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Allods Online

Allods Online, voted Best Game and Audience Choice at the Russian Game Developers Conference in 2009, is a revolutionary sci-fi fantasy MMORPG developed by over four years with a budget of $12 million.

Author: AllodsOnline

Allods Online’s Evolution of PvP: Past and Patch 3.0 Present

Posted by AllodsOnline Tuesday February 21 2012 at 6:56PM
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Allods Online has come a long way to the current state of the game now with Patch 3.0, Overture of the Damned, with improvement of in-game features to increase the community’s overall enjoyment. One feature we wanted to highlight is PvP!
Allods Online revolves around conflicts between two warring factions, Empire and League, so PvP is an essential part of every player’s experience. With PvP, comes the possible conflict of interest since everyone does not share the same level of enthusiasm for competition, penalties, and rewards that comes with killing and being killed by other players.
To better understand how Allods Online’s PvP has improved, we need to take a step back in time to understand what issues existed in the past.
To Gank, or Not to Gank, That is the Temptation!
Some early feedback from Allods Online’s open beta days was the amount of ganking that occurred in one of the leveling zones known as Asee-Teph. Players were able to level without any PvP engagement up until level 23 since Asee-Teph is the first zone where Empire and League players may encounter each other while questing. While characters have a Flag of War that can be turned off to avoid PvP encounters, other players can activate one’s Flag of War through the usage of a special War Banner item that has a chance of dropping from monsters. Also some quests required you to attack the opposing faction’s NPCs which would cause your flag of war to be raised. While the lust for enemy engagement was thrilling to some players, other players were not so fond of being killed.
Another main issue related to ganking was high level players would hang around Asee-Teph and attack low level players. There was a light at the end of the tunnel for non PvP-oriented players as the amount of ganking that occurred greatly decreased after Asee-Teph (level 23-27 zone) due to the physical layout of the zone and the reduced amount of quests that required you to attack opposing faction NPCs.
The first main attempt at resolving the ganking issue was implementing special NPCs that sell Emblems of Justice. When activated, Emblems of Justice rain down a thundering wrath of lightning that instantly destroy any players above level 29 that had their Flag of War raised. These Emblems of Justice could be purchased by characters below level 29 and only one could be carried at a time.
Once Emblems of Justice were implemented, we noticed an immediate decrease of ganking feedback from the community. In fact, some high level players complained about being “ganked” by lower level players using the Emblems of Justice. It was a step in the right direction as it discouraged high level players from hanging around Asee-Teph just to cause an inconvenience for players trying to progress through the zone. Emblems of Justice helped reduce the amount of ganking although some high level players were still determined to leave their mark, so being zapped to death didn’t stop them from coming back from Purgatory to hunt down the ones that one-shot them. Since players can only carry one Emblem of Justice at a time, it was possible for high level players to come back and take down low level players without having an opportunity to acquire another Emblem of Justice.
To further reduce the amount of ganking, Patch 2.0.06: Undaunted, from this past October increased the amount of Emblems of Justice that could be carried from 1 to 20! It would also cause a stackable movement speed decrease for high level players who were still persistent in their ganking ways.
While ganking can still occur, it is no longer a top community concern as it used to be given all the changes to deter ganking. Some feedback from high level players was that they just wanted some form of PvP and there was not much in the game at the time. Now with Patch 3.0, there are so many PvP options that high level players wouldn’t want to spend time in lower level zones when they can be challenging themselves and gaining special rewards for their destructive ways!
Patch 3.0 PvP Features Galore!
Each major patch has implemented a diverse amount of PvP features. Not only has Allods Online gained intense PvP features, each major patch makes changes based on community feedback to make PvP that much more sweeter! Patch 3.0 has positively altered the mechanics of past PvP features as well as adding an exciting addition to Allods Online – Skirmishes!
Skirmishes - Skirmishes allow players from level 23 to 51 in a capture-the-flag zone featuring three capture points – Sawmill, Zem Ruins, and Windmill. The level brackets are set up to ensure that players only fight against other similar level players who queue up in these 12 versus 12 matches. Winning Skirmishes isn’t about dominating your opponent’s raid with brute force but rather coordination and teamwork since you need to spread out your forces to protect and attack the three capture points until enough points are accumulated.
Skirmishes encourage participation even for those who may not be too fond of PvP since the winning and losing raid both receives rewards but with different amounts that can be used to obtain powerful weapons and armor.
Even with the new Skirmishes, we can’t forget about past PvP features that have been updated due to Patch 3.0.
Arena of Death– This 24 versus 24 arena death match has been Allods Online’s core PvP event for a long time. Besides back-and-forth head bashing, players need to fight over looting treasure that spawn randomly throughout the match. One issue that Patch 3.0 improved is reducing the amount of players needed to start Arena of Death so now players engage in 12 versus 12 matches. This change along with previously changing Arena of Death to occur anytime during the day with a queue system instead of set times allows for more flexibility since the event will trigger according to players’ schedule.
June Catacombs– June Catacombs is a giant maze with dangers around every corner. Not only must you demolish June Catacomb’s golem guardians, players need to destroy the other 11 participants who have the same goal as you – stay alive while reaching the heart of the maze where glorious treasure awaits! Being killed will set you back to the beginning so it’s a brutal fight to the finish! Players can now queue for June Catacombs in the same manner they queue for Arena of Death and is also designed for 12 players.
Astral Confrontation– Astral Confrontation is Allods Online’s main guild-oriented PvP feature where guilds form their strongest raids where they are instantly teleported to an allod. An allod is essentially a floating island and there is a set time during the week when guilds can bid on the right to attack and defend one’s allod. Once on the allod, the attacking guild’s raid fights against the defending guild’s raid checkpoint after checkpoint. Each checkpoint has cannons set up that can be controlled by the guild’s defending raid to help blast away enemy players. Victory will be yours if you are the attacking raid and you have penetrated the defenses of the defending raid to the very end. Likewise, the defending raid will win if they are able to successfully repel the invasion of the attacking raid for the duration of the event. Being the winners of the weekly Astral Confrontation will award you with an explosive amount of guild prestige to improve your guild’s level as well as rare refining materials to upgrade your gear.
Melting Isle– Unlike the other PvP features mentioned so far, Melting Isle isn’t an organized event that players queue up for although players can travel to this icy wasteland in competition against players from both factions for hidden treasure covered in snow. End-game players are able to hunt for treasure in this zone while battling it out with others for up to two hours a day to prevent over farming of treasure chests.
Now that you’ve been given an update of what Allods Online offers in terms of PvP with Patch 3.0, we invite you to accept the challenge and be a driving force in the League or Empire’s continuous clash for combat glory!                         

Patch 3.0, Overture of the Damned, Making Allods Online That Much More Astronomical!

Posted by AllodsOnline Tuesday February 14 2012 at 7:08PM
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With Patch 3.0, Overture of the Damned, coming out this week, there are a lot of exciting features to look forward to. We wanted to take a moment to share the new features and how they will positively impact Allods Online’s currently gameplay.
New Class – Bard!

The bard is the newest archetype being added to Allods Online’s existing lineup of playable characters. This support class brings with it a diverse arsenal of AoE attacks, healing spells and crowd control abilities.
What this also means is other archetypes will need to adjust and re-strategize their play style to accommodate Bard’s harmonious and influential ways in PvE and PvP scenarios.
Currency Exchange

One of the most exciting features being introduced is Currency Exchange! There will be an NPC located in each faction’s capital that will allow you to convert gold into Gem Shards or vice versa.
Before going into further details, we wanted to provide you with a quick history review regarding Gem Shards. Gem Shards are an alternate form of Item Shop currency introduced in a past patch. It allowed more flexibility since players could purchase Gem Shards then use those Gem Shards at any time to purchase Item Shop items whenever they wanted instead of purchasing particular Item Shop items from the get-go. Gem Shards can also be traded and sold one the in-game Auction House which is helpful for purchasing bound Item Shop items.
With Patch 3.0, we continue to increase convenience of obtaining Item Shop items with Currency Exchange. There will be a limited number of Gem Shards that can be exchange for gold each day. The system works based on supply and demand so the lower the demand, the lower the prices are, and vice versa. The Currency Exchange system  brings a whole new element not found in other Free to Play MMORPGs!

Having a content update as grand as this one wouldn’t be complete without innovative ways of duking it out against other players, and Overture of the Damned does not disappoint.
Skirmishes are a twelve versus twelve PvP instance where players between levels 23-51 will engage in capture-the-flag style of combat for special rewards.
This is a welcome addition to Allods Online’s current PvP features. As it stands, there are four in-game PvP structured events – Arena of Death, June Catacombs, Melting Isle, and Astral Confrontation. Each of these four PvP features are geared toward end-game players, so Skirmishes will allow enjoyment of organized PvP starting at the lower levels. Skirmishes also do not limit encounters between both Empire and League, so players may find themselves pit against members of their own faction!
Dead City!
Dead City is a new raid instance for twenty-four players. This new raid instance will expand on the current end-game raid known as Gorluxor's  Tower. Dead City will feature over ten new bosses for players who are level 49+. With this end-game addition, players will have challenging content to strive for in the months to come!
New Allods and Astral Layers!

Allods Online is greatest known for the Astral where players can build ships and travel with other players to Far Astral Allods in search of epic treasure. With Patch 3.0, the Astral will expand from three layers up to the Fifth Layer. What this means is players will have new Far Astral Allods to explore, new armor and weapons to hunt for, and new customizations for your Astral ship. For veteran players who have mastered end-game content, they will have a blast exploring all the challenges that wait in the depths of the Astral!
Tropical Allod!

With so much new PvE and PvP content being added, players will also be able to take a breather at the Tropical Allod. This tropical paradise lets players from both factions engage in some wet and wild activities such as mixing cocktails, seabed exploration, karaoke, and crab racing!
This fun zone is the first location where players can hang out with each other in a non-combat zone without having to worry if their flag of way is accidentally is raised. After seeing all the available mini games included in the Tropical Allod, expect to see the Allods Team come up with some cool events from this home away from home!
Tropical Allod
We hope you enjoyed this inside look at what’s to come with Patch 3.0, Overture of the Damned. We’ll see YOU in Sarnaut soon!