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Allods Online

Allods Online, voted Best Game and Audience Choice at the Russian Game Developers Conference in 2009, is a revolutionary sci-fi fantasy MMORPG developed by over four years with a budget of $12 million.

Author: AllodsOnline

New Patch 3.0.5, Autumn Wind, is blowing in on October 30

Posted by AllodsOnline Thursday October 25 2012 at 8:35PM
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The release of Patch 3.0.5, Autumn Wind, is right around the corner and we are going to cover some of the main features that will impact Sarnaut on October 30!


• Summerhold •
Allods Online currently has two skirmishes, small battles where a group of players engage in instanced PvP combat. A new skirmish is being added to the lineup, but this time groups of twelve players must work together to take down a thundering mechanical giant. The kicker that makes this skirmish unique is that players must take down the boss in vehicle-based combat!

There are four types of combat vehicles that players can choose from, each with their own unique roles. For example, IS-7 Heavy is a slow and steady vehicle that can disable the targeting, firing, and mobility of the enemy boss while Type 59 ST is a titan vehicle that protects its allies by taking care of additional machines that the enemy boss spawns.

The goal of Summerhold is to take down the enemy boss before it devours all treasure chests in its rampaging path. The more chests that are saved, the more rewards you will receive!


• Professions Reworked •
In a previous patch, Alchemy was merged with Herbalism to be more convenient for the player. In Patch 3.0.5, all other professions are being brought up to speed with this same format. Crafting professions will be combined with their appropriate gathering profession counterparts to be self-sufficient. The crafting interface has also changed, and at higher levels players can even make Astral gear that can be used for upgrading armor!

This image shows the new and improved Blacksmithing interface.


• Goblinball •

Goblinball is a traditional Orcish sport that is celebrated and played by both the League and Empire. It's a rough activity, with very few rules and regulations. This patch however, Goblinball is getting a bit more organized and accessible.

Players will be able to queue for Goblinball matches from anywhere by using the Skirmish menu. Each match consists of 8 players split into two teams: 4 Red Team players and 4 Blue Team players. The objective is to get the Goblinball into the opposing team's goal. It may sound easy but it will require coordination and skill to beat your opponents!


• Visual Improvements •

It’s no secret that Sarnaut is a visually stunning world! Over time we’ve seen new unique allods and even changes to existing areas like the beautification of the Imperial capital, Nezebgrad. This time however we’ll be seeing a new kind of visual improvement – an entire makeover for female Xadaganians!

While the Arisen gift the Empire with their intellect and the orcs boast strength and vigor, Xadaganian women bring all of these things plus their own elegance and determination. Wanting to showcase the more elegant side of the Xadaganians, the developers have graciously provided a gorgeous new model, complete with new animations and hairstyles!

Another visual improvement is the new group emote for role players to enjoy - Gallant Sweep. Gallant Sweep allows a male character (non-Gibberlings) to pick up a female character (also non- Gibberling). Using the ability on another player will ask their permission to be picked up. Female players that have completed the quest can request from a male character to be picked up, which will also open a prompt before the emote can happen.


• Interface Changes •

Each patch update finds ways to improve adventuring throughout Sarnaut and Patch 3.0.5 is no exception. One change being made is the re-ordering of active effects for your character. Active effects (buffs, debuffs) will appear in the usual part on your interface, but in the following order from left to right:

Important effects, Effects lasting <2 minutes, Effects lasting >2 minutes, Permanent effects

This will improve party interaction between members by making identifying certain effects easier, especially when checking how much time you have left on particular buffs.


With all that we have shown you so far, Patch 3.0.5 is sure to bring new challenges while revamping current content to keep the user experience fresh and engaging!

You can check out details of each Patch 3.0.5 preview here -

A Day in the Life of Allods' Community Manager

Posted by AllodsOnline Wednesday August 29 2012 at 5:53PM
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Greetings! I’m PioPico, a community manager for Allods Online, and I’m the one that creates these cool blog entries for your viewing pleasure. Past blog entries we have shared with you have revolved around going in depth on new in-game features. I wanted to add some variety to this week’s blog entry by providing you with something more personal and light-hearted. I’m going to share what a typical day is like for your Allods community manager. Also throughout this blog I’ll share some fun pictures taken from past events I’ve done with the Allods community.

A player challenged me to listen to a Pikachu song loop for 10 hours on YouTube. I completed the challenge and in the end, I did not receive the hand-drawn picture of Pikachu in a tuxedo that I was promised. However, I did experience bleeding ears and a cool story that I could share.

I start off my morning by checking emails from my fellow Allods teammates – Condulus and Shockpix – for any important announcements or tasks they need me to do. From there, I check the forums to see what new discussions the community has created throughout the previous night. It’s great to see how helpful the community is with answering each other’s questions about the game and just generally being active with feedback. And no gaming community would be complete without its fair share of troll posts so those get sent to the garbage bin ;)

As publishers, one of our main responsibilities is to review community feedback regarding the game and share the feedback with the developers. While some people email their suggestions to our team, most of the feedback is posted on our forums. Besides reading discussions on the forums and replying back with our thoughts on the topic, we compile the feedback and bug reports to bring to the developer’s attention.

I also check and reply back to all private messages sent to me on the forums, although 50% of them are requests for help with issues in the game where I refer them to submit a support ticket. We want to be consistent and make sure we don’t miss everyone who needs help. While I understand it may be easier to send a forum message to a GM requesting help, there is no tracking system with our forums so resolving issues through an official support ticket is the way to go!

One of the most memorable events is we had players records themselves copying dance moves from characters in Allods Online. Condulus and I showed our Allods pride where we created a video that showed our dance moves to promote the event.

You can check out the dance video here -

One thing we pride ourselves with is a quick turnaround for the customer support tickets sent in. It’s a responsibility that is shared amongst our entire team. I’ll start off by checking how many new tickets we currently have in our inbox as well as tickets that I am currently in communication with for some players. I’ll always make sure I respond back to players I’ve already been in contact with first since their inquiry was reported at an earlier time. Responding back to customer support tickets isn’t a one-time deal and neglected for the rest of the day either. It’s something that we check throughout the day, so if there are not too many tickets sent in and we’re in effective beast mode, it’s possible you may get a response within the hour!

During my lunch break is also when I’ll check out my Facebook account that I created for my GM alias – PioPico. Facebook is a great way to reach out to people so I created the account earlier this year as another method to get to know the Allods community on a more personal level. You’ll often see me posting random pictures from IRL and random informal shenanigans. It’s a place for me to goof around and be sillier.

This is a picture from one of our many maintenance games that we host every week. This picture was an example for a scavenger hunt where we told players a letter and they needed to take a picture of an object in real life that starts with that letter.

Something that doesn’t happen on a daily basis but is one of my main roles is planning events. I try to come up with a diverse amount of events for the forums, Facebook, or in the game. The amount of events we plan often depends on the workload of other projects that take priority, such as getting ready for a patch update with new content. Fortunately, our other community manager Shockpix is a champ at handling the game’s localization, the bulk of our workload for new patch updates.

Going back to events, I’ll create a schedule a month in advance of the events we’ll run for the community. Most of the contests I plan for the forums or Facebook reward winners with Premium Crystals, a form of Item Shop currency that players use to purchase items from our Item Shop. Events in the game offer more variety though, giving anything from in-game items, global bonuses (increased experience, increased monster drops), or even just a chance to hang out with the GMs with blinding fireworks and snowball-in-your-face fun! These types of events are important for a happy community since it brings added entertainment to the game. It makes the community’s ingame experience that much more special while allowing me to express my creativity in a virtual space.

However, bigger events that require more coordination such as login events or real life prize giveaways is something the whole Allods team brainstorms together. Those types of events will always have set-in-stone dates for the best execution and positive feedback from the community.

Since event planning requires a creative mindset, I prefer to plan future events outside of the office. I like to plan events over a drink or snack at a coffee, boba, or smoothie place.

The day continues until about 6:30 PM when I typically leave the office for personal activities. There are some issues that can only be resolved by meeting players while they are logged in the game, so I’ll plan to stay later in order to meet up with some players who may be living in time zones that are outside of our active hours of operation. I just wish there were more hours in a day to respond back to everyone in the community before the day comes to an end.

 The tasks I covered are the bread-and-butter that define my role as a community manager. There are other projects I work on that may not occur on a daily basis, such as writing these blog entries, but the variety of tasks available are one of the wonders of being in this position. It’s all about customer service and keeping the community cool. Being a community manager is never dull as each day brings in new challenges and situations, often bringing a smile to my face in the form of a “thank you” from a member of our community. From my time spent as a community manager, I understand that the more you give, the more you get.

Allods Online’s Take on “Player Housing”

Posted by AllodsOnline Friday July 27 2012 at 12:57PM
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Today we are going to delve into a common feature you may come across in MMORPGs known as player housing, but within Allods Online. Player housing contains similar functions but common elements tend to focus around giving the user a personalized space to hang out and acquire territory within the large virtual world where our characters exist.

The concept of player housing has evolved in Allods over time as we continue to receive constant content updates from the developers. Last September we introduced Astral Ship customization. Anyone who is familiar with Allods will know Astral ship combat and exploration is a unique feature that distinguishes the game from other MMORPGs.
With Astral ship customization, players were given the option to customize practically every corner of their ship including objects such as rugs, lights, counters, ceiling fixtures and more! This made trips to the Astral with your party more entertaining by riding in comfort and style that fit your personal desires.
The Game of Gods expansion last February introduced a feature for dedicated players to start their journey to achieve the Title of the Great, an advanced title to recognize one’s time and efforts from completing a series of challenges. Acquiring the Title of the Great initially offered various rewards such as increased skill points and a dual spec build.
The rewards have increased with every main patch update since February. This is where player housing saw a new light beyond Astral ship customization where players could begin construction of their own private allod! It’s a long construction phase and with Patch 3.0.4 coming August 8th, players are able to complete their allod’s construction with three terrain options to help personalize their home to one’s elemental taste – desert, jungle, and snow.
Players are able to teleport to their private allod to take a breather away from the PvP battles, raids, and busy capital cities. It’s a great opportunity to relax and hang out on one’s allod where there are also daily quests to award you with precious gold!
Having player housing in the form of a housing unit is cool, but owning your own allod is even more radical! With all that we have shown you so far, content is still being developed to make this feature a truly unique experience that will create more incentives to owning a private allod. Like you, we are excited to see how owning a private allod continues to evolve with future content updates!

Next Major Update Coming Soon and Opening of New Allods Server!

Posted by AllodsOnline Friday July 6 2012 at 6:42PM
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Over the past few months you have seen new additions to Allods Online such as new zones, new Allods to explore, a new Raid – Dead City, the Bard class was introduced, looter pets, and more. The game and the community continue to grow and will continue to do so. There is a lot to look forward to. And continuing that trend, we would like to officially announce that the next major update (3.0.4) will be coming soon!
Here is a preview of some new features to come as well as details about the opening of the new Allods Online server – Avilon!
• Mentor Changes •
Apprentices are now shared between a Progenitor and it’s Incarnations, meaning that a Mentor can only have a maximum of 10 Apprentices per character slot. If a player has accumulated more than 10 Apprentices between their Progenitor and Incarnations already, those Apprentices will remain, however the Mentor will be unable to receive new Apprentices until they are below the 10 Apprentice limit.
Additionally, if the ability to dismiss an Apprentice is used on a Progenitor or Incarnation, the cooldown is shared among the Progenitor and other Incarnations. Apprentices will not see Incarnations that are incognito.
A new button, next to the chat window, has been added so with just one click of your mouse you’ll be able to chat with your Mentor or Apprentices.

To encourage Mentors to invite their apprentices to their guild, information about receiving twice as many Marks of Diligence for an Apprentice being in the same guild as the Mentor is now displayed on the Mentor’s interface menu.
One of the most exciting changes to the Mentor System is the addition of a new quest line that will give rewards to both the Apprentice and the Mentor.

A NPC has been added in both capital cities, Sarang Hurum for the Empire and Methodius Cognoscentius for the League. An apprentice can visit this NPC once they are the appropriate level to receive a special quest. Once you use the wand that it gives you and defeat the Spirit of Wisdom you will be given an Apprentice’s Gift. Find your mentor and open the gift with them so you can both receive the rewards.
You’ll be able to complete this quest every 5 levels starting at level 10. And the rewards for both the Apprentice and the Mentor get better each time you complete it.
• Questing Changes •
There have been some improvements to the Quest Log’s features to make it easier to use. Now the Quest Tracker works more like the Quest Map and you can simply double click on a quest to toggle its status as the Active quest. The Find Quest feature has also been improved and should now provide a more accurate assessment of the next quest you should complete in addition to being better at locating any quests you may have missed.
Improvements were also made to the new Automove feature. Automove will no longer be an available option if there is no destination, and will appear directly to the right of a quest when hovering over it on the Quest Tracker, saving the trouble of right-clicking to open the drop-down menu.
One of the most helpful changes to Automove is its new ability to navigate through zones. While not active for all quests yet, Automove will navigate to and through an unlocked Teleportation Portal and continue to the quest’s required zone.
To help make the leveling process smoother and some zones more accessible, players will now go directly from the “A Well-Deserved Reward” and “A Cultist’s Reward” quests to “The Shadowy Tower” quest, simplifying access to Gorluxor’s Tower.
Other notable quest changes include the the removal of the very long and involved Banking and Astral Extract quests, as well as the old armor quests given by the Goblin Banker. Players that still have tokens they would like to redeem at the Goblin Banker may open a ticket to receive assistance.

New Server
Allods Online will be opening a second server here in the North American region!
A few of you might ask “Why are you opening a new server after merging servers a short while ago?” We have a few reasons for this and some of them are:
  • Following the merge, the new server, Yul, has seen it’s population continue to grow.
  • New players are having to compete with a much larger end-game playerbase that has had a sizable head start on them
  • Opening a second server will allow new players to experience Allods with a fresh economy and playerbase that does not outgun them due to levels or gear.

We will not be offering any character transfers to the new server so that the new server can grow with that fresh economy and a playerbase that will all start at level 1.
Over the past week we have run a poll both on the Allods forum and on our Facebook page. This poll was to see what all of you would choose as a server name.
With over 39% of the vote, the overwhelming majority voted and the new server will be named Avilon!

Server Merge: Bringing the Community Closer Together

Posted by AllodsOnline Wednesday June 6 2012 at 6:20PM
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As the Allods community anxiously waits for the server merge coming this Thursday, June 7, I wanted to talk more about the server merge from my viewpoint as a Community Manager for Allods Online.

Allow me to introduce myself! My name is PioPico and I have been part of the Allods community since Open Beta. Reaching out to the community, whether it is planning events, social networking, or resolving customer support issues, have all been my main responsibilities to help foster a positive community. I am personally ecstatic for the upcoming server merge and I am going to elaborate why I am looking forward to it.
Let’s Start with the Facts!
The technology behind Allods Online has improved and now allows us to host our entire community on one server. Our two servers, Tensess and Nezeb, will merge to create the new Yul server.
What is the significance of the name, Yul? Prior to the Great Cataclysm, there were several continents on Sarnaut that had different climates and were inhabited by different races/creatures. The largest and most inhabited continent was Yul. We see Yul as representing the merging of our unified communities.
What This Means for the Community
There are two elements of community impact as a result of the server merge: gameplay and social.
Something unique that makes Allods Online’s server merge interesting is the opposing factions that players swear allegiance to – the League and the Empire. Greater numbers in one centralized world will bring new friends and foes alike. With contested PvP starting around level 23 and over half a dozen unique in-game PvP events, the struggle between faction dominance will never be the same!
Before, you often heard the same top guilds going back and forth, glorifying their accomplishments, while highlights from guilds of lesser size got overlooked. With more guilds, smaller guilds can compete between themselves and have a greater impact in the whole spectrum of competition. Plus, League and Empire will have new enemies to face that they have never met on the battlefield. One guild that may have been the “king” of their server will be confronted with new players from a different server that need to be factored in the equation. Guilds may merge, new strategies must be formed, but most importantly, PvP conflict will be unpredictable and that is what will make the gameplay aftermath so interesting.
This next part is no secret, but having more players on one server will enhance everyone’s social experience.
For example, the Allods forum is a place for players to gather and communicate about anything regardless of one’s time zone or server. Often times players are sad to find that the cool individual they have been exchanging messages on the forum with has their main characters on the other server. This has caused some players to create new characters on the other server just to be closer to those individuals, but it takes time to grow a new character and not everyone wants to spend time on an alt. The server merge allows us to break down that barrier and let everyone socialize together.
Having everyone together will also allow our Allods team to focus our resources on the merged populations. Instead of spending four hours to accommodate each of our four faction communities (Tensess League, Tensess Empire, Nezeb League, Nezeb Empire) for an event, we will be able to dedicate two hours per faction (Yul League and Yul Empire) while socializing with everyone together. This improvement in team resources means more events and faster customer support. It also allows us to spend more time on ways to help the game and community grow.
Bright Future Ahead!
This server merge will have a lot of impact on Allods Online. While I have picked my brain openly on how it will change Allods Online for the better, it is ultimately up to the community to decide what they make of this special opportunity. All the communications made and actions taken by each and every player will change the world of Sarnaut that they inhabit.
We look forward to seeing Yul on June 7!

Allods Online: Patch 3.0.2 On the Horizon!

Posted by AllodsOnline Wednesday May 9 2012 at 2:53PM
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The next update for Allods Online: Game of Gods is fast approaching on May 30! There are a vast number of features to make the community’s experience that much more convenient – and intense. We will review how the changes impact the game and we’ll also give you an exclusive preview of what else is coming!
Quest Improvements
Allods Online continues to improve questing convenience so players spend less time trying to figure out what to do and more time enjoying content and progression. Patch 3.0.2 makes this even better with two key features – Quest Finder and Automove.
It’s no secret that zones spread throughout the game are massive. Players are encouraged to explore all zones to acquire quests from NPCs or scattered objects. However, it’s understandable if players miss a section of a zone that might contain an important quest. Sometimes an important quest gets skipped or lost somewhere along the quest chain. With the Quest Finder, players will automatically be given an important quest appropriate to their level without even having to find the NPC that gives the quest. This handy feature will be used by everyone, especially perfectionists who must complete everything!
Players will experience more enjoyable travels throughout Sarnaut with Automove. Once you have a quest, you can have your character automatically travel to the location the quest requirements need to be fulfilled with the click of a button – it’s that easy! However, it will still be possible for enemies to attack your character if you happen to cross paths with them while traveling in Automove. While your character travels to different locations, you’ll be able to focus on other tasks such as accessing your inventory, skill tree, or even chatting with your guild members!
New Skirmish – Deserted Farm
Another scripted PvP event will enter the playing field to give players more PvP options. The last major patch implemented the first skirmish that where the objective was to capture checkpoints. The raid that captures checkpoints the longest are the victors! In the Deserted Farm, players will still need to capture a checkpoint although there will be two cannons located on each end of the zone. Players who claim these cannons will have an upper hand in determining the victors of the match since players caught in the downfall of flaming meteors will receive massive AoE damage. Unlike the first skirmish, Deserted Farm will feature 6v6 instead of 12v12 combat between players. Besides having more personal fights with fewer individuals involved, 6v6 matches will naturally allow faster matches to occur since fewer people need to queue for the skirmish.
New Kingdom of Elements Boss – Gen’ul, Lord of the Volcano
Gen’ul, Lord of the Volcano breathes conflict and danger to any raids brave enough to challenge him. What makes this encounter unique is that it takes place in an open PvP zone where all players can fight against each other, regardless of faction. The real threat when facing Gen’ul comes from other enemy players. It’ll be in one’s best interest to form a trusting raid and battle off other enemy raids while not forgetting the boss. Once the boss is defeated, it will drop a chest that will force the different raids to engage in a savage brawl for Level 51 mythical gear and items to help guilds level up faster. It will be interesting to see how guilds interact, considering everyone is after the same grand prize.
Mentor System
This exciting new feature will allow both new and experienced players to benefit by helping each other. Players must first agree to participate in this feature and the game will automatically assign another player of the same faction and class. Depending on one’s level, you’ll be a Mentor or Apprentice.
How does the Apprentice benefit from the Mentor System?
The Apprentice will be helped by the mentor through messages of how to become better at their class as well as provide basic information to help them progress through the game. There will be a special interface for messages to be left by the mentor for the apprentice to read.
How does the Mentor benefit from the Mentor System?
In exchange for their information and assistance, the Mentor will receive bonus amounts of gold, Special Holiday Coins, and Marks of Diligence based on the amounts that their Apprentices loot of those items. The interesting spin on the rewards is that the more the Apprentice advances, the more bonus items will be awarded to the Mentor. Therefore, it’ll be in the Mentor’s best interest to be as helpful as possible to their Apprentice. In addition, the Apprentice can leave their Mentor at any time if they are not receiving sufficient help so Mentors will want to be actively helping their apprentice if they wish to receive more rewards.
Even though the Mentor system revolves around physical rewards to make Mentors help Apprentices, it’s a nice social feature that will help the community be more helpful as a whole, and will surely spark new friendships between new and veteran players.
What Else Can We Expect From Patch 3.0.2?
We’ve covered various features ranging from updated UI changes to questing, PvP, to improved social aspects. We would like to briefly share with you some more features to come in the next patch!
Alchemy Reworked!
Alchemy is being reworked to include new recipes and a new interface! Alchemy will also be combined with the herbalism profession to make potion creations easier.
Looter Companion Pets!
These pets can be obtained through the Item Shop and will allow players to loot items dropped from monsters without needing to click on them. Just activate your looter pet, kill any monster, and your pet will fly toward the monster’s loot and automatically place it in your bag!
Tep’s Curse Removed!
With Tep’s Curse removed, players’ gear will no longer be cursed upon death. This means you’ll never have to worry about equipping Holy Charms again!
New Mounts and Hair Styles!
For those who like to express themselves with a unique look, we have got you covered! Expect to see wicked-looking mounts especially rare ones that can only be obtained through in-game challenges. Besides mounts, the Hall of Changes will prepare you with all your red carpet appearances with a new assortment of fashionable hair styles.
We hope you’ve enjoyed our in-depth coverage of Patch 3.0.2’s main features and stay tuned for more exciting content coming with the new patch on May 30th!

Currency Exchange Makes Allods Online Even More Free-to-Play!

Posted by AllodsOnline Friday April 6 2012 at 5:34PM
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One of the most beneficial features with Patch 3.0, Overture of the Damned, on February 14th has been the Currency Exchange system. This feature allows players to convert their in-game gold currency into Gem Shards (currency used to purchase items from the Item Shop). Likewise, players also have the option to convert Gem Shards into in-game gold. This is a revolutionary system that you won’t find in most Free-to-Play MMORPGs!



How does the Currency Exchange system positively impact Allods Online and the community?

Item Not on the Auction House? Not a Problem!

Before the Currency Exchange system was implemented, players relied on the Auction House to purchase Item Shop items with in-game gold. There is the possible situation that the item you seek may not be available on the Auction House. Fortunately, players now have the freedom to purchase whatever they want from the Item Shop by converting gold to Gem Shards.

Overpriced Items on the Auction House Have Met Their Match!

The Currency Exchange system plays an important role that helps solve a problem most MMORPGs with an auction house face - it stops players from selling certain items at unbelievable high prices. It’s natural behavior for players to sell items at higher prices than their actual worth if they notice their item is the only one of its kind available on the auction house. The Currency Exchange system helps out the buyers who may not have as many resources as the sellers.

Fortunately, the rate of conversion auto balances itself through Gem Shards that are bought and sold to the Currency Exchange NPC. It helps that there is a reserve of completely free Gem Shards provided by the game, regardless whether or not players sell Gem Shards to the Currency Exchange NPC.

Gold Options Galore!

While the main function of the Currency Exchange system is to allow players to buy Item Shop items with in-game gold, gold can also be given out by the Money Changer NPC in exchange for Gem Shards. Options and convenience is what makes the Currency Exchange shine!

There have been multiple significant changes to increase the ease of access for players to obtain Item Shop items. It started with offering some Item Shop items as rewards for completing daily quests and we eventually implemented tradable Item Shop currency (Gem Shards). It brings us to the current state of the game with the Currency Exchange system. Allods Online has come a long way with improving the gameplay experience for the entire community especially for those who are looking for a truly free-to-play experience.

Allods Online’s Evolution of PvP: Past and Patch 3.0 Present

Posted by AllodsOnline Tuesday February 21 2012 at 7:56PM
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Allods Online has come a long way to the current state of the game now with Patch 3.0, Overture of the Damned, with improvement of in-game features to increase the community’s overall enjoyment. One feature we wanted to highlight is PvP!
Allods Online revolves around conflicts between two warring factions, Empire and League, so PvP is an essential part of every player’s experience. With PvP, comes the possible conflict of interest since everyone does not share the same level of enthusiasm for competition, penalties, and rewards that comes with killing and being killed by other players.
To better understand how Allods Online’s PvP has improved, we need to take a step back in time to understand what issues existed in the past.
To Gank, or Not to Gank, That is the Temptation!
Some early feedback from Allods Online’s open beta days was the amount of ganking that occurred in one of the leveling zones known as Asee-Teph. Players were able to level without any PvP engagement up until level 23 since Asee-Teph is the first zone where Empire and League players may encounter each other while questing. While characters have a Flag of War that can be turned off to avoid PvP encounters, other players can activate one’s Flag of War through the usage of a special War Banner item that has a chance of dropping from monsters. Also some quests required you to attack the opposing faction’s NPCs which would cause your flag of war to be raised. While the lust for enemy engagement was thrilling to some players, other players were not so fond of being killed.
Another main issue related to ganking was high level players would hang around Asee-Teph and attack low level players. There was a light at the end of the tunnel for non PvP-oriented players as the amount of ganking that occurred greatly decreased after Asee-Teph (level 23-27 zone) due to the physical layout of the zone and the reduced amount of quests that required you to attack opposing faction NPCs.
The first main attempt at resolving the ganking issue was implementing special NPCs that sell Emblems of Justice. When activated, Emblems of Justice rain down a thundering wrath of lightning that instantly destroy any players above level 29 that had their Flag of War raised. These Emblems of Justice could be purchased by characters below level 29 and only one could be carried at a time.
Once Emblems of Justice were implemented, we noticed an immediate decrease of ganking feedback from the community. In fact, some high level players complained about being “ganked” by lower level players using the Emblems of Justice. It was a step in the right direction as it discouraged high level players from hanging around Asee-Teph just to cause an inconvenience for players trying to progress through the zone. Emblems of Justice helped reduce the amount of ganking although some high level players were still determined to leave their mark, so being zapped to death didn’t stop them from coming back from Purgatory to hunt down the ones that one-shot them. Since players can only carry one Emblem of Justice at a time, it was possible for high level players to come back and take down low level players without having an opportunity to acquire another Emblem of Justice.
To further reduce the amount of ganking, Patch 2.0.06: Undaunted, from this past October increased the amount of Emblems of Justice that could be carried from 1 to 20! It would also cause a stackable movement speed decrease for high level players who were still persistent in their ganking ways.
While ganking can still occur, it is no longer a top community concern as it used to be given all the changes to deter ganking. Some feedback from high level players was that they just wanted some form of PvP and there was not much in the game at the time. Now with Patch 3.0, there are so many PvP options that high level players wouldn’t want to spend time in lower level zones when they can be challenging themselves and gaining special rewards for their destructive ways!
Patch 3.0 PvP Features Galore!
Each major patch has implemented a diverse amount of PvP features. Not only has Allods Online gained intense PvP features, each major patch makes changes based on community feedback to make PvP that much more sweeter! Patch 3.0 has positively altered the mechanics of past PvP features as well as adding an exciting addition to Allods Online – Skirmishes!
Skirmishes - Skirmishes allow players from level 23 to 51 in a capture-the-flag zone featuring three capture points – Sawmill, Zem Ruins, and Windmill. The level brackets are set up to ensure that players only fight against other similar level players who queue up in these 12 versus 12 matches. Winning Skirmishes isn’t about dominating your opponent’s raid with brute force but rather coordination and teamwork since you need to spread out your forces to protect and attack the three capture points until enough points are accumulated.
Skirmishes encourage participation even for those who may not be too fond of PvP since the winning and losing raid both receives rewards but with different amounts that can be used to obtain powerful weapons and armor.
Even with the new Skirmishes, we can’t forget about past PvP features that have been updated due to Patch 3.0.
Arena of Death– This 24 versus 24 arena death match has been Allods Online’s core PvP event for a long time. Besides back-and-forth head bashing, players need to fight over looting treasure that spawn randomly throughout the match. One issue that Patch 3.0 improved is reducing the amount of players needed to start Arena of Death so now players engage in 12 versus 12 matches. This change along with previously changing Arena of Death to occur anytime during the day with a queue system instead of set times allows for more flexibility since the event will trigger according to players’ schedule.
June Catacombs– June Catacombs is a giant maze with dangers around every corner. Not only must you demolish June Catacomb’s golem guardians, players need to destroy the other 11 participants who have the same goal as you – stay alive while reaching the heart of the maze where glorious treasure awaits! Being killed will set you back to the beginning so it’s a brutal fight to the finish! Players can now queue for June Catacombs in the same manner they queue for Arena of Death and is also designed for 12 players.
Astral Confrontation– Astral Confrontation is Allods Online’s main guild-oriented PvP feature where guilds form their strongest raids where they are instantly teleported to an allod. An allod is essentially a floating island and there is a set time during the week when guilds can bid on the right to attack and defend one’s allod. Once on the allod, the attacking guild’s raid fights against the defending guild’s raid checkpoint after checkpoint. Each checkpoint has cannons set up that can be controlled by the guild’s defending raid to help blast away enemy players. Victory will be yours if you are the attacking raid and you have penetrated the defenses of the defending raid to the very end. Likewise, the defending raid will win if they are able to successfully repel the invasion of the attacking raid for the duration of the event. Being the winners of the weekly Astral Confrontation will award you with an explosive amount of guild prestige to improve your guild’s level as well as rare refining materials to upgrade your gear.
Melting Isle– Unlike the other PvP features mentioned so far, Melting Isle isn’t an organized event that players queue up for although players can travel to this icy wasteland in competition against players from both factions for hidden treasure covered in snow. End-game players are able to hunt for treasure in this zone while battling it out with others for up to two hours a day to prevent over farming of treasure chests.
Now that you’ve been given an update of what Allods Online offers in terms of PvP with Patch 3.0, we invite you to accept the challenge and be a driving force in the League or Empire’s continuous clash for combat glory!                         

Patch 3.0, Overture of the Damned, Making Allods Online That Much More Astronomical!

Posted by AllodsOnline Tuesday February 14 2012 at 8:08PM
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With Patch 3.0, Overture of the Damned, coming out this week, there are a lot of exciting features to look forward to. We wanted to take a moment to share the new features and how they will positively impact Allods Online’s currently gameplay.
New Class – Bard!

The bard is the newest archetype being added to Allods Online’s existing lineup of playable characters. This support class brings with it a diverse arsenal of AoE attacks, healing spells and crowd control abilities.
What this also means is other archetypes will need to adjust and re-strategize their play style to accommodate Bard’s harmonious and influential ways in PvE and PvP scenarios.
Currency Exchange

One of the most exciting features being introduced is Currency Exchange! There will be an NPC located in each faction’s capital that will allow you to convert gold into Gem Shards or vice versa.
Before going into further details, we wanted to provide you with a quick history review regarding Gem Shards. Gem Shards are an alternate form of Item Shop currency introduced in a past patch. It allowed more flexibility since players could purchase Gem Shards then use those Gem Shards at any time to purchase Item Shop items whenever they wanted instead of purchasing particular Item Shop items from the get-go. Gem Shards can also be traded and sold one the in-game Auction House which is helpful for purchasing bound Item Shop items.
With Patch 3.0, we continue to increase convenience of obtaining Item Shop items with Currency Exchange. There will be a limited number of Gem Shards that can be exchange for gold each day. The system works based on supply and demand so the lower the demand, the lower the prices are, and vice versa. The Currency Exchange system  brings a whole new element not found in other Free to Play MMORPGs!

Having a content update as grand as this one wouldn’t be complete without innovative ways of duking it out against other players, and Overture of the Damned does not disappoint.
Skirmishes are a twelve versus twelve PvP instance where players between levels 23-51 will engage in capture-the-flag style of combat for special rewards.
This is a welcome addition to Allods Online’s current PvP features. As it stands, there are four in-game PvP structured events – Arena of Death, June Catacombs, Melting Isle, and Astral Confrontation. Each of these four PvP features are geared toward end-game players, so Skirmishes will allow enjoyment of organized PvP starting at the lower levels. Skirmishes also do not limit encounters between both Empire and League, so players may find themselves pit against members of their own faction!
Dead City!
Dead City is a new raid instance for twenty-four players. This new raid instance will expand on the current end-game raid known as Gorluxor's  Tower. Dead City will feature over ten new bosses for players who are level 49+. With this end-game addition, players will have challenging content to strive for in the months to come!
New Allods and Astral Layers!

Allods Online is greatest known for the Astral where players can build ships and travel with other players to Far Astral Allods in search of epic treasure. With Patch 3.0, the Astral will expand from three layers up to the Fifth Layer. What this means is players will have new Far Astral Allods to explore, new armor and weapons to hunt for, and new customizations for your Astral ship. For veteran players who have mastered end-game content, they will have a blast exploring all the challenges that wait in the depths of the Astral!
Tropical Allod!

With so much new PvE and PvP content being added, players will also be able to take a breather at the Tropical Allod. This tropical paradise lets players from both factions engage in some wet and wild activities such as mixing cocktails, seabed exploration, karaoke, and crab racing!
This fun zone is the first location where players can hang out with each other in a non-combat zone without having to worry if their flag of way is accidentally is raised. After seeing all the available mini games included in the Tropical Allod, expect to see the Allods Team come up with some cool events from this home away from home!
Tropical Allod
We hope you enjoyed this inside look at what’s to come with Patch 3.0, Overture of the Damned. We’ll see YOU in Sarnaut soon!