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Malaysian MMO Gamer

I like to play games. And I like to write about the games I play. Enough Said?

Author: AdrianBLB

TSW Why I Rolled With The Illuminati

Posted by AdrianBLB Thursday July 12 2012 at 10:38AM
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The Illuminati. The Enlightened Ones. Whatever you call them, I don't care, I love them all the same. One of the gravitating factors that lured me to play The Secret World was the allure of these Secret Societies that  contributes a huge factor to the story of the game. They are the Templars, Dragons and of course the Illuminati. I rubbed my hands together with glee at the prospect of playing as a distinguished member for the Illuminati. Growing up here in Malaysia, teenagers like myself are often fed Western pop culture excessively, and the myths and legend of the Illuminati was on the list. I've read articles, books, and watched documentaries about them to satisfy my curiosity.

In terms of the Illuminati in The Secret World, I really liked Funcom's portrayal of who the Illuminati are and what their agenda is. Not a version of that Dan Brown crap, where the Illuminati wages war with the church for revenge etc. Codswallop. But rather, a power hungry society that fled Europe to reap the riches of America, one that can corrupt governments around the globe with a snap of a finger to satisfy their lust for knowledge, new world order and an upper hand against the Templars and Dragons. Sexy. In many ways this has shaped my very own interpretation of the society. The whole 'Sex Drugs & Rockefeller' attitude that I can relate to as well, suggests that this is my true calling. Well not really, but you get my point. I like playing as the rich bad boy bully in the playground. (Does not reflect who I am in real life!) Having played enough of TSW to wrap my head around my chosen society, it's obvious that we are the cut-throat, snobby, blue suit/black tux wearing sons-of-bitches that don't give a rat's ass about nobody but ourselves. We are the society that everyone else loves to hate. I like. We don't just fight wars in boardrooms or in the enemy's heads, we actually get down and dirty in the ring when necessary, and that's where distinguished agents like me come in.

We don't just sound badass, we look badass too. When I first saw the Illuminati outfits for this game, I was sold man. Amazing stuff, from faction rank outfits, deck outfits and even PVP outfits, they all looked amazing. Neoprene suits with attached gas masks? Check. Slayer, Gunslinger and Bodyguard outfits? Check. Hot liaison chick for company? Double check. In most cases, that's all I really need.

Well that's just me. I'm really loving my society and everything that comes with it. From funny and witty mission completion quests, to the mysterious and uber cool Labyrinth HQ, the Illuminati just oozes superiority. Here's a few stanza of lyrics that I dug up which seems to sum us up perfectly.

Who controls the British crown?
Who keeps the metric system down?
We do! We do!

Who leaves Atlantis off the maps?
Who keeps the Martians under wraps?
We do! We do!

Who holds back the electric car?
Who makes Steve Gutenberg a star?
We do! We do!

Who robs cavefish of their sight?
Who rigs every Oscar night?
We do! We do!

(Source : The Stonecutter Theme Song)

And finally, to all fellow Lumies worldwide playing The Secret World, here's a song dedicated to you. As for you Temps and Drakes, race you to the bottom punks!


Fun Fact: When I say we're hated, we really are hated to the ends of the earth. Last night I was doing some PVP in Fusang, and I stumbled upon two Templars and a couple of Dragons killing each other around the Centre Well 1. Guess what? Both parties stopped fighting each other and turned to kill me instead. Cheerios.

The Legendary Item System - In Need Of A Revamp?

Posted by AdrianBLB Thursday July 12 2012 at 8:48AM
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The Legendary Weapon system has come under severe flak lately from a good chunk of the community. With the new expansion taking us into Rohan later this year, many have expected some form of change to the system to give it a lift from the usual 'grind' as it has come to be known as by players, including myself. So here are my thoughts about the LI System and what can be done to improve it.

The LI System was first introduced in 2008 with the Mines of Moria expansion. I wasn't playing LOTRO back then but can only assume that the system was very welcomed. A weapon with better damage output and skill legacies that is unrivaled by any other crafted or instance loot drop in the game would make players feel powerful. I know I would. Plus, the weapons become personalized with the player. Names, choices of legacies, it truly was a representation of your character in a weapon. Fast forward 4 years later, I'm just going to put it out here, it's getting old. Very old. One of the first few problems I found with the LI was after the launch of last year's Rise of Isengard. With the level cap raised from 65 to 75, the race was on, to equip myself with a better legendary weapon that I already had. Two stumbling blocks here.

1. Having been 65 for ages, I was so attached to my level 65 second-ager. Why could I not keep the weapon, it's look, it's name, it's legacies and just get a scroll to level it up? Of course, wishful thinking back then, I'm over it now but hey it's a thought. (DPS changes in the new region was much higher and it made sense to part ways with your beloved 65 weapons)

2. On the journey to 75, everytime I pick up a decent looking weapon to level it up and to call it my own, a few hours later a better one shows up around the same level, and I'm stumped again because I've invested points and scrolls and relics into the previous weapon. Really!?. This has always been the case on both my 75 toons.

Another problem I want to point out is..relic forging. Nevermind, forget it. Thinking about it makes me gaga. There must be something Turbine can do to improve this system before ROR releases in September, and we all have to go through the same rat race all over again. Sure the crystals were nice and all and I feel sorry for players who has already used them. I'm holding on to mine till I get a level 85 weapon, because lets face it, players like me won't stop picking up LI weapons until we find one at end-game and it's pointless to pick up another unless it's really necessary.

So Turbine, my suggestions to reduce this grind. Firstly, reduce the cost of relics. It is a pain in the ass currently and is the cause for all the grind-whine. Secondly, come ROR it would be a good idea to reduce trash LI drops and replace them with substantial ones of higher quality that would make us think twice before investing in them. Not sure if that made sense. Anyway, in conclusion, I'd also be happy just to see the LI system go away. Really would.

And if I hear anything that says the War Horse uses a version similar to the LI system... I'm coming to Boston, with a rattan caning stick.


Of Chat Madness, Crazy Euro Rates and Coffee

Posted by AdrianBLB Tuesday July 10 2012 at 8:35PM
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This segment is unique. In less than 300 words I try to get things off the top of my head in any manner I see fit. You have been warned dear reader.

Hi. I love coffee, it works as the oil in my gear. My coffee of choice would be Nescafe Rich 3 In 1s. Moving on, the in-game chat issues in The Secret World is killing me. One minute we're a happy cabal chatting away and next minute it's a graveyard. Also, I suddenly receive group chat messages from group members that I had left 3 hours prior. Fix this mishap asap please Funcom? I'm a social butterfly and I love to chat. You will not deny me. Another thing to note, standing static in Agartha will kill your chat box. Literally. Tons of spam on Trade and Looking For Group, which would seem odd, because I was in fact, looking for a group to run some elite dungeons. Guess what? An hour later and still no luck. Interesting that. I'm sticking to cabal runs for the near future, till everything dies down a little and then maybe I'll give PUG another try. Finally, I'm 80% close to picking up the GrandMaster TSW pack, aka the Lifetime Subscription. What has been holding me back you ask? If you're Malaysian, chances are you will feel my pain.

This has been fun.


The Secret World Post Launch First Impressions Part 1 – Presentation

Posted by AdrianBLB Monday July 9 2012 at 11:56PM
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The Secret World has dawned upon us, hailed as one of the most unique and genre breaking MMO’s of our time. I have been following this game closely since being introduced to it late last year by Doc Holiday. Back then I was immediately sucked in to what the game promised to offer. And now that we’ve had a solid week in the game since early access, has it lived up to my own expectations that I had set for it? We’ll see. But for starters, here’s an overview of The Secret World for those who don’t already know.

Set in a modern day world where the buzzing atmosphere of NYC can be felt, the subtle historical influences of London can be seen and the mysterious aurora that the suburbs of Seoul can be experienced, The Secret World ‘s theme is unique in ways that defines it’s own MMO genre. In this world, every conspiracy theory,myth and urban legend is true. Added to that fact are the existence of three secret societies : The notorious Illuminati, the righteous Templars and the chaos theorists Dragons, who are hostile towards each other, but are fighting together against a common enemy. Players select a faction to quest under as each faction offers a different background story and faction rewards. And that was pretty much all I needed to know before pre-purchasing the game. I am a huge sucker for themes such as this (queue Lovecraft, Stephen King etc.) plus an avid fan of the Illuminati, reasons undisclosed.  It was a perfect match.

So without further a due, here’s what I think of The Secret World. To begin with, the presentation of the game is absolutely superb. Even way before open/closed beta, we were given glimpses of the artwork, snippets of the main theme and various other teasers that made hardcore enthusiasts salivate. Just by watching Funcom’s teaser videos on Youtube was enough to make me crave the game week in week out.

Take for example, the Youtube video below. Have you watched it yet? If you haven’t, go on, give it a play.

Now, did it give you goosebumps? It did for me, every single time I’ve watched it, and god only knows how many times that is. The thing that impressed me the most about the presentation in this trailer is, in terms of The Secret World gameplay, you literally see what you get and vice versa. Most of the footage in that video is from in-game, be it cut scenes ( Ur-Draug attacks ‘Copter) or the fighting scenes. Again, impressive. I can recall tons of other MMO trailers that looked bombastic but played like crap. Thankfully, TSW isn’t at all like that as the next part should reiterate.

Gameplay presentation and graphics in TSW is phenomenal, provided you have the machine to run it in it’s full glory. Albeit there are some players having issues with the game on DX11 settings and nVidia drivers, it looks beautiful I tell you. From Kingsmouth all the way to Transylvania, the atmosphere, surroundings, and all the little details ranging from NPC appearances to artwork on walls are mind blowing. The benefits of this at least for me is it makes me feel enveloped in the world and story that Funcom has created. I feel like I belong in that zone specifically completing the appropriate quests, and I can only name one other game that has accomplished this, and it’s a game from Turbine.

Egypt. Just exploring the region puts you in the ‘Cliffhanger’ vibe. Locked, Loaded, and ready for an adventure. It’s beautiful.

Huge kudos to the Art Department at Funcom. I have been persuaded that this is the best looking MMORPG to date. In closing, I’d like to see them address some minor glitches regarding some of the terrain detail. It’s not that big of an issue to be considered game-breaking, but it’s an improvement at the least. These include twitching when scaling rocks, rough edges when traversing through Agartha and the visibility of entrances into instances just to name a few. But with or without, I’m still loving the game for how it looks and the presentation of this game pre and post launch will keep me coming back for more, definitely.

Presentation : 9/10

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To The King In The Fall

Posted by AdrianBLB Wednesday January 25 2012 at 2:42PM
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So today, well technically yesterday, was the announcement of LOTRO's upcoming expansion in the fall, Riders of Rohan. This leaves me terribly excited, thanks to the features that are coming with it. For more info, check out my LOTRO blog @