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Allods Online

Allods Online, voted Best Game and Audience Choice at the Russian Game Developers Conference in 2009, is a revolutionary sci-fi fantasy MMORPG developed by over four years with a budget of $12 million.

Author: AllodsOnline

New Patch 3.0.5, Autumn Wind, is blowing in on October 30

Posted by AllodsOnline Thursday October 25 2012 at 7:35PM
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The release of Patch 3.0.5, Autumn Wind, is right around the corner and we are going to cover some of the main features that will impact Sarnaut on October 30!


• Summerhold •
Allods Online currently has two skirmishes, small battles where a group of players engage in instanced PvP combat. A new skirmish is being added to the lineup, but this time groups of twelve players must work together to take down a thundering mechanical giant. The kicker that makes this skirmish unique is that players must take down the boss in vehicle-based combat!

There are four types of combat vehicles that players can choose from, each with their own unique roles. For example, IS-7 Heavy is a slow and steady vehicle that can disable the targeting, firing, and mobility of the enemy boss while Type 59 ST is a titan vehicle that protects its allies by taking care of additional machines that the enemy boss spawns.

The goal of Summerhold is to take down the enemy boss before it devours all treasure chests in its rampaging path. The more chests that are saved, the more rewards you will receive!


• Professions Reworked •
In a previous patch, Alchemy was merged with Herbalism to be more convenient for the player. In Patch 3.0.5, all other professions are being brought up to speed with this same format. Crafting professions will be combined with their appropriate gathering profession counterparts to be self-sufficient. The crafting interface has also changed, and at higher levels players can even make Astral gear that can be used for upgrading armor!

This image shows the new and improved Blacksmithing interface.


• Goblinball •

Goblinball is a traditional Orcish sport that is celebrated and played by both the League and Empire. It's a rough activity, with very few rules and regulations. This patch however, Goblinball is getting a bit more organized and accessible.

Players will be able to queue for Goblinball matches from anywhere by using the Skirmish menu. Each match consists of 8 players split into two teams: 4 Red Team players and 4 Blue Team players. The objective is to get the Goblinball into the opposing team's goal. It may sound easy but it will require coordination and skill to beat your opponents!


• Visual Improvements •

It’s no secret that Sarnaut is a visually stunning world! Over time we’ve seen new unique allods and even changes to existing areas like the beautification of the Imperial capital, Nezebgrad. This time however we’ll be seeing a new kind of visual improvement – an entire makeover for female Xadaganians!

While the Arisen gift the Empire with their intellect and the orcs boast strength and vigor, Xadaganian women bring all of these things plus their own elegance and determination. Wanting to showcase the more elegant side of the Xadaganians, the developers have graciously provided a gorgeous new model, complete with new animations and hairstyles!

Another visual improvement is the new group emote for role players to enjoy - Gallant Sweep. Gallant Sweep allows a male character (non-Gibberlings) to pick up a female character (also non- Gibberling). Using the ability on another player will ask their permission to be picked up. Female players that have completed the quest can request from a male character to be picked up, which will also open a prompt before the emote can happen.


• Interface Changes •

Each patch update finds ways to improve adventuring throughout Sarnaut and Patch 3.0.5 is no exception. One change being made is the re-ordering of active effects for your character. Active effects (buffs, debuffs) will appear in the usual part on your interface, but in the following order from left to right:

Important effects, Effects lasting <2 minutes, Effects lasting >2 minutes, Permanent effects

This will improve party interaction between members by making identifying certain effects easier, especially when checking how much time you have left on particular buffs.


With all that we have shown you so far, Patch 3.0.5 is sure to bring new challenges while revamping current content to keep the user experience fresh and engaging!

You can check out details of each Patch 3.0.5 preview here -