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Ramblings of a Mad Elf Cleric

Mad Ramblings... Really, that says it all.

Author: Adilya

Zu = Zoo?

Posted by Adilya Friday May 2 2008 at 10:29AM
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I have to say, after spending some time on Zu Online, I'm not impressed. Don't get me wrong, the graphics are beautiful. The music is fantastic. I was in love with the game at first and thought to myself, "When this is finished, it's going to be great!"

Then I experienced the hackings. And the lack of "customer support". And pretty much total lack of concern eminating from the game admin and dev team. Security holes were found that allowed someone access to the administrative announcements. 2 weeks later it still hasn't been fixed. A bug was found that forced a person to bypass spam filters and constantly repeat their last phrase in the "World" chat channel. This cost the victim 1000 bone per message. The channel was kept open and the issue was never addressed. "Rubberbanding" was deliberately introduced into the game as a way to fight speed hackers..... What? A *bug* was introduced as a security measure?

And when all of these things were reported to the administration, it was apparently shoved into File #13 without a second thought. The Administration, nor the Dev team, bother to respond to requests for help with issues. If you go to the "Support" page for IGG, they tell you to use the forums for bug reporting, yet the Administration doesn't even read the forum. The moderators of the forum (who are nothing more than fellow players. None of them work for or with the admin or dev team and thereby know nothing of what is goin on) tell you to use the "Live Support" or to report it to the GMs in game in the GM Channel. Yet if you use the "Live Support", you fill out a forum and get a redirect that says, "Thank you for your message. The devs are aware of the issue and are working to find a solution." No one knows who the GMs are, as that is kept secret from general knowledge and the GM channel does not work in-game.

There is no solid bug reporting system. There is no communication from the dev team. There is discord on the forum and bugs, hacking and cheating in the game. There is rumor of a patch that has been developed that would fix some of the bugs but will not be introduced because it would require a character wipe and game reset. Apparently the dev team has announced that they will not wipe the game. What?!?! This is BETA, people! Wipes are expected and encouraged and necessary! Of course the playerbase is going to protest it.

Then there's the subject of the item mall. A mall that was opened up and is generating income for the game when the game hasn't even come out of beta. Upon research I found that not only did the game only spend 1 month (1 MONTH!) in alpha testing, but that it never even went into closed beta! It went Alpha, reset, Open Beta, Item Mall.... are we to assume now that this is the actual final release? (especially with a version number of 1.4) If so then this game is utter crap. It's pretty on the surface but pure trash once you get inside.


As they say... never judge a book by it's cover.

TyPhoidLuLu writes:

      I got a lvl 28 moonmaiden character there and i agree with you completely. I lost more than half of my bones to the bug and before i quit the game i was almost left with nothing. The same thing happened to me in fiesta online. They also has the same bug regarding the message spam. Anyways, I like the game when i first started it, but when all the crap started happening, i`m like WTF!!! this game is not even worth it anymore. I also had some issues with the item mall, and I did posted some messages regarding it on the forum, however, i think I`m getting ignored T_T The game itself is like a fully mutated bug and hacking environment. So, yeah I`m not spending even a second of my life on that game again..^^

Fri May 02 2008 11:40AM Report

i used to play zu.. and i used to love it.. but all that you say its true.. and was the reason of me leaving it.. plus i earn a gold price for a contest and i never get it coz the person on chagre of send the note to the gms "opss.. i forget to..i will do it on next  monday"...(2008, 2010 or 2050??) its very sad to see a perfect game (coz in all my years of gamer this was one of the best... or the best coz its ftp) RUINED ... but sadly thats what happpen with all the igg games....

Fri May 02 2008 11:44AM Report
euryale writes:

thats what u get for free

Fri May 02 2008 12:16PM Report
streea writes:

That's too bad. There are some decent free MMOs out there, but it's always helpful to know which ones are bad so that we don't waste time on them.

Fri May 02 2008 12:33PM Report
Adilya writes:

Thank you all for your comments. I just felt it necessary to get the word out. Fear not! There are other games out there that look promising! I'm going to devote more of my time to Shaiya and Mythos. Mythos is looking especially good.

Fri May 02 2008 6:55PM Report
chillsan writes:

If you want to spare yourself problems, IGG's are some of the worst f2p mmo's to stay away from. As you note they do things like item malls in beta, no real gm support, except to live support that uses translator software where I have actually been accidently connected once to another player and live simultanously think of the security issues, volunteer forum moderators with big egos, no encryption during transactions, the list goes on and on.

Sat May 03 2008 4:58PM Report writes:
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