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Airfell's Introduction

MMORPGs, computers, and video games are still relatively new. MMORPGs will hopefully evolve, as long as great concepts are not forgotten. A good game will come out, the market will be flooded with copies, the people will get bored, and another will come.

Author: Airphel

All the mmorpgs out right now suck.

Posted by Airphel Friday August 28 2009 at 3:04AM
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You heard me.

To me an mmorpg is an extension of the lost imagination of our childhood, and the ways we would play with our toys. I feel that the sandbox vs. themeparks have to do with how you used your toys as a small child. I grew up poor, and had a random, mix matched collection of Tnmt's, green army men, some Knights of the round table stuff, and tons of woods. (I grew up on a horse ranch) Basically, i used my toys together, and made my own game. But I fear, children with full sets of toys, ended up using them the same way they saw them on tv, and inherently, had a less imaginative, straight lined point of view on how to use them.

-I was playing in the sandbox building worlds, while the rich kids where out at the theme parks standing in line.

Lets start at what is considered the standard... WoW.

Have you played this? It looks like something my 5yo daughter would watch on saturday morning on tv. A friend of mine finally convinced me to try it out and I was stunned. This game is just as bad as all the F2P's that are out. Yet its on the toplist of profitible mmorpgs. No wonder the market sucks.


On to my other pet peeve vs. the mmorpg market... Factions and classes.

What is the need for factions? "You are immersed into a world of Dark vs. Light where you must take sides..." blah blah... there once was a time where your guild WAS your side... no need for factions. A collection of guilds makes a nation, and that is a faction.

Classes- why do there have to be classes? Why not just a list of spells, skills, and whatever else, and then a limit to how many you can learn? Hey, look at me, im a lvl 20 dual swordsman that can heal myself and throw fireballs at your crotch! See, I just made a class out of nowhere.


With these games, really, the problem is, too many restrictions where mmorpgs have so limitless possibilites until restrictions are imposed. Imagine this...

A new game world's server opens up, and its a blank, empty world perhapse say your races noob starting city. You gather some adventurers, explorers, and head out into the empty wilderness. You fight your way pvpve, and then find a good location. Top of a hill, next to a lake, whatever. Start your city, people show up, good or bad, and the city grows, an economy starts up, player made law is needed as it grows, and hey, now you have a player built society, and economy. Oh noes! another city has started near by that has different beliefs that you! sweet, player driven politics too!


Sorry, I got off topic. None the less... if a game has:

-Non player made factions

-less than 10 possible classes

-no player housing

-quests as a focal point

-majority of it as instances

-saturday morning cartoon graphics

-no crafting system what so ever

-pointless "critical hit" or "lucky strike" fighting


than I am not interested. Witch leaves EVERYTHING right now out of the question. The only game that had everything I need in a game was just killed off July 1st 09. RIP SB

Lathow writes:

And your Quite right, There is definitely not enough freedom in today's mmo's.

Many Mmo's today have fractions due to story lines, and you have to play to that storyline. A lot of people love good stories and to be honest, there are some great stories out's just there idea of a mmo is crap

Fractions is usually always good vs. bad. But know bad is not always bad and good is not always good.

Having guilds/groups of people play in a diverse sandbox set universe would be Ideal for a great player base...Anyone could go out and try to set some goals and it would only work if other people wanted his dream to come true...or he paid them.

Class's...psst...Restriction, It would be awesome to learn what you want to learn, fight how you want and that would be the class you wanted. But when it comes to battle...realisticly, there are no restrictions. there are only choice's to be made.

Player housing, most game's I've seen with them blow. SWG had a good idea for them. But there has to be purpose to where you live or what your building dose. i dont want one to just use as a bank....i want to impress myself and other's. I want to have some rooms for crafting, some for guild meetings, some for my naughty side ;)

Questing are fun short stories...but when you have to do them over and over and over with other characters you've made...It becomes rather...Annoying. Freedom to level like in the single player games such as fallout3/oblivion had leveling down Really nice ;) perfect way so far I've ever seen.

Instance's and Raids take so much time away from everyone's real life. It would be better to stray away from this motion in mmo's as it can break down relationship's and family integrity and friend relationship integrity.

GFX imo, for me to play must be up todate or creative and Lots of work put into it...I hate Artless games and people who care more for the money rather than making a game Awesome and artistic.

Crafting, I have had many way's of crafting idea's....Much of it is mini game's as a solution to the boring...sit there and hope it makes it...Why not Actually make it fun and have it pass go depending if you win the mini game and how well you played. my gf showed me freerelams online and I was shocked to find my idea there...but o well...the cooking was hella fun in that mini game but there was still a lot of restrictions I would pull to make it even more fun.

Playing on a Lucky system for such as criticals has really just been a alternative since when you swing a sword...they can't make it as acute to a game like star wars jedi knight jedi academy. or rune fight physics. where it takes skill, reaction speed, and reflex for combat. or the freedom to aim with your own arrows instead of missing when you Know you hit your target (hit-miss Hit-miss when they were dead on)


Fri Aug 28 2009 4:49AM Report
Lathow writes:

Maybe they will grow up someday and realize the potential of what a real mmo can do. a few of us know what one can really do...but i guess we may never see that in our life time....heck if we can goto the moon soon..imm leaving earth...Bye bye ;) I Loved your blog btw, would be awesome to chat with you sometime :)

Fri Aug 28 2009 4:49AM Report
Windamere writes:

Ok pretty good blog, and I do sympathize with everyone out there on today's MMO's. But really, if it's that bad then write a better one and quit paying college grads with nothing better to do that get paid to follow the same old tired genre's just because it worked in the past. Most gaming companies don't give much freedom to deviate from what they have in mind. Personally i would like to see changes in MMO's as well. But until then i'll keep playing the same old tired MMO's everyone else is.

Fri Aug 28 2009 7:04AM Report
Annwyn writes:

Well to say that ALL the mmorpg's out there sucks is a bit annoying. Let's just say that you have not found an MMORPG that fits your requirements. I don't play theme-parked game either for pretty much the same reasons you mentionned  but fact remains that there are a few exceptions.

Based on your blog, I don't think naming those exceptions will help in any way so let's just skip that part.

There's 1 major thing I have to say concerning your "requirements"
Don't let "saturday morning cartoon graphics" and faction-based games turn you off. Should the game offer everything else you are looking for except for the graphic, you'd definitively miss a great game.

Fri Aug 28 2009 5:07PM Report
Airphel writes:

sorry, it was late, and I was tired. I've spent the better part of the last 2 months looking for a new game to play, and the fact is, I can't find anything worth playing. I'm not going to put a dime into something that I don't thoroughly enjoy, with the exception of living expences.

Fri Aug 28 2009 5:25PM Report
Annwyn writes:


I suggest you take a look at this game and don't let the graphics foul you. Mabinogi is considered as a sandbox.

This game has:
-Unique Gameplay (hard to explain but it is unique)
-Factions (don't let this stop you :D )
-No Class (meaning that you get the skills you want because you want it)
-Player Housing (rent only)
-Quests that you are not forced to follow but simply helps you grow stronger should you wish to follow them.
-Aside from dungeons, the world is not instanced.
-Japanese-style graphics (don't let this bother you)
-Deep crafting system (gathering, transforming, producing)

Fri Aug 28 2009 9:42PM Report
daltanious writes:

Sometimes posters suck. :-)

Sat Aug 29 2009 5:01AM Report
GreyClan writes:

You need to look at Darkfall.

Sat Aug 29 2009 1:38PM Report writes:
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