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?? DF / SWtOR ??

Been waiting for Darkfall now found out about Star Wars the Old Republic.. BAH good games..

Author: AjninrepuS

Darkfall / Star Wars the Old Republic...?

Posted by AjninrepuS Tuesday December 23 2008 at 11:18PM
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 Been waiting for Darkfall for a long time, like six years long time.. Feeling the feelings of maybe its vaporwar all of the struggle of want so badly for a game to come out to finally present day situation.. It WILL come out.. I have been like updating my PC and just like insane anxious for this game is ALMOST here..


I'm an old UO (Ultimate Online) player and when I say old I am saying before guildstones like right at the start pre-UOR.. Where PKing and PvPing ran havok in all citiies and dungeons.. People going to the pit in Deciet to duel for gear and bragging right.. Most of you today think that type of game would be gay but you have mostly all been brainwashed by devolpers out today with their shit games. Nerf ball games..



 Ok now you know why I have wanted Darkfall to come out so damn badly now here is the problem...


 Star Wars the Old Republic... Now this game looks GREAT and if they are carefull they can really make a fantastic gameplay type game which it "looks like" they are doing.. I love Star Wars the books that is, couldn't stand Star Wars Galaxys which is one of the main reasons I want this game to succeed because they epic failed on the first run at it..


 So please I just needed to vent and stuffs and I didn't mean anything by the nerf ball games because they are all we have , I have played WoW and somewhat liked it, quit after reaching 70 and learned how lame end game PvP was. Meh to each their own like my wife and her WoW..



Which game would you be playing if you had to, Darkfall or Star Wars the Old Republic?

Khalathwyr writes:

SW:TOR looks to me just like any of the handfull of games that have been put out since WoW, using pretty much the same forumla. Course, I liked SWG Pre:NGE and the sandbox game it was, which ironically is close to the idea that Darkfall is going for. I also played Ultima Online, starting the first day the servers were up.

To answer your last question I wouldn't play either of the two. I've made many posts here on why I wouldn't play TOR and with Darkfall, I just don't like the way Tasos acts. It's his job to sell me on his product. He doesn't have sprinkle roses and perfume on his words but he does have a responsability to not come off as an arrogant jerk while trying to get me to open my wallet for his benefit. He doesn't "hurt my feelings", make no mistake. The way he acts, though, smells of the same ilk as those at SOE. No thanks.

No, I'd prefer to wait until 3rd or 4th quarter of 2009 and hopefully play Mortal Online. It is being made by guys who played UO when I did and draw heavily on that game experience. And Henrik isn't knows how to interact with his potential future customers: with mutual respect.

Wed Dec 24 2008 1:19AM Report
hanshotfirst writes:

Assuming Star Wars the Old Republic is the antithesis of Darkfall? Star Wars the Old Republic.

Wed Dec 24 2008 10:37AM Report
Abrahmm writes:

I love Star Wars, I loved Star Wars Galaxies, but I think SW:TOR looks absolutely horrible. Horrific cartoony art style looks nothing like Star Wars, it's going to have the same old level/class restriction system. It's going to be incredibly solo dependent as they have already said that you will have a squad of NPC's to go with you on your own personal story arcs, and they have shown absolutely nothing but Jedi in all of the media, which makes me think this will be yet another attempt by George to create a Jedi world and milk it for all it's worth.

SW:TOR looks like nothing more than the same old crap thats been dumped on us for 4 year with a Star Wars skin.

Wed Dec 24 2008 12:45PM Report
KrystDaymen writes:

Hmm agree with the first poster except that I AM going to play Darkfall.  I too am an old school UO player.

I've only been waiting for DF for about 2 months so I haven't had to endure the pain of broken promises.  Perhaps that is why I will try it out.  I can certainly understand all of you who have been waiting forever for it being wary of it even if it releases at this late date.

As for Mortal Online...I predict that if it comes out and has what they say that even if darkfall delivers it won't be able to stand against MO as far as old school UO players leaving df and going to it.  Still doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to DF...I am.

As for SWTOR, I would say how can you go wrong with a star wars world, but from what I understand SOE pretty much nerfed the entire world...hmm reminds me of UO after AoS destroyed it for me.  I tried SWG, of course this was a free trial and it was recently so I'm not sure how it was when it was good, but I thought that it failed miserably.

Seems like us old UO players are getting long in the toothe and have reached a point in life where we have seen the bastardization of virtual worlds by RMT in the form of CS.  At least when it was all blackmarket with UO I didn't have to know for a fact that I was possibly playing with someone who was a cash shop whore lol.

I would say it's a bit like watching a train wreck...that you just can't seem to take your eyes off of it...but I'm tired of looking and I want something ( a game) that appeals to ME for a damn change.

Wed Dec 24 2008 12:53PM Report
Sixfeetunder writes:

i have played SWG 3 years and SWTOR look bad..grafic cartoon graphic...only 8 class..can't change faction etc release 2010-2011 maybe 2012 lol...And Darkfall? Why not AoC :) ..

Wed Dec 24 2008 6:07PM Report
Arcken writes:

Most of you seem to think that its going to take you back to how you felt when you played UO. Im sorry but thats not going to happen, you cant get back the original feeling. If you somehow expect that, you will be sorely disappointed.

Thu Dec 25 2008 1:14AM Report
Khalathwyr writes:


I made no mention of how I "felt" playing UO. The simple fact is that games back then took into details of all aspects of a world and implemented them in meritable detail. Games being put out today believe anything that isn't hacking and slashing or pew-pew isn't heroic and thus shouldn't have much place in a game. The Artisan and non-combat features (with any real depth to them) have continually decreased since the first generation MMOs. It is only now that games like Darkfall, Mortal Online, Earthrise and Fallen Earth are going back to the idea of making an encompassing world instead of just a combat game.

And if we were to talk about the topic, I disagree. I know I can't get back the first "Oh my god this is new! I didn't know they could do this with a video game" feeling. Sure. Because I know it CAN be done. I was there. I played it, lol. What I want is that kind of game again so that I can experience the feeling of "Yeah, this is like the old pair of comfortable shoes I had 10 years ago. This is where I need to be". And I think most people who want DF, MO, ER and FE that had played UO feel that way too.

Thu Dec 25 2008 10:46AM Report
Arcken writes:

I dont think the majority of players want what you do Khal, if its one thing that WoW has proven, its that the landscape of MMORPGs has changed. For better or worse, companies cater to the popular market.

Id also like to add that the players themselves are different today then say 7 to 10 years ago. Based on those two factors, I just dont think MMOs will get back on the track they used to be on. At least not until games like WoW finally die out in popularity.

Thu Dec 25 2008 3:10PM Report
ElRenmazuo writes:

Star Wars is being made by bioware not some whoever the fuck the devs are for df. Nuff said.  And star wars looks way better than df.

Thu Dec 25 2008 3:26PM Report
beaverz writes:

Neither, actually might try old rep since the community might not be made of idiots and fanbois like df's

Thu Dec 25 2008 7:16PM Report
Khalathwyr writes:


I'm pretty sure the majority of gamers today don't and I am very much ok with that. They want fast food. They want it quick, "accessible" and to "win" in a few weeks. That's what WoW gives them, that's what the majority of other games being made today give. That's what SW:TOR will give them. That isn't what DF,MO,ER and FE will give them, however.

The good thing is that the companies making those 4 games don't care what the majority want. They see that their is a flood of the majority's type of game out there and that there is no use in trying to compete for that space. They also see the growing in vocality groups of players like myself who are sick of the current trend in development and they have made the decision to try to tap those consumers. Yes, they want as many players as possible. Who doesn't. But the difference is they learned from those comapnies who have recently launched games who tried to make a game in what I call the WoW formula and who aren't getting the WoW type success. They realize those games do nothing for the genre so why not try something different.

And spread throughout the world I know there are 500K players like me who would give their support to a game like I've mentioned above if it was done in a solid fashion.

Fri Dec 26 2008 5:46AM Report writes:
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