I blocked the door as the KOV and Lancewing crew
attempted to escape the room. My klinshayan rifle has only one setting,
death. I fell Thalsin with deadly shots, Stars, Viaoberis and another I
can not remember, and emptied my rifle energy into them. I felt lucky
that their shields had failed so I could make the final kills. But I had also
caused friendly fire on one of Rodomak brothers and my master,

I could hear from the outside the hull of the Lancewing, the explosive
destruction of U.A.S Komarov, knowing it was done by her own crew.

Back on the IKS Sever, I sat that night on my crew bed wiping the blood
from from my rifle and I thought of the crew of the U.A.S Komarov.
How superb they fought and how I was proud to be fighting against such
great warriors. May I, on my last breath, fight as they had that day.

Thu Oct 16 2008 1:37PM Report writes:
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