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Overflank: Bringing Imagination back into Game Play

For the most part, the MMO market right now is sad. They keep giving us more and more of the same old, high end graphics, low end role play games. Your stuck in a set of quests, with no ability to use your imagination. Thats not good enough for me.

Author: AlloughN

Barren Beginnings

Posted by AlloughN Friday October 17 2008 at 1:31PM
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     I got off to a bit of a rough start, since there was no tutorial back then to help me, but within a couple days, I was aboard a Icuras class starship. Unbeknownst to me, I had joined the game just as the war with the Klinshayan Empire was dieing down. To me, SQO looked kind of empty, thats because it was, all ships, orbitals, and colonies are owned by players. For a couple weeks before I joined, those players had been putting all their resouces into fighting the Klins (referred to by us as the lizzards). During the final series of battles, the lizzards had managed to wipe out most of those colonies, and had almost overrun the Alliance core worlds before Starfleet managed to turn them back. The lizzards lost that war, their entire fleet was destroyed, and their homes blasted by UAS heavy cruisers from orbit. It was into this barren universe that I started. In the few months after, colonies sprang up all over, ships and orbitals became more plentiful. The ship I worked on was a cargo runner, I helped take supplies to those growing colonies, helped to tow orbitals into place. By now I had worked my way up the steep learning curve, and was a Senior Officer aboard the S.S. Khol. It was then that I decided to try out my new RP muscles. To see if SQO could deliver the gameplay experience it promised.

To be continued.....

Overflank: Bringing Imagination back into Game Play

Posted by AlloughN Thursday October 16 2008 at 10:17AM
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This is a more in-depth description of the purpose of this blog.

The MMO industry is all but lifeless right now. We have "new and exciting" and for a while it is. After a while, you realize that its just the same old thing with a new UI and a new name.  They have the same old go here, get that, smash this into smithereens with your over-sized hammer, type of quests. For most people, that's all they want, pretty graphics and the ability to smash a orc head in one blow. For me, I want to be able to use my imagination, I want to be able to do ANYTHING, not just what the developers said I could.

I searched for a long time, and I found StarQuest Online. It was in beta at the time, and due to its lower graphics, and .midi sounds, I almost overlooked it. I thank the space gods I didn't. SQO is a true open ended, sandbox game. There are no quests, no admin created storyline. The admins created the starting point, YOU the player shapes the galaxy from that point on. Whatever happens in StarQuest, happens because you either caused it, or stood by and let someone else do it. Its future is totally in your hands to shaped as your imagination desires.

This blog is a diary of how me,  or one of my friends, has affected SQO. I decided to do this, because it will show you just exactly how free you can be in the universe of StarQuest Online.

I will be making one post per day, come back tomorrow to see the start of my story.


See you then.