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Games of Realmcrafter

Informing people about Realmcrafter Standard and what it can do.

Author: Alienstudios

Game in a Day Competition 2011 (GIAD 2011)

Posted by Alienstudios Tuesday June 21 2011 at 11:20PM
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The second Realmcrafter GIAD, the first being in 2009, has already a good turn out with 3 games already being started for the competition and 15 more saying they'll enter. The Contest is radiacal, make a game in 24 hours over the time of a month, with a team less than 2, to create a game then host a server for a week. People then vote on the games they've played (only if you've bought realmcrafter {sorry everyone else}) for a winner to recieve prizes.

1st place: 
Winners choice of 25$ v-Gift card to or 25$ v-Gift card to (thanks to demotis) 
Winners choice of custom UI (buttons and icons) or a banner/signature combo (by mad_computer_user) 
Boating script to allow players to move around as a boat, this goes with the ship from MParra (by mad_computer_user) 
Conquer Pack (by MParra) 
2nd place: 
Boating script to allow players to move around as a boat, this goes with the ship from MParra (by mad_computer_user) 
Ship model (by MParra) 
3rd place: 
Dock Set (by MParra) 

And of course all winners get the appropriate respect/boasting rights associated competition winners. 

So far,  ( Games)

Knights of Watch

  Your a young boy living in the City of Watchers named after the Royal Knight of the Watch. 
A true Knight who fought for his king, protector of the South, member of the Chamber of Watchers. 
One out of four knights who were chosen to protect the realm against danger from that behand the sea. 

Your a young boy called 'playername'. Son of Sean Baratheon the first of his name, lord and commander of the first legion of the king. 
And one day you will follow your fathers footsteps...

Dawn of War Online

  Eve with hovercrafts with some Traditional MMO features.



Gearworld is a platfomer-styled dungeon crawler game where the players' goal is to complete their quest. To do so, they must collect all the key pieces to unlock and enter the final dungeon.


I will keep you all posted about this Realmcrafter event. I hope that Anyone who reads this can Join the servers and test out some Realmcrafter Games! We'll be waiting for you.

Games Released

Posted by Alienstudios Tuesday June 21 2011 at 10:29AM
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The Current Games Released with Realmcrafter are:

Knights of  Dream City and Fasiara World ( by Net source Gaming)

Knights of Dream City takes place in a world were robots have killed almost all of humaity, You have to create a colony and fight the robots (forgot thier names) through time. Although it has a small community, It isa a one time payment game of $20, You may see ads from them from time to time on the side of's website.

Fasiara World features include

  • One time payment. NO MONTHLY FEES. (same as Knights of Dream City)
  • A unique Combat, Karma and Labor system you can level up through various tasks. Earn medals that lead to great rewards.
  • Earn your own property where you can build your kingdom, collect taxes, farm your land, mine, pan for nuggets, complete Fairy Missions and more.
  • Edit and update your own custom shop and sell items to players online.
  • Farming and mining system that fully ties into your game experience. Various crafting options, attributes and skills that level up with character progression.
  • Party system based upon your "faction party" allows players to earn more experience and rewards in larger groups.
  • Hire one of 3 mercenary classes to aid you in battle.
  • Lots of quests with great rewards.
  • An engaging real time battle system with attributes to level up for improved skills and combat performance.
  • Join a guild or form your own.
  • Earn your wings, a fairy, a mount or other rare items.
  • Trade Market allows you to sell or buy stock items based upon the current market value.
  • So much more…

websites- and


Apocolypse Online was also released in Open Beta, but closed down and is no longer being worked on.

Soon, I will Write about the upcomming games and the GIAD contest.

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